Report: Plunging income threatens ‘state-building,’ but terror likely to continue

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ISIS is on the path to poverty, according to a new joint study, “Caliphate in Decline: An Estimate of Islamic State’s Financial Fortunes,” from the London-based International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Ernst & Young.

The terror group is apparently suffering from financial difficulties, to put it mildly. Facts and figures show that over the last two years, revenues for ISIS have fallen by more than 50 percent.

Still, study authors have concluded that it’s not yet time to breathe easy about the group’s dismantling.

“The decline in revenues may not have an immediate effect on the group’s ability to carry out terrorist attacks outside its territory,” the study said, Breitbart reported. “While hurting Islamic State finances puts pressure on the organization and its state-building project, wider efforts will continue to be necessary to ultimately defeat it.”

The authors also point to the fact ISIS is continually recruiting, and reaching out to other sources of potential income.

Read “Isis Rising: Prelude to a neo-Ottoman Caliphate” to find out what the terror camp leaders really want to do.

One looming possibility?


The country’s rich with opium, and ISIS could tap further into that drug trade, which includes the derivative heroin, to bolster its income. In fact, some estimates say ISIS can derive up to $50 billion annually from sales of Afghan-tied opium and heroin.

From the report, as cited by Breitbart:

“The group’s most significant sources of revenue are closely tied to its territory. They are: (1) taxes and fees; (2) oil; and (3) looting, confiscations, and fines. We have found no hard evidence that foreign donations continue to be significant. Similarly, revenues from the sale of antiquities and kidnap for ransom, while difficult to quantify, are unlikely to have been major sources of income. …

“There are no signs yet that the group has created significant new funding streams that would make up for recent losses. With current trends continuing, the Islamic State’s ‘business model’ will soon fail,” the study continued.

The study authors say the reason ISIS is currently facing financial trouble is that members constantly rely too heavily on the populations and territories they take over as sources of money.

“According to figures provided by the Global Coalition, by November 2016 Islamic State had lost 62 percent of its mid-2014 ‘peak’ territory in Iraq, and 30 per cent in Syria. From a revenue perspective, this means fewer people and businesses to tax and less control over natural resources such as oil fields,” the report stated. “There are good reasons to believe that Islamic State revenues will further decline. In particular, capturing Mosul, the caliphate’s ‘commercial capital,’ will have a significant detrimental effect on Islamic State finances.”

Read “Isis Rising: Prelude to a neo-Ottoman Caliphate” to find out what the terror camp leaders really want to do.

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Abadi condemning al-Maliki in the fall of Mosul


