Pictures .. representative reference seen on the ground wins the crowd in Mosul


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[Where – Baghdad]
briefed the representative of Sistani, Ahmed Safi, on Thursday, on the ground wins the Champions popular crowd in Mosul , Nineveh province.
The source said today that “Mr. Safi visited mountain range thirsty liberated briefed on clearing the ground and edit Badush and beyond the hills and villages of operations which coincided wrote her Bari Almighty victory with the presence of the delegation there.”
He added that “Mr. Safi met with the Minister of the Iraqi defense Irfan Hayali accompanied by the commander of operations are coming, Nineveh , the team ‘s first corner Abdul Amir Yar God and a number of leaders and heads of departments in the Ministry of Defense as well as the leadership of the popular crowd Hadi al – Amiri to the Field Operations Task Force – Abbas Centre [peace be upon him] and martial heard everyone to his advice and guidance. ”
He noted that ” the established representative was quoted as recommendations in regards to sustain humanitarian victories and dealing with civilians and the preservation of private and public property.”

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