US military relief to exclude Iraq from the new immigration law



Raed valid

Mar 03, 2017

Washington «Quds Al-Arabi» welcomed the general commander of the coalition forces that the US-led fight organize «Islamic state» (Daesh), Gen. Stephen Townsend, excluding Iraq from the Executive Order is expected from the US president, Donald Trump, on travel and immigration, pointing out that « The exception reflects the very strong partnership between the United States and Iraq. »
He said that «Iraq partner and ally of the United States and the State in the case of mobilization in the war alongside America», adding that «the Iraqis asked for US troops to come to their country to help fight the common enemy».
He added: «do not prefer to see anything that reflects badly on the relationship with Iraq».
Townsend was forced later to issue a clarification stating that he does not pose a personal point of view on an executive order to Trump because he does not know in fact the final wording of the resolution.
Townsend’s comments came amid reports that with the exception of Iraq from the list of countries which are prohibited to travel to the United States. Iraq was on the original list Executive Order that was signed last January. Which included many of the Iraqi translators who help Iraqi forces.
And the voice of the Iraqi parliament, in response to the resolution, reciprocity, but Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi refused to implement it.
According to Executive Order expert has threatened to undermine the fight against the organization «Islamic state» campaign while expressed US military circles appreciation respond to the official Iraqi reaction to the resolution, which was characterized by silence and sense of responsibility as far as Townsend expression that pointed to the positive comments he had heard from Iraqi military that they want focus on the fight instead of worrying on political issues.
The secret was not clear to postpone the issuance of the new Executive Order on travel and immigration ban certain Islamic countries, but many officials in the White House, confirmed that there is a desire of the latter to issue the executive order at an opportune moment after exploring calculus.


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