Abadi: the majority of foreign elements Daesh left Mosul


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حيدر العبادي
Haider al-Abadi

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, on Thursday, said that the majority of the “Islamic state” Daesh foreign fighters and their families, have left Mosul , north of the country towards Syria.

Ebadi said, in a speech on the sidelines of a meeting with Iraqi conservatives in Baghdad, said that “the enemy (Daesh) decline in Mosul.”

“There is an internal dispute between members of the organization, and more of the foreign terrorists and their families left outside the province of Nineveh, and areas controlled by the terrorists on the ground shrunk dramatically.”

“A lot of elements (Daesh) were killed during the battles of Mosul, and the possibilities of the enemy retreated to a large extent, have been confiscated tons of explosive materials and weapons of the terrorists during the battles.”

He noted that the Iraqi forces, get information from the civilians from weapons and ammunition storage sites “Daesh”, predicting that his country’s troops “soon” to succeed in the liberation of all the regions of Mosul.

This comes at a time when liberalization is expected to be the western side of the city of Mosul, the military operations launched soon after the military leadership announced earlier, for the completion of all preparations and preparations for the battle.

The Iraqi forces had recaptured the entire eastern half of the city nearly two weeks ago, after fierce fighting lasted for nearly 100 days with Sunni Islamist al Daesh.




Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi receives a telephone call from US President Donald Trump



Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi received on Thursday a telephone call from US President Donald Trump, in which the two leaders discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of developing them.

Mr. Trump congratulated the victories achieved against Daesh gangs and praised the Iraqi forces and the strong courage of Dr. Al-Abadi in leading the war on terror.

He pointed out that we will work together to defeat terrorism because Iraq is an ally of ours.

Mr. Trump renewed his invitation to Dr. Al-Abadi to visit the United States.

For his part, Dr. Al-Abadi stressed that Daesh terrorist gangs are in their terminal stages as we are now fighting them in Mosul and freed the larger part of it and are determined to end this terrorist organization, referring to the importance of continued international and US support in the war against terrorism.

Dr Al-Abadi confirmed Iraq’s desire to strengthen relations with the United States at various levels.

Also addressed was the regional situation where Dr. Al-Abadi stressed that Iraq is a sovereign state with national constitutional institutions and is dealing with countries not on the basis of interference in internal affairs.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of a review of the decision on the right of Iraqis to travel to the United States and lift Iraq from the list of countries mentioned in the executive order and Mr. Trump stressed the importance of coordination to find a solution to this issue as soon as possible and that he will direct the US State Department in this regard.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
February 9, 2017


Trump to Ebadi: Iraq is our ally and we will work together to defeat terrorism


President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump confirmed Thursday in a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that “the two countries will work together to defeat terrorism,” and that “Iraq ally for us.”

Page said the media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister on Facebook that the parties addressed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of developing them, while President Trump praised the victories achieved against al Daesh Islamic state.

He renewed his call for Trump Ebadi in order to visit the United States, according to the same source.

Regarding the resolution on executive travel ban, Trump stressed the importance of coordination with Iraq and that he would bring the US State Department in this context to find a solution to the issue after the Abadi pointed to the importance of raising Iraq from the list of seven countries covered b



Parliament completed reading the proposal of Basra, capital of Iraq’s economic law and to raise its to Monday


