Abd al-Maliki weakness by «Daesh» in Iraq


A quick retreat and landslides succession in the ranks of al Daesh, with the progress of Iraqi forces sweeping, what makes an unequal battle and defeat the terrorists is not only a matter of time, Valgelbh Iraqi forces, both in terms of preparing or gear and expertise of the fighting as well.

And put inquires experts and observers of Iraqi affairs legitimate and urgent questions: «Are they equal forces in the summer of 2014 battles, when she lack of organization Daesh, estimated at a few hundred of the occupation of Mosul, and the defeat of three heavily armed military teams of various types of weapons and then the rapid expansion, and the occupation of more than one-third of Iraq’s land area !? ».

Most local and international reports and provide answers, that the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for the fall with 35 others responsible, according to the report of the fact-finding Maliki is issued a withdrawal of military sectors of Mosul orders, did not adhere to the construction of the new Iraqi army capabilities, focused on the side numerical in sheet strength of the army on the efficiency and training and the expense of quality, and accuse him of the report.

And it increased Maliki insult to injury, he did not take appropriate and decisive decision after the collapse of the military units, and leave it open for the leaders to enact what they see fit, which is not true, as orders to punish the defeatists of the leaders did not issue, which led to the collapse of the cuts in other areas.

Frequent errors

And refers writer and political analyst Zaid al-Zubaidi, that «Daesh» resorted to attracting new elements not her goal is anti-regime and the search for personal interests or prevent harm, pointing out he had committed the same mistakes committed by former government forces did not manage to gain the trust of the people of Mosul but on the contrary, what was it fancy Hadhanth. He indicated that the organization deliberately used excessive methods to provoke terror.

Abra Bakhawatim

He warns politicians Observers from the deviation of the last verses of the war against Daesh, which consists of sectarian revenge demographic change employed by some government agencies and factions of militias crowd the popular resort to transform the IDP camps to concentration camps under the pretext of security checks, similar to what happened to the people displaced from areas of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and belt Baghdad and elsewhere.

Through salvation

Stresses political analyst Samer Samer the need to distinguish between those who committed crimes, and those who were forced by circumstances to match Daesh, and deal with them so the hundreds of thousands who have been forced to go along with the Baath Party or the call or any other dominant party, adding: «otherwise would not be before Iraq is waiting for quality new formations of violence that despair of change by peaceful means democracy. »


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