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Since 13/03/2017 17:50 pm (Baghdad time)

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Iraqi special forces fighting an uphill battle witnessing Mtlahma fighting with al Daesh in western Mosul, insurgents in a bid to drive them out of the last major strongholds in the cities of Iraq and directing a major blow to the terrorist organization Daesh.

And it chopped the Tigris River city of Mosul, which is across from north to south. Iraqi forces backed by coalition led by the United States, the western part of the city last month after regaining control of the eastern part in the offensive that began late last year was stormed.

And increased urban warfare now fiercer than ever before to focus its fighters in one of the two parts of the city and because the western part where the old neighborhood and the city center there is a higher population density.

Said Alaa Shaker, 32, a member of the anti-terrorism “fighting a much more coherent. It was ahead of Street Road and is now out of the house to the house.”

He said, using a popular name for the organization, “we are often actually in one house on the roof and in the basement Daesh. Sometimes take a grenade and if there are civilians and families at home, shouting them to shelter themselves inside one of the closets.”

Saif al-Rasheed, 28, a medical assistant to a counter-terrorism One of the members of the special forces was killed earlier in the day in the same area when a bullet hit him in the head and another injured when shot in the neck and groin.

“The Daesh hiding in houses. Open the doors and shooting at soldiers from a few meters away.”

The two were speaking during a break from fighting for lunch in the courtyard of the house in western Mosul, in the neighborhood was to wrest control of the organization Daesh the previous day.

And no one could abandon caution. Shaker has stopped chewing his mouth half-filled with food and then got up to bring assault rifles were Msenodtan on the wall and their proximity to become affordable.

He said a silent indicates that a member of the family living in the house had kidnapped one of Abanndeghitin and turn against the soldiers in the house “in case of any eventuality.”

“It has not happened yet but you have to guard against. We do not know these people. The organization Daesh left behind supporters and sleeper cells.”

* Flying debris

Located in the far north of Iraq, Mosul is the largest city occupied by Daesh in Iraq in 2014.

In the battle of Mosul fight a few thousand of its fighters were still in the western part of the city with a group of 100 thousand Iraqi fighter force and head of the anti-terrorist device that could be taken out of the city in a matter of weeks.

However, the methods of its fighters in the battle of Mosul enabled them yet survive for a period much longer than the initial estimates of the government as they disappear among the civilian population and using suicide bombings, car bombs, snipers and a network of tunnels to launch waves of attacks.

And the payment of the fight against terrorism Humvee armored vehicles from the model device to the street outside the house in Mosul and engaged officers inside to study a map on the mobile phone while she was updated on the situation given radios they carry messages.

The front line of the battle space have moved forward but it is not secured yet fully live.

Rachid stare in the street until the end, but warned walk in it. Seconds later, a shell hit the road from al Daesh Vantalegt shrapnel in all directions, and entered the Rosetta House again.

The audience can sense strongly blast.

And quietly said another soldier of the counter-terrorism forces allegedly flashing a peace that this explosion was caused by a rocket propelled grenade.

Said Salam, 33, he was looking forward to the next vacation to visit his pregnant wife in southern Iraq.

The peace puts new glasses and described his doctor after the impact of a car bomb explosion was orchestrated by the organization on his sight at the end of last year.

“The Ooukni on the ground and hit my head hard. As I was directly under the eye by shrapnel.”

During his speech two armored returned from the front line has filled the effects of machine gun fire from the front Zjajhma visor Alrsas.anthy 29 / tc n



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