The destruction of large convoys of Daesh in Mosul and the killing of a leading Saudi nationality



Saturday, February 11th, 2017 – 04:30 GMT

The destruction of large convoys of Daesh in Mosul and the killing of a leading Saudi nationality

Correspondent channel scientist confirmed that the popular crowd forces managed to destroy a convoy of elements Daesh in Tal Afar, as coalition aircraft destroyed another large convoy in which a leader of Saudi nationality was killed.

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Our correspondent reported that the brigade 45 Hezbollah Brigades, the popular crowd managed to destroy a convoy of military vehicles to Daesh Khader Elias in the area of the southern entrance to the center of Tall Afar west of Mosul.

He also stressed that the international airline alliance and in coordination with the Brigade of Tal Afar, 92 destroyed a large convoy for “Daesh” and the killing of dozens of elements, including a leader named “Abu Hammad, Saudi Arabia” in the Chechen district of central Baaj district west of Mosul.


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Mugireny: America will implement the nuclear deal with Iran fully


02/10/2017 19:46:00

Khandan – announced a responsible foreign policy in the European Union Federica Mugireny Friday, he had received assurances during meetings with US President Donald Trump ‘s management that the United States is committed to the full implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran.

She Mugireny told reporters after a day of talks conducted in the White House and State Department “received assurances that what I heard during the meetings to the intent of the commitment to the full implementation of the agreement”, as quoted by “Reuters”.

She added that the new administration has made clear it has not taken a decision on the new ambassador appointed by the European Union and on how to pay the US-European trade talks stalled.


The destruction of the headquarters of the battalion Daesh missiles in the area of ​​Mosul Badush


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} International Coalition aircraft destroyed the headquarters of the terrorist gangs Daesh and battalion rockets in Badush area in the city of Mosul.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense Agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “the international coalition aircraft, and in coordination with the Directorate General of Intelligence and Security has implemented managed through which the destruction of the headquarters of the gangs of terrorist Daesh and location of the battalion missiles in Badush area” .anthy air strike

A local source: “Daesh” closing the headquarters of the calculation and liquidate their funds west of Mosul




Local source in Nineveh reported that the terrorist organization Daesh close all the headquarters of the so-called arithmetic and decided to liquidate their funds and transfer elements to the battlefront west of the province, fearing their information however the security forces.

The source added that the organization decided to send elements of the headquarters to the fighting fronts in preparation to repel the planned launch joint forces operations in the next few days.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fully announced, Tuesday edit the left side of Mosul city from the control of the organization in Daesh called joint security forces to move quickly to liberalize the right side of the city.