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Army arrested 4 truck drivers coming from Anbar that tried to enter hiding explosives inside beans & flour bags.

Barzani discusses future of Baghdad-Erbil relations with Iraqi delegation


By Rudaw 2 hours ago
President Barzani met with the Iraqi delegation on Saturday morning to discuss  the nature of the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Photo:Rudaw video.
President Barzani met with the Iraqi delegation on Saturday morning to discuss the nature of the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Photo:Rudaw video.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—President Masoud Barzani received a delegation of Iraqi “decision makers” on Saturday to discuss “a new formula of relations” with Baghdad in the future.
The delegation includes people from the Iraqi media, political parties, and intellectuals, the spokesperson for the Kurdish president told Rudaw.
Omed Sabah said the delegation includes “decision makers” representing the Iraqi politics and the Iraqi government. It consists of people who are from “the majority of the [Shiite] national alliance, the parties outside the alliance, and Sunnis.”
The delegation first met President Barzani Saturday morning, and was then scheduled to have a meeting with the Kurdish presidency to discuss “in depth” the nature of a future relationship between Kurdistan Region and Iraq, Sabah said.
“It is about how to find a new formula for relations of Kurdistan Region with Iraq through dialogue,” Sabah added, “We want to establish our new relations between us, the Kurdistan Region, with Iraq by dialogue.”
Sabah said that one of the aims of this meeting was to bring Kurdish-Iraqi meetings to the ground level as opposed to meetings between leaders.
President Barzani said in a recent interview with an Italian newspaper that Iraq is already divided, and that he sees a breakup of the country after the defeat of the ISIS group in Mosul where an alliance of Kurdish and Iraqi forces are fighting against the extremist group.
Barzani also reiterated his position on the self-determination for the Kurdish nation, adding that an independent Kurdistan will bring stability to an otherwise troubled Middle East plagued with sectarian wars.
This assessment of the Kurdish leader is in clear contrast with that of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Aabdi.
Abadi said that those who thought Iraq was over after the arrival of the ISIS group in Iraq were wrong. He said Iraq is now moving forward with unprecedented cooperation between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi army as they fight a common enemy, ISIS.
Kurdish leaders have long said that the good cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad is confined to military corporation, and that in other aspects relations still remain strained, especially with regard to dispute over the oil revenues.

Islamic State frees Mosul prisoners as grip on last major city slips


(Reuters) Islamic State has released dozens of prisoners held in jails in the districts of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul that remain under its control, residents said on Saturday.

The release of the prisoners on Friday is another sign that the militants are being overwhelmed by the U.S.-backed Iraqi offensive that started on Oct. 17 to dislodge them from Mosul, their last major city stronghold in Iraq.

Islamic State has lost most cities it captured in Iraq in 2014 and 2015. It declared a caliphate that also spanned parts of Syria from Mosul in 2014.

Among those released were people who had been caught selling cigarettes, violating a smoking ban, or in possession of a mobile phone and therefore suspected of communicating with the outside world, the residents said.

Iraqi forces dislodged Islamic State from the eastern side of Mosul in January, and on Feb. 19 launched the offensive on the districts located west of the Tigris river.

State-run TV on Friday said about half western Mosul has been taken back from the militants who are besieged in the old city center and districts to the north.

One of the men released on Friday said two militants got him out of a basement where he was held captive with other people, blindfolded the group and drove them away in a bus.

“After driving a distance, we stopped and they told us to remove the blindfolds and then they said ‘go, you are free,’” he said by phone, adding that about 25 prisoners were on the bus.

The man, who requested not to be identified, indicated that he had spent two weeks in prison for selling cigarettes.

One Mosul resident said his brother had suddenly reappeared at the house on Friday after spending a month in captivity for possessing a mobile phone.

US court refuses to halt new Trump’s decision on immigration


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{International: Euphrates News} a US federal court refused to halt new immigration decision issued by US President Donald Trump, saying that lawyers who refuse to this procedure, they provide the most comprehensive documentation of the Court.
And challenged states led by Washington and Minnesota to Executive Order issued by Trump initially in January, which sought to prevent the entry of passengers from seven countries , predominantly Muslim and the suspension of the entry of refugees into the United States.
The judge issued a James Robert Seattle District Court is the first restrictive policy in the last month when Trump has issued a new version on Monday includes only six opponents sought to stop the execution , too.
Robert refused the application of the first ordered the immigration decision Aljdid.anthy