Intelligence Karbala police arrest a terrorist dressed as women in the control of the center of Baghdad


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Baghdad balances News
Threw the security forces, on Thursday, on an item belongs to regulate Daesh dressed as women in the province of Karbala.
I got / balances News /, the images during the terrorist erosion of women’s uniform.
The security source said, “The employees of the Internal Security Agency in the city of Karbala arrested a terrorist dressed as women in Sitarat the entrance to the center of Baghdad,” noting that “Aldaasha had intended to enter the holy city of Karbala.”
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Daesh organization is planning to launch attacks from the mountains of Iraq in the event of his expulsion from Mosul



Sulaimaniyah – (Reuters): A senior official in the Kurdish intelligence told Reuters that if the organization was expelled Islamic State (Daesh) from his stronghold in the Iraqi city of Mosul Vsagar of methods to carry out attacks from the mountains and deserts.
And across Lahore Talabani, a senior official in the counterterrorism efforts in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Almtemta governing Almata- expressed concern about the emergence of another group modeled on the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq threaten again if political leaders failed to achieve reconciliation between the different communities in the country.
Talabani said «Mosul will fall .. I think that irregular warfare is that you should worry about» and added: «Our job will become much more difficult. The army will rest a little bit, but security forces are important, which will become more difficult ».
He continued that there are signs that the men planned to organize an Islamic state in the Jabal Hamrin hiding in the north-east, where could become a base for attacks on several provinces. He cited the health of his nearly five attacks on security forces in Diyala province in the last month.
Talabani said that region «in very rugged. It is very difficult for the Iraqi army control »and added:« This is the benefit of a place to hide from it and can move from one province to another without being spotted ».
The army has managed with the help of Shiite and Kurdish factions forces operating in the towns and villages close to evict the organization from the eastern part of Mosul, after battles lasting more than three months. Talabani said that the battle will be further fighting from street to street and house to house for months before releasing the western part of the city, which will mark the end of the Caliphate State, announced by the organization.
However, it is cautious in estimating the number of militants killed so far. He said the number of fighters in Mosul was estimated at six thousand at the beginning of the attack and there is no evidence that the death toll is approaching that number. He added: «We know that some of them fled. They are trying to get people to the next stage. Post Mosul to hide and shift to sleeper cells. »
He said: «You have to try to find them when they are hiding and you should try to take out those sleeper cells of holes. To be sure, this region will witness the disturbances in the next few years. »He added that Iraq should not underestimate the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic state.
He added that al-Baghdadi very careful «It does not use any type of communications. It is in the desert region and believe that victimize and comes between Syria and Iraq. » He said «their plans to start a form of irregular warfare against the region and at the global level. We will see attacks as well as for individual wolves here and there in the region ».
In 2014 a few hundred fighters, the organization of the Islamic state dominated Mosul within a few hours for reasons including the fact that many Sunnis welcomed them and complained of violations they have suffered at the hands of the army, which is dominated by the Shiite government in Baghdad.
Talabani urged political leaders to avoid falling into this mistake again. And he said, using a popular name for the organization «perhaps not Daesh but another group will appear with a different name and a different scale. We have to really be careful. The years the next few will be very difficult on us politically. »
There are tensions between the Kurds and the Baghdad government, mostly on oil resources and the dream of Kurdish independence. Talabani pointed out that the sectarian animosities in Iraq has become increasingly complex unless they are strengthening the principle of dialogue between all parties. He added: «There is the risk of another can not see many people. The engaging the factions (Shia) in the future if there is no dialogue with Baghdad. »

Abadi briefed on the conduct of operations are coming Aaninoy confirms: the battle is resolved soon [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
briefed the commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Thursday, on the conduct of operations are coming , O Nineveh and preparations for our heroine to edit the right coast of the connector.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Abadi “met with military commanders at the Joint Special Operations Command headquarters had contacts field leadership and listened to their preparations for the battle and the emphasis on a number of directives and orders issued by the sovereignty of the field commanders and our heroine.”
The al – Abadi, said that ” the resolution of the battle with Daesh gangs become very soon , ” praising “our heroes in the armed forces in various Snovhm who Stroa finest epics of victory.”
The prime minister also stressed ” the importance that everyone takes into account the battle mode with Aldaasha terrorism which is trying in various ways to undo the noose with him, but our forces will not allow him to win and Iraq and its people to these terrorist gangs.”

