Officials: al-Baghdadi fled the fighting to the desert villages


Officials: al-Baghdadi fled the fighting to the desert villages

It is believed officials, who spoke to Reuters, that al-Baghdadi is currently hiding amid civilians sympathetic to him in the desert villages, not with its fighters in residential areas where there are battles, and became a focus for his personal safety.
It is difficult to determine the site-Baghdadi, who declared himself a “successor” to the Muslims in 2014, but officials believe that the absence of communication “official” between the leadership of the organization and its components suggest Baghdadi out of Mosul.
. The Iraqi forces have announced targeted the convoy of al-Baghdadi in the district of the far west of the country based on the ninth of February last.
Baghdad could not confirm at the time whether the air strikes had led to the wounding or killing of al-Baghdadi, but the intelligence of cholera reported seriously injured.
Iraqi forces have regained the majority of areas dominated by the organization in 2014, and began the process of liberalization in western Mosul, 19 of February.–%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25A8%25D8%25BA%25D8%25AF%25D8%25A7%25D8%25AF%25D9%258A-%25D9%2581%25D8%25B1-%25D9%2585%25D9%2586-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D9%2585%25D8%25B9%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B1%25D9%2583-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D9%2589-%25D9%2582%25D8%25B1%25D9%2589-%25D8%25B5%25D8%25AD%25D8%25B1%25D8%25A7%25D9%2588%25D9%258A%25D8%25A9&usg=ALkJrhjia6Zc_bI4LoNhtz52c09nBEVMGQ

Twilight News / Iraqi and American officials said that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul, leaving the remainder of the few under the control of regulatory regions in western Mosul, however, a number of Kiedier field.


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