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Juma Abdullah

Maliki was sentenced fateful and disastrous in all specifications. Iraq has tasted the scourge and calamities for eight years in lean times Kalhandal, wherein deepened the rift and dissent and the wounds between the people and factions , components, and they took control of hatred, hostility and hatred welcomed the seeds of revenge. The corruption and financial looting came to the brink of bankruptcy treasury Iraq, testified golden age in the robbery and banditry, and its Tcatherat plays Althregih irony and comedy, prepared its advance, production and directing will come with the escape of hundreds of prisoners, criminals , terrorists murderers from prison, and his covenant fateful escalated the language of intolerance and arrogance and arrogance, even dealing political stupidity reckless, WAM Great misfortunes represented the fall of Mosul, not confrontational war, but in the receipt by hand to organize Daesh terrorist, leaving the fate of more than two million citizens in the brink of danger and death and slaughter, and then continue the series of calamities followed the fall of the three other provinces which (Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala). I shook the disaster , the fall of Mosul , the Iraqi public and the Arab world, this form of shame humiliating and humbling to Iraq, but under the officials involved and emitters fall of Mosul, are free to have influence and power and money and great place, if nothing had happened, not worth questioning and the question, as if thousands of blood went in vain and especially the Shiite blood, does not deserve accountability and punishment and trial, because it is cheap and blood surplus to need, and so to Gmtt and Tmtmt and cover – up the issue of crime fall of Mosul, it was a thing of the creations of the imagination, of the enemies of al – Maliki, but Mr. Abadi told shoveled revealed pant irrefutable truth that everyone knows and wrote much about it , you remove the cover and falsehood , which argues it al – Maliki and his service and his servants mercenaries hired as the face of al – Abadi fingered condemnation and denunciation to al – Maliki, the full responsibility in the fall of Mosul and have him and asked that he (did not understand why he had given orders that day, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki, three teams from the Iraqi army to withdraw from Mosul , and to come to Baghdad), adding that he (is terrible what he did Nuri al – Maliki, in this regard the military order wrong, which made the Iraqi army, losing the main northern city of Mosul and its airport and the entire province) which mentions the three teams represent 60 thousand soldier, came to them orders to withdraw, leaving their equipment and heavy Alalyatem with ammunition, pulled in front of a few hundred elements Daesh terrorist, before their arrival to the province of Mosul, it was a prepared full coordination in the receipt and delivery of the province, even without confronting a comic play simple, smokescreen , major catastrophe, that these heavy weapons and ammunition, cost the Iraqi state the amount of $ 12 billion, adding that he was a financial deposit at the central bank in Mosul at about $ 500 million, excluding other material losses, which do not compensate. Add to ruin the great mass after the occupation, as well as the brutal bloody massacres that followed the occupation of Mosul and other areas, as well as the bloodshed of thousands of young Shiite recruits, did not consider this bloody crime, a crime against Iraq? Pain is considered as a national treason? . Why minted law and the judiciary, the government and the parliament in front of these atrocities vessels, this form of shameful disgrace and humiliation?! Who is responsible and that causes bloody massacres that followed the fall of Mosul and three provinces (Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala)? Who is responsible for the devastation and destruction and the displacement of more than a million people from their homes? Why the law was not enforced against those criminals who sold cheaply to Iraq Daesh terrorist organization? Where is the role and responsibility of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, in this full military collapse? Why not be charged with treason Great Patriotic? , For the dignity of Iraq , which trampled in the foot and dirt !! .oma Death reneging on NATO and the department and the right, which is divided by Nuri al – Maliki himself, upon receipt of the post of prime minister, to preserve the interests of the people and the sovereignty of the nation and its land and its people? Then sell this form of shameful disgrace disgraceful, and this vile, wretched, or whether the people of Iraq do not deserve life, because they are surplus to the needs, the original dwelling graves and death ………………………………………. The God of Iraq Leicester Gaaat.

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Gen. Votal renew Ebadi for his country’s full support for Iraq in its war against terrorism


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} new Central US Central Command, General Joseph Votal who arrived in Baghdad today to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his country’s support for Iraq against terrorism.

A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that Abadi met in his office on Thursday , Gen. Votal and his entourage “were discussed during the meeting of the battle right coast and the victories achieved for our heroine in the first day of its launch and international support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism . ” .
And he gave Gen. Votal “congratulations victories achieved in the right side great development in the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces , reiterated his country ‘s full support for Iraq in its war against terrorism” .anthy


The conclusion of the qualifying session for the certification of a specialist anti-money laundering



special …
Concluded on Thursday, businessman qualifying session for certification specialist anti-money laundering and terrorism financing organized by the Iraqi private banks association in cooperation with Iraqna training ACAMS.
Participants who Mthelo number of Iraqi and Arab private banks and the Central Bank and the Rafidain Bank and remittance companies and numbered 38 trainees have received over the five days of lectures in the field of combating terrorism and the financing of terrorism and ways to detect at the hands of teachers qualified instructors received.
It should be noted that the parties participating in the session is the (Iraqi Central Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Noor Iraq, through Iraq, Mediterranean, Credit Libanais, the Pearl of the financial transfer company, Spectrum Company financial convertible, United Bank, Fransabank, Iraqi investment, Zain Iraq, the Muslim south, Huda, Arabic, Assyria, and the Warka Bank for international confidence).
After the deployment, executive director of the Association of Tariq Ali certificates of appreciation between the trainees and the prohibition of the closing ceremony of a representative of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords director of public relations at the bank Fadel Jassem and a number of banks in the profile officials.

