An international conference in Washington to discuss efforts to eradicate Daesh

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


A source in the president, Donald Trump, said that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will host a ministerial conference includes 68 countries this month to discuss efforts to eradicate the organization Daesh.

It will be held on 22 and 23 March / March, according to the source conference.

And it implements the international coalition led by the United States since August / August 2014 military operations against al-Daesh in places he was in Syria and Iraq.

The United States has 900 troops in Syria as part of a wide-scale military operation led to the ground Syria’s democratic forces to isolate the tenderness, the stronghold of Daesh there, and thus freed, as they investigate the Iraqi forces, with the support of the international coalition, victories against the organization in the city of Mosul and its environs.


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