Mosul war will end very soon .. and Abadi called on Iraqis in Germany to return to their homeland (Details)

11-03-2017 11:24 AM

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East News –

Called on Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Saturday, Iraqis who fled to Germany to seek asylum to return to their homeland, while noting that the war in Mosul will end very soon.

Ebadi said in an interview with the newspaper ‘Bild’ German edition of the day, that ‘in our interest to our citizens come back, do not want to be forced to leave the country and become refugees’, stating ‘We are returning the reconstruction of areas and we want to enable people to live here again.’

In response to a question on whether it calls its own citizens in Germany to return, Abadi , ‘Yes, I do , he said, they have to return, this is in our interest. “

He predicted Abadi output regulation ‘Daesh’ of Mosul soon, saying that ‘ the war in Mosul will end very soon, and we arrived in the western part to the almost center of the city’, pointing out that the ‘process is very successful and the enemy either escape or be killed, and that troops wipe out the entire organization and will spend Once the ideology disarm the alleged control of the capital. ‘

And on whether the Iraqi government is able to provide security for citizens, Abadi said , ‘Look at what is happening in Mosul, expunged terrorism’, pointing out that ‘ the citizens they can return.’

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