Keywords: Iraq awaiting billion dollars for thereconstruction of areas affected by Daesh


BAGHDAD – The Journal News

Held on Saturday, at the Institute, “the progress of the development policies,” a symposium chaired by Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, to discuss the achievements in restoring stability to Mahrrhmn Daesh cities and the return of displaced families to inhabit areas.

And it included the seminar which was attended by “Journal News”, a number of important economic figures, including the secretary general of the Council of Ministers, “Mahdi Keywords.”

The meeting discussed the situation of the liberated cities Daesh and restore security and stability to them in addition to discussing the situation of displaced people and the possibility of their return to their areas.

For his part, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers stressed that the “four million displaced people and displaced are in a very bad situation, pointing out that the displaced are not a case of individuals, but a community issue and there must be a survey to assess the food measure gauge, referring to the institutions concerned about the displaced scans for three times the food security situation in the importance and its association with the return of stability in the liberated areas, as has been secured $ 300 million for the rehabilitation of the liberated areas of Daesh.

He Keywords that next week’s conference will be held in Washington in the hope that the grant of up to about one billion dollars from donor countries.




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