Putin calls for restoration of dialogue between the Russian and American intelligence agencies

02/16/2017 19:33:00


Khandan – Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday, to “restore the dialogue” between the Russian and American intelligence services in the fight against terrorism.

Putin said in a televised speech in front of the Russian Federal Security Service officials (domestic intelligence) that “re dialogue with the secret services in the United States and other members of the Atlantic Alliance in our mutual interest.”

He said the Russian president, said that “dialogue and rigidity interruption is not our fault. The necessity of cooperation between the countries involved in the fight against terrorism is very intuitive,” as quoted “AFP.”

Putin ‘s remarks came as Moscow hopes that the US president Donald Trump fulfill his promise to improve ties with Russia and cooperation in the fight against the organization “Daesh” terrorist.

Putin continued by saying , “Even the simple exchange of information on terrorism channels and sources, on individuals involved or suspected of involvement in terrorism, the sponsor to double the effectiveness of our joint efforts to a large extent.”

Trump has been under administration sharply criticized on relations with Moscow after the issuance of US intelligence information that Putin ordered a campaign of piracy and manipulation to influence the elections and the delivery of Trump to the presidency, which was denied by Moscow.

Urgent Abadi Office: enough to take the security of Baghdad and prevent any loophole for terrorists actions


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced the Prime Minister’s Office, Haider al-Abadi, take “enough to the security of the capital Baghdad procedures” which saw yesterday and today a bloody bombings.
According to a statement his agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, “The meeting discussed the security situation in the capital Baghdad and the measures taken to protect the citizens from terrorist bombings and the intelligence effort to uncover terrorist cells.”
It also ” had been issued a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure the security of the capital Baghdad and prevent terrorists exploit any loophole casualties to civilians and prosecute anyone tempted to tamper with the security of the capital and its citizens.”
A car bomb exploded Wednesday, granular area in Sadr City , eastern Baghdad, resulted in the deaths of five people and wounded 20 others.
The car bomb exploded Thursday afternoon in a car – Baya area west of the capital shows resulted in the deaths of 51 people and injuring fifty.

Abadi hold an emergency meeting with security and military leaders in Baghdad


Thursday February 16, 2017 21:33


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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday announced that the latter held an emergency meeting with security and military leaders in Baghdad, referring to the issuance of a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure the security of the capital.


Sadr calls for silent demonstration tomorrow and ordering the shelling of the green to turn himself in


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[Oan- Baghdad]
called for the cleric, Muqtada al – Sadr, to Tzepehrh “silent” in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Friday.
Sadr said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “There are more than is important should be noted and referred to it, first, that the rebels have demonstrated their obedience and discipline and their determination and resolve to continue the project of reform meanwhile , were hailed God , and may God give them about Iraq and Iraqis better, so invite them to be a demonstration for tomorrow [in Tahrir Square] silent in order to denounce the attack and demands for free and fair ” and called on ” the Iraqi security forces to protect Mhkouran demonstrators. ”
He pointed out that ” The other thing, if what happened to hit the Green Zone] rocket a few days ago by one of belonging [Sadrist] or rebels Reform ordered him to turn himself in to the competent authorities within a maximum period of [72 hours], because that work in breach our goal of peaceful reform for Iraq and a big spoiler could drag the country into what Aihamd consequences and lead to a draft reform of loss and failure , God forbid, Venhab everyone to abide by what is stated in order to keep Iraq safe high. ”
The Green Zone in Baghdad ‘s heavily fortified may have seen last Saturday evening to the bombing of Katyusha rockets launched from the areas of Palestine Street and municipalities according to a statement to the cell media war, following a day of protest called her cleric Moqtada al – Sadr to demand a change in the law and the electoral commission and led to clashes resulted in the casualties with security forces.
Ministerial Security Council and the face of the Baghdad Operations Command , in coordination with the joint operations to carry out campaigns inspections extensive and intensive in cities across Iraq, especially Baghdad and confiscated rocket launchers of various kinds and’re already familiar and weapons , mortars of various calibres except weapons stores and ammunition Force security conferred upon it.