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} completed the House of Representatives, on Thursday, reading and discussion of the proposed capital of Basra, Iraq’s second law Alaguetsadah.bgelsth tenth legislative term of the third legislative year third parliamentary session, which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 210 deputies.
According to a statement to Parliament, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, acopy of it, that ” the House of Representatives and in its regular Aalberlm completed reading the proposal of Basra , capital of Iraq ‘s economic law.
He said,” At the outset of the meeting followed by MP Abbas al – Bayati , a statement regarding the death of a constellation of people of Tal Afar and Astzkaarham pay homage to the sacrifices of the people of the region after the martyrdom of theconstellation of the federal police by organizing Daesh terrorist , “noting that” Talafar presented more than 500 martyrs in the face of terrorism , multiple zones despite thedifficult conditions experienced by the children of the judiciary as a result of their displacement with their families. ”
the deputy al – Bayati in his statement about “supporting the commander in chief of the armed forces to the speed of liberalization of Tal Afar and the right side of thecity of Mosul from Daesh and alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the people away from Mhalaot politicization.”
then he read the Council Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Tal Afar and themartyrs of Iraq.
In another matter, President of the Council pointed out that some legislation is still among the committees and need to be discussed, including the independent High Electoral Commission Act, noting that on Saturday and Sunday Sa_khasassan for the meeting of the committees and follow – up of the board of the presidency of theCouncil to intensify work and completion of draft laws to be brought to the agenda of the Council in the next week for discussion as well as a project issue and justice Law, calling on the parliamentary committees to submit their reports for the forty legislation.
Regarding the interrogation requests submitted by the House of Representatives, President al – Jubouri confirmed the presence of eight applications, all of which meet the formalities and legal, noting that the delay was to give priority to the completion of the process of the Council of the legislation and the completion of the government through the works of the vacant ministries.
And between President al – Jubouri that the Council sent interrogation questions to officials and receipt of disclosure for applying interrogation by them, which included sending a request to question the health minister on 17/1 and Minister of Agriculture and head of the board of Media and Communications on 24/1 and head of the Shiite Endowment in the history of 26/1 High Commission elections on 25/1 and theMinister of trade agency on 29/1, and the ministers of Education and Displacement and migration is still in the process of receiving the disclosure.
The Presidency Commission and identified on Thursday, 23/02 date for thequestioning of the board president of media and communications by the MP Hanan al, were identified on Thursday of each week sessions to complete theinterrogations.
And on the membership of the House of Representatives replacement, the president pointed to the existence of two vacancies for deputy Abdel Azim Ajman and MP Qasim al – Araji, pointing out that the legal context in which the Council will befollowed based on taking the opinion of legal counsel and the participation of theIndependent Electoral Commission , which will submit a recommendation to theCouncil to determine Alibdlail condition that the alternative within the province replaced and the same entity in the province and not by the House ofRepresentatives.
He said al – Jubouri , a meeting of the competent committee of experts will select theCommissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission on Thursday in theConstitutional Hall , headed by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Syria , Sheikh Mohammed.
The Council voted on draft ratification of the Arab Convention for the organization ofpassenger transport on the roads between the Arab states and others submitted by the committees of the services, construction and foreign relations, which contributes to the promotion of tourism and cooperation in the organization of passenger transport between the Arab states and the ratification of the Convention Act.
With regard to the third paragraph of the agenda, MP Mohammad Tamim , he explained received the answer to his question oral directed to the oil minister , with tables showing the doors of exchange on the reasons for bonus pay for itsemployees in the Eid al – Adha , demanding the legal basis for disbursement tables that show the mechanics of exchange.
And the deputy Tamim Oil Minister Send the answer to show that rewards thedisposal of the profits to be derived from self – financing companies and the Ministry of Finance confirmed the dismissal own tables.
The MP Tamim to obviate the need for the presence of the oil minister to the council after answering a question oral.
It ended the first reading of the draft decode the repair events circle link Act from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, attached to the Ministry of Justice and submitted by the Legal Committee in order to unify the Correctional Services Department one entity and for decoding the repair events from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, attached to the Ministry of Justice Department link.
Council completed reading the report and discuss the proposal of Basra , capital ofIraq ‘s economic and submitted by the committees of economy, investment and legal law.
In the interventions of Representatives, MP Hassan Khalati praised the bill as being designed to give the general framework to support the project in order to attract capital to the province of Basra.
Attorney Zaher al – Abadi felt that the proposed law in its current form does not serve the province of Basra and achieve ambitious for their children.
He called MP Abbas al – Bayati fairness and justice of the province of Basra and make economic capital on the ground and not just a label.
And it demanded an olive – Dulaimi MP real need for activation of the bill and that thegovernment take a role in its implementation.
The MP stressed Maysoon al the importance of the development of the province ofBasra and show it beautifully generally being faced with serious negligence, noting that Basra will be the capital of Arab culture for 2018.
He was MP Ammar Tohme support for the draft law , the requirement to provide the province tangible services and infrastructure, not just once bestowed on her the title Just.
And saw the MP Fatima Hamidi not to vote on the wording of the current law , thefact that a disregard for the right of the province.
In its response to the interventions of Representatives, committees showed that it had sent its report to the other parliamentary committees did not receive any comments on the draft law, calling for the participation of committees in its proposals for fueling the bill in order to serve achieve true ingredient to make Basra economic capital.
The Council postponed discussion of the draft report and the accession of theRepublic of Iraq to the Grains Trade Convention of 1995 and submitted by theCommittees for Foreign and legal relations, economy and investment law upon request.
In another matter, it reviewed by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marsh its quarterly report that highlighted a discussion of a number of laws concerning thenature of its projects, in addition to holding Alastdavat with a number of ministers and officials involved in agriculture, veterinary and wealth circles and animal subjects relating regardless peasants ‘ salaries.
Then decide to adjourn the meeting until Monday Almqubl.anthy

