International Officer: dream of ISIS “State” over.

3 hours ago

An Iraqi soldier stands in front of an armed body of ISIS was killed in battles.

Abdul Rahim Persian-LondonNewsweek
A senior military commander said the international coalition against ISIS, that regulation no longer have the ability to withstand the war, making their dream to establish what they describe as “State” has ended.
He said Robert Jones, Deputy Commander of the Strategic Affairs and support of the international coalition, during a news briefing in London that the ongoing military operations in Mosul, Iraq and Syria in ISIS introduced tenderness at the stage of deflation, and that “no longer have any constituents to hold out or change the tip.


Jones’s comments came after a meeting of the representatives of the coalition working group, with the participation of more than 20 countries.


Jones said that coalition operations dried up financial and military supply channels displayed is flag, adding that Turkey also contributed to tighten security on its border with Iraq and Syria, bringing the number of new foreign militants who join to “not more than a few individuals.”


Jones pointed to the fact that ISIS to use small planes March, for dropping bombs on Iraqi military and civilian sites in the battle of Mosul, “evidence of the desperate situation in which they arrived.


He added that the Alliance is developing tools to address this type of aircraft, but he refused to disclose this type of technology.


Coalition officials confirmed at the London meeting to war on “starting to pay off, especially in regards to” refute the many feelings it tickles organization to join since 2014. “


Jones noted that the Alliance “will be hunted and killed each gun into ISIS and kills civilians, whether this person from London or Paris or Baghdad.”


He said the Coalition found on many information materials in Mosul, upon examining them we managed to identify the organizational plans and methods of advertising.

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