US initiative for Iraq: a comprehensive settlement and end the influence of Iran and militias

Tuesday , February 28, 2017

BAGHDAD – Washington: quite the contrary which raises of projects and initiatives to settle the Iraqi comprehensive inside and outside Iraq, Western diplomatic sources US capital Washington revealed motionless widely days ago to develop a new project on Iraq and the post-regulation (Daesh) and restore all the land and the Iraqi cities of control .

To Atksam along sectarian, religious, ethnic and include the initiative , according to a leaked several items are being worked on. Notably: ” to ensure the unity of Iraq and not to be divided along sectarian lines, religious or ethnic” and “an international commitment to support the Iraqi army and security services,” and “strengthening the foundations of the democratic process in the country” and “work to address the effects of the current war with terrorism,” and “stop regional intervention in its internal affairs” and “set a timetable after the completion of the page Daesh organize militias to address file and integrated security, military or civilian jobs.”
Also, provisions of the initiative states that ” the restoration of the Iraqi street , the confidence of the judiciary in the country through the repair” and “erase the effects of demographic change and the return of all urban residents to their homes unconditionally”, as well as the organization of “conference of an international donors wide to contribute to the reconstruction of the country and rehabilitation Home services like water and electricity. ”
It is supposed to submit the initiative to the UN Security Council in order to “approve and oblige states paragraphs of imposing sanctions on any party proves its interference in Iraqi affairs.”

Commission set up by Congress
sources confirmed, which leaked the provisions of the initiative that the talks held by Western envoys former Iraq and specialists in the Iraqi issue in the presence of members of the committee “Future of Iraq Task Force”, a commission set up by Congress last year to put thenew American president before a clear picture about Iraq in order to deal with .
The committee includes 30 members , headed by former US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, in addition to the membership of former US ambassadors who served in Baghdad between 2003 and 2014, they are : Jim Jeffrey, and Zalmay Khalilzad, John Negroponte, as well as the two generals David Petraeus and John Allen and vice president of RAND Corporation, Charlie Reese, and Deputy Foreign Minister for Middle East Affairs, Beth Jones, a researcher and specialist in Middle Eastern affairs, Douglas Oliphant, in addition to the American researcher, professor and academic Natalie Dennis, as well as the American advisor Kurds Affairs, Professor Gareth Stansfield, the remaining number of researchers are Iraqis residing in London, Washington and naturalized there.

Initiative will invite Iraqis to discuss a
Western diplomat said that ” the initiative does not represent Washington officially yet, but after the completion of the drafting will be invited Iraqi factions to the United States to display them, and then adopted by President Donald Trump ‘s management, to submit to the Security Council to compel Iraqi parties as well as the neighboring countries. ”
The Western diplomat, who worked in Baghdad between 2006 and 2009 , during the American occupation of the country, that ” the initiative will receive a Western broad support, as well as positive signs that Arab states several pledged financial and military support for Iraq to help it stand on its own feet,” he said.

Expectations initiatives interview to the forces of Shiite close to Iran
and is likely to be a repetition of the launch of initiatives by the ruling parties, especially those close to Iran , “Aware of whom mobility is currently under way in Washington,” especially since this movement aims eventually to “limit Iran ‘s influence in Iraq,” as he put it . He added that the initiative also aims to “correct the internal situation and end the sectarian marginalization and exclusion, which Washington sees as Western countries several one of the main reasons for the emergence of al Daesh , ” according to the saying. The Western diplomat pointed out that “there may be other organizations in the future after the elimination of Daesh, the most brutal of it, if not handled imbalance in this country,” he confirmed.
Declared leader of the “Islamic Supreme Council,” Ammar al – Hakim, a few days ago, refusing to launch any initiatives from outside Iraq, stressing that the solution be inside Iraq, just weeks after its launch on the “historic compromise” under the auspices of the United Nations initiative.  However , the political parties they see as entrenched rule of the same community and serve the  welfare of everyone. Also, launched the leader of the “Sadrists”, Muqtada al – Sadr, another initiative included a 29 – item not received the attention other political blocs.…D8%AA.html


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