of the King of Jordan announces the agenda of the Arab summit, Iraq , led by ..



King of Jordan announces the agenda of the Arab summit, Iraq, led by ..
32 minutes ago

Twilight News / revealed Jordan ‘s King Abdullah II highlighted the themes that will focus on the Arab summit in the twenty – eighth session to be held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , on 29 March / March.
Abdullah said that the central issues which will focus on the summit is thePalestinian issue, the Syrian crisis and the situation in Iraq and Libya, and the fight against extremism and terrorism.
King stressed during a meeting, Sunday, March 12 / March, in the palace ofHusseiniya, the Council of Arab and international relations , a delegation headed byMohammad Al – Saqer, on the necessity of activating the joint Arab action and unification of Arab ranks in this articular period, including Arab countries can meet the challenges, especially in light of what the world is witnessing a political variables.
With regard to the peace process, King said it was necessary to end the stalemate in the peace process and re – launch serious and effective negotiations to open political prospects for progress towards a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian – Israeli conflict on the basis of two – state solution as the only solution to end theconflict.
Also addressed the delegation to meet the king, crises experienced by some Arab countries, and ways to deal with them, as well as regional and international efforts in the war on terrorism, within a holistic strategy.


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