Iraq: army approaching from the government compound in Mosul


Iraq: army approaching from the government compound in Mosul

MOSUL (Reuters ) – USbacked Iraqi forces yesterday made their way up to the main government compound in Mosul , which has become one of the main objectives in the campaign to expel militants organize Daesh from their last stronghold in the western part of the city in the range of fire. Some frightened civilians fled the fighting towards the government , which is usually a target for militants lines. Others were forced to retreat into areas still under the control of Daesh in the city , but suffers a shortage of food and water supplies. Iraqi forces seized control of the eastern side of Mosul in January after fighting lasted 100 days and began its assault on areas west of the Tigris River on February 19. If Iraqi forces defeated the regulation would ultimately have written to the Iraqi wing of the Caliphate , which was announced by the organization commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2014 in parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The US commander in Iraq , said he believed that USbacked forces regain control of Mosul and tenderness -makl regulation in Syria- within six months. Official media works with special units of the Interior Ministry “ is currently the provincial council and government compound and said under fire from the rapid reaction forces” in reference to a range of up to 400 meters. And control of this complex will help Iraqi forces to attackthe militants in the old city center nearby and will have symbolic significance with regard to the restoration ofstate authority over the city. And faced antiterrorism units device that received training from US snipers and mortar fire launched Daesh with moving units eastward across stone to join the rapid reaction and federal police deployed on the side of the river , in a move that will complete prohibition to enter the city from the west forces Valley area . The militants burned homes, shops and cars for camouflage during their movements and prevent aerial surveillance to monitor their sites. The footage showed via satellite cover above the street in the old city center. Residents in areas controlled by the militants that they were forced to take out their cars from the garages to the streets to impede the progress of military vehicles. He began military engineers repairing a bridge in the far south of the city rapid reaction forces retook it Monday.

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