House of Representatives finish reading the bills and postpone the questioning of the prime media and communications


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} in the House of Representatives ended its twelfth ordinary, which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 219 deputies on Thursday, the first reading of two bills, while futures questioning of the prime media and communications.
According to a statement of the Department of Media House agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “at the outset of the meeting followed by MP Abdul Kahar Samurai statement alive the victories of the Iraqi army to liberate theland from Conception organize Daesh terrorist, expressing his” pride the martyrs ofIraq, including the martyr First Lieutenant Abu Bakr Abbas al – Samarrai , who triumphed over his executioners and Arabhm Bahamth proud, noting that “despite the difficult circumstances Abe martyr al – Samarrai , but continues to perform his duties at the border guards and refused to leave until the mission was kidnapped and his throat in Nikhaib.”
Also delivered MP Mohammad Naji statement ” in which ZF martyrdom of Abu Taha Nazareth Gen X is in the popular crowd in the ongoing battle against terrorism, stressing continue to sacrifice for Iraq.”
The Board voted to approve the proposal of President al – Jubouri , the nomination of six MPs from the committees on Foreign Relations, services and legal, as well as three deputies representing the province of Basra to the membership of the interim parliamentary committee about the Khawr Abd Allah channel after he was refused aproposal to form a committee comprising 29 members.
The Board completed the first reading of the proposed first amendment to thePolitical Parties Law No. {36} Act of 201 and provided legal committees and civil society organizations in order to make way for a larger segment of the community to participate in political work and the embodiment of the principle of personal punishment and to ensure equitable distribution of the financial aid granted by theState to political parties to maintain the independence of the independent Electoral Commission.
For his part, Chairman of the Board directed the committees of civil society and legal institutions to take into consideration the comments and proposals submitted on theproposed law before it is submitted for the second reading.
It ended the first reading of a bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. {1631} for the year 1980 and presented by the Legal Committee.
In another matter , President al – Jubouri decided based on the consent of the MP Hanan al Her request to cross – Safa al- Din spring head of the CMC to postpone the questioning absentee process to the session on Thursday , March 9 for not attending to today ‘s meeting in order to keep the measures taken by the Council and not challenged, stressing the legitimacy of the Council to exempt any direct executive in case of not attending the session of interrogation.
After that began MP Fatlawi Introduction questioning request questions about asking interrogators inquired about the reasons not to provide any official to hold a license for mobile phone companies in 2007 despite demands from the tax department to deliver a copy of it and the reasons for non – payment of the three companies formobile phone amounts licenses, amounting to more than a billion dollars and procedures and taxes and delay penalties owed by companies since 2007.
the MP Hanan al voiced no objection to the proposals of some MPs to postpone theinterrogation process, noting that the absence of the questioner for the meeting that will be determined will make fixed guilty.
Prior to the decision to postpone the interrogation The head of the House ofRepresentatives over the presidency of the Council for a book from the media and communications indicates that the head of the body is going through a health crisis forced the track to travel outside Iraq and had surgery and was still lying in thehospital so far and is ready to attend the interrogation if his recovery and his return to the country.
He Jubouri that the interrogation is a trial and the right of the interrogator to defend himself and could be tried in absentia, explaining that the presidency of the Council inquiries to the Federal Court made not to attend the questioner and filled thequestioner for his acting without being voted on in the Council
for its part said the MP Hanan al on not a legal value of the book sent from the media and communications being linked to the Council of Representatives and thevacation for President of the Commission on the approval of the President of the House of Representatives , pointing to the existence of formal aspects of the book of the media and communications.
Turn between Mr. Torhan Mufti representative of the Council of Ministers that thePresident of the media and communications is in a state satisfactory emergency, aproposal to postpone the questioning session for the President of the Commission with bringing all necessary archives to prove his illness if his presence – to – date new questioning, pointing out that the head of the CMC and the agency is the rank of director general .
Then I decided to health and environment committee Cancel read the report onradioactive contamination in the slaughter area and thirst} {Pacific market, after theestablishment of the executive bodies to address pollution days ago.
Regarding the question of oral submitted by MP Abdul Kahar Samurai Mr. Kazim Laibi Oil Minister , Mr. President of the Council pointed out that the Oil Minister sent a letter to the House of Representatives apologize it for the audience to ask oral directed him to its association with a session of the Energy Committee, noting that he will select a new deadline and Mr. oil Minister commitment to attend.
Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft election provincial councils and district and submitted by the legal committees and regions and governorates not organized in a region on the law to be completed in a session on Saturday.
In the interventions of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib district councils that havebecome redundant rings in the provinces , which requires resolved in the absence of the possibility of a constitutional cancel, calling to be a member of the provincial council he obtained a bachelor ‘s degree.
He MP Ammar Tohme to the importance of providing opportunities emerging political forces to enter the sources contributing to the decision and conduct reform and change and work to ensure the distribution of seats according to the system toachieve equal opportunities for participants.
He pointed deputy Niyazi Oglu that reduce members of the provincial councils will affect the work of the committees in the Council.
I suggest MP Ahmad electrodes to apply multiple departments election system in theprovince to achieve justice in the representation of citizens.
MP Hassan Turan pointed out that the percentage of St. Lego law proposed rate would weaken the representation of small lists, calling for the integration ofprovincial elections , elections of the House of Representatives to time constraints.
For his part , MP Ahmad al – Jubouri ruled out the possibility of holding elections in Nineveh province during the current circumstances, and expressed his support to reduce the number members of the provincial councils in accordance with themechanism agreed upon and determine the age of the candidate for 25 years.
MP Mahmoud Reda to be right for the House of Representatives in consultation with the Council of Ministers and the Electoral Commission to postpone the provinces and the province and district council elections, and urged that minorities be aseparate log for records of voters and that one time the public and private voting.
She suggested that the MP Birwan Khilani resorting to electronic voting in the elections and to rely on the national card in the voting process.
He called Mezni Mazen to form a special committee for the elections under the control of the House of Representatives and submit periodic reports on theelections.
The MP said that the music of Alhmosa inadmissibility of the extension of theelection will affect them , which requires the development of specific conditions for an extension.
She suggested the MP Sabah al – Tamimi Cancel district councils after he canceled a bill boards respects.
He noted Attorney Joseph Salioh that the bill in its current form is unfair to smaller parties being dependent mechanism ascertains interests, calling to make Iraq one electoral district, then decided to adjourn the meeting until the day Saturday, 02.25 / 2017.anthy