Korean fighter T50 model is on its way to gain access to Iraq


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Baghdad balances News

Preparing the Iraqi southern ports, to receive withstand Korean fighter aircraft shipments, a contract within the Baghdad South Korea to supply 24 fighter T50 model, according to maritime and military sources.

A source in the Iraqi Port Authority’s / balances News /, “The high-level delegation of the team, Deputy Commander of the Air Force and a number of staff officers in the ministry, visited the port this morning, and met with Director General of the ports of the Iraqi Chief Engineer Riad Sawadi Shamkhi, and managers of the port of Umm Qasr North and South, and the Director of the Office of the Inspector General in the southern region. ”

He added that “the delegation’s visit was to create and to prepare for the arrival of military aircraft shipments of Korean-made T50, a fourth-generation aircraft, used for the duties of the near attribution and advanced training, but he did not mention the date of the arrival of such shipments.”

The Iraqi air force, announced on 25 December last, it will start in the first quarter of 2017, received 24 fighter aircraft under the contract with the Korea Aljnobih.anthy 29 / D 24


Association of private banks is discussing with the US Treasury delegation and the reality of the Iraqi banking sector and its future


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It examined the Iraqi private banks association with a delegation representing the US Treasury, headed by John Sullivan, the reality of the banking sector in Iraq and the prospects for its future in light of the need for Iraq Massa comprehensive sustainable development of the private sector plays a key role in it.
 And accept the President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal During the meeting, the role of the Association in promoting the sector of Iraqi banks and contributing to the humanitarian and developmental and traditional social projects, explaining that this meeting will be followed by an expanded meeting with the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank are also involved.
During the meeting, which was held in Maqralrabotth Baghdad Search steps, mechanisms and procedures carried out by the Association of private banks to hire domestic and foreign banking operations for the contribution of the private Iraqi banking sector in the development and the fight against money laundering and the introduction of modern banking technology and cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq in the implementation of Strutijeth the next five years .
It also reviewed the efforts made by the Association in the field of training and qualification of human resources in the banking sector and focus on training programs in risk management, particularly credit risk management and the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, and strive to build a sophisticated international banking relationships with banks sober messaging.
It was also touched on the success stories carried out by private banks through its participation in the reconstruction of Iraq, particularly the development of Rasheed Street Project (Take a Baghdad) and its contribution to the (campaign of our people) headed Ssadoralnwaya good Amoosagarnasirschmh to aid Iraqi families displaced by.
And through the chairman of the US Treasury John Sullivan delegation expressed appreciation for the efforts of the private banks association and its president, Wadih Handal in the development work of private banks through the training of banking cadres and develop advanced training programs.
He explained that the training is an important point in the style of work of Iraqi banks and help the staff in providing the best banking services to clients.
The meeting of the US Treasury John Sullivan, Head of Delegation and Michelle Chatzl attended the New York Reserve and Rashid Nasim manager at Bank of New York and Leslie Leong Bank adviser at the US Treasury and Andre Jalsa director in the economy, and Mary the gift of energy and economic consultant.

A phone call today among Abadi Trump at the request of the latter Thursday


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An informed political source, on Thursday, that a phone call will be held this evening between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and US President Donald Trump at the request of the latter.

The source said in an interview for the Sumerian News, “The President initiated the request for the telephone call with al-Abadi,” noting that “the call have been identified time and will take place this evening.”

The source explained that “Abadi and Trump will discuss the political and security situation in Iraq and the region,” without more information.
And held Abadi, in (the eighth of November 2016), a phone call to Trump congratulated him on the victory, headed by the United States and expressed Iraq’s desire to expand the prospects for the relationship between Baghdad and Washington, in the face of Trump then an invitation to Ebadi to visit the United States, and promised to provide a “strong and firm support” for Iraq .