and Security Council ministerial Abadi meet and are taking decisions on airport security in Iraq


Abadi and Ministerial Security Council meet and are taking decisions on airport security in Iraq
5 hours ago

Twilight News / Iraqi government has taken on Sunday evening a number of decisions on the security necessary for the provision of airports in the country.

According to a statement issued by the government, the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi chaired the ministerial council for national security meeting today.

The statement added that the council discussed the progress of the battle to liberate the right side and victories achieved and to emphasize the importance sustain the momentum of victories achieved to resolve the battle and achieve the ultimate victory.

The statement noted that it was discussed to provide the Directorate of criminal evidence, the DNA data to take advantage of them security, he was persisting well as discuss the issue of customs checkpoints and procedures for the passage of trucks.

The statement continued that it was approved the draft of the National Center for the management of spatial data and the formation of the Higher Coordinating Committee of Spatial Data Portal Iraq geographical consisting of specialists members of the institutions concerned to proceed to complete and implement this national project is important and show assistance to the cadres working order and facilitate the implementation of the recommendations procedures in different institutions.

And it finished the statement said the council also discussed the measures taken with regard to airport security, noting that he has been making a series of decisions.

The government did not say in its statement the nature of those decisions.

The statement concluded that during the meeting was to discuss and follow up on previous decisions and directives as well as a number of other topics on the agenda.



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