Insurance Association of Economy News: Start insure their ATMs for banks



Iraqi Insurance Association revealed begin to insure their ATMs of the banks and spread throughout Iraq mechanism.

The head of the Iraqi Insurance Association Abdul Hassan Ziadi in an interview for “Economy News” that the intention of the Assembly, which includes all insurance companies operating in the Iraqi market, to start a business insurance ATM of Iraqi banks and, who is usually in public places of the departments and companies, and Malls commercial and social clubs in cooperation with the relevant banks.

Ziadi stressed that this project is considered a pioneer in the Iraqi insurance market, pointing out that he “never undertake such insurance in Iraq,” which would provide a service to citizens through a wider ATM in the markets and public places spread, which represents the phenomenon of civilization developed serve the economy.

There are in Iraq (33), an insurance company of three state-owned companies and 30 civil company.



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