Urgent Defense: encircle Ayman Mosul from all sides


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[Oan- Baghdad] the
Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that security forces cordoned off the right side of the city of Mosul from all sides.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “Armored Division troops ninth forces Abbas band [p] combat [the popular crowd] advanced towards the mountains thirsty series of the southwestern side of the connector, the center of a large assignment by the Air Force and Air Army”.

Parliament to raise its next Saturday




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Baghdad balances News

The Board of Representatives, Thursday, lifting its usual to next Saturday.

A parliamentary source said, L / balance News /, “The parliament has decided to lift its meeting held today under the chairmanship of its President Salim al-Jubouri to next Saturday.”

And saw the House of Representatives session, ending the first reading of the legal political parties, dissolved Revolutionary Command Council, and to postpone the oral question directed to the Minister of Alinvt.anthy 29 / A 43

High oil prices to $ 56 a barrel



Oil futures rose nearly one percent on Thursday after data showed a surprise drop in US crude stocks with a decline in imports, supporting the view that the global supply glut ends.

By 0743 GMT, futures US crude rose WTI April delivery up 41 cents, equivalent to 0.8 percent to $ 54 a barrel.

Brent crude rose 40 cents or 0.7 percent to hit 56.24 dollars already allocated but both indices are still moving within narrow ranges.

The data from the American Petroleum Institute on Wednesday showed crude stocks fell 884 thousand barrels in the week ending February 17 to 512.7 million, while analysts expected increase of 3.5 million barrels.


The infallible Abadi discuss the post-stage Daesh



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President Fuad Masum, received at his home in Baghdad, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

During the meeting they discussed the overall political and security developments, especially the conduct of battles now in the right side of the city of Mosul to complete fully edited.

The meeting also touched on to emphasize the importance of close ranks and unite all efforts in order to create suitable for the post-Daesh, to settle differences and completion of community reconciliation and the reconstruction of the devastated areas and to ensure the return of displaced political climates, as well as work to provide stability and economic and social recovery and the strengthening of the pace of development in the country. It ended 29 / d 24