The start of the ministers of defense of the international coalition to combat Daesh meeting in Brussels



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{International: Euphrates News} secretary-general of NATO, NATO} {Jens Stoltenberg opened the ministers of defense meeting the international coalition to combat terrorist gangs Daesh in Brussels today.
Stoltenberg said in his opening speech to the delegates , “I Qtatm tremendous strides since September ‘s defeat in the September 2014 Daesh and restore the battlefield and counter the propaganda war and the dismantling of cells each in his own way.”
“Today Daesh still represents one of the most challenges we face , and despite thefact that NATO {} is not an official member of the International Alliance Against Daesh except that each Member State in which contribute to this alliance.”
And that as part of efforts {NATO} anti Daesh we have worked with partners in the Middle East and North Africa closely to help them secure their borders and land, as well as the establishment of a regional center in Kuwait to coordinate our work in the Gulf region , “stressing at the same time having the biggest potential to do more.
He noted the Secretary General of {NATO} in this regard to “the training of local forces is one of the best weapons available to us in the war against terrorism and capacity building.” He
also stressed that the defeat Daesh of the world and the continuing challenges for generations and which require more effort , “noting that “Alliance has a genuine intention to see the result of that war.”
For his part, US Defense Secretary James Mattis , “We are united in the fight against Daesh and defeat.”
He said in his speech that the meeting aims to achieve international consensus to put pressure on the terrorist enemy , “noting that” this goal is not an insignificant thing , which is achieved quickly. ”

Iraqi private banks association evaluate the ceremonial opening of the new headquarters


/ Baghdad …

Celebrated the Iraqi private banks association, on Thursday, the opening of its new headquarters in the presence of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, a professor on the Keywords and MP Dr. Mehdi al-Hafez and heads of boards of commissioners and directors of private banks and economic figures.
And it began to celebrate the opening of the headquarters of the Association cut the tape by Mr. Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Mr. Wadih Handal, president of the association, and the ceremony included the national anthem and reading the Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.
The President of the Association meek Handal, presenting a welcoming speech in which the great efforts that have been made in the reconstruction and development of the headquarters of the Association and praised the efforts made in its implementation.
Turning Handal, the main activities undertaken by the Association in cooperation and coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq in various fields.
For his part, praised the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, during a speech by the way the great role played by the association in the field of training of bank personnel, and called on banks to make more efforts for the advancement of the banking sector.
There was then honoring the pioneers of the banking sector ceremony of the first meal by the Attorney Mehdi al-Hafez included honoring each of Messrs Abu Talib al-Hashemi Chairman of Gulf Bank management and banking expert Dr. Sadeq al-Shammari Commissioner Islamic National Bank and former Muhammad Ali Jaber, Managing Director of the Bank of Baghdad and former banking expert veteran director Mohammed Saleh Chandler.
After that was signed a memorandum of understanding between the banks and the armpits and the Institute for the progress of the development policies and signed by Messrs Wadih Handal, President of the Association, and Dr. Mehdi al-Hafez president of the institute included joint cooperation and coordination between the two parties.

Alliance International: Iraqi army’s victory over Daesh dazzled the world


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}, deputy commander of the international coalition forces, General Robert Jones said, that the victories of the Iraqi army on Daesh “dazzled the world.”
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it, that ” the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gen. Othman al – Ghanemi, on Thursday morning, received in his office , General Jones, and during the meeting tostrengthen cooperation and coordination between the two sides in all fields in order to develop the combat capabilities and providing logistical support to the army troops and praised the spirit of cooperation. ”
For his part , General Jones praised ” the combat capabilities of the Iraqi army ,which impressed all the world ‘s great triumphs in Mosul.”
He stressed ” the continuation of the international coalition to continue to provide all kinds of support and support of the Iraqi army who fights and defends the whole world” .anthy