A parliamentary committee proposes assigning state-owned companies to guarantee deposits of private banks



A parliamentary committee proposes assigning state-owned companies to guarantee deposits of private banks

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Parliamentary Finance Committee hasproposed converting an Iraqi insurance companies to the guarantor institution to domestic banks in order torestore trust between the citizen and the banks. And it called on the central bank to repay deposits ofdepositors affected by the private banks and the settlement of accounts.
The MP Magda al – Tamimi, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, at a joint news conference held with a number of citizens who deposited Mbalghm in some private banks, said that “citizens who deposited their money in the Warka Bank each sold their homes and put all their savings in the bank, but the bank told them our fiscal deficit and the money went have ever been on this case for seven years, and Dar es Salaam ,he went away on this two years and a few months the case. ”
She said a member of the Finance Committee that “those banks had to grant citizens a few installments not exceeding one million dinars or less, even though everyone knows that the currency difference is different now about seven years ago, and thus where to stay citizen ‘s confidence in banks, creating their reluctance and make them keep their money at home Adding to the crime rate. ”
She called Tamimi central bank to “pay those families with their profits and settle accounts with those banks directly,” surprising ” to enter the Warka Bank to sell the currency market , which claims to lack of funds has at the time that this bank auction of depositors ‘ money income, while the House Bank peace has bought land that money. ”
She explained a member of the Finance Committee “in 2015 and put a paragraph budgetary formed anorganization to guarantee private banks but did not see the light , ” calling to “transform an insurance company to a guarantor institution to domestic banks to rebuild trust between the citizen and the banks , which hasaffected the situation of the economic development of the country.”
An official source in the banking sector occur (range), at the end of last year, said that ” the Central Bank decided to impose a trusteeship on the bank of Dar es Salaam for investment and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers because of Aavaihma to repay deposits of citizens during the last period as a result of mismanagement ,” stressing that ” the Bank Central has in recent days launched a part of the legal reserve Dar es Salaam to depositors, but the bank can not meet its obligations . ” on the other hand, said Abdul Hussain Anbaki, aneconomic adviser to the prime minister, said that” private banks in Iraq is creating credit, and relies on theauction in get the currency difference , “adding that” it is supposed to be doing these banks the economic development of Iraq and not to be Dakkakaan banking. ”
He Anbuge “These banks must work in the Iraqi environment and to have the risks and operates in all banking functions and exercised by the creator credit for development.”
Experts and bankers attribute the causes of the current crisis being experienced by some private banks, the financial crisis experienced by the country as a result of lower oil prices, the security and the collapse that followed the fall of Mosul in 2014, and the number of private banks after 2003 to up to 50 banks, after it was 17 banks prior to this date.
In the meantime, Ali Tariq, Executive Director of the Association of private banks, said that ” the troubled banks are very few when compared with banks that have been successful over the past period , ” adding that ” the Central Bank has taken a series of decisions to end the issue of troubled banks and was launched cash reserve located at the central bank and distributed to the holders of deposits of citizens. ”
He added that Tariq “find some banks due to low liquidity after a number of citizens to withdraw their money after the organization Daesh control of some areas in addition to the non – payment of dues to the state contractors.”



Washington stresses the need for full liberalization of Mosul and increase air strikes


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Research and Defense Minister Irfan Mahmood Hayali, with his US counterpart James Mattis, a phone call, the ongoing liberalization of the right coast of the connector preparations.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it today that “Hayali received a telephone call from his US counterpart James Mattis, where they discussed the ongoing liberalization of the right coast , and discuss plans prepared so preparations.”
He continued , “As James Mattis , reiterated his country ‘s support for Iraq in its war against terrorist organizations , stressing the need to purge the city of Mosul from these criminal gangs and asserting that the United States continues to provide all kinds of support of training, arming and intelligence, as well as air support and increase air strikes against terrorist groups hand . ” .
Security forces and preparing the crowd and popular military operation and wide to complete the liberation of the coast right from Mosul, while Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi announced near the start of this process .anthy



Masum concludes visit to Erbil and returns to Baghdad


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, arrived on Wednesday to Baghdad from Erbil after a visit to the Kurdistan region.
According to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the “infallible met during the visit , former President Jalal Talabani and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, the President of the Region Government Nechirvan Barzani and Vice – Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rasool and Barham Saleh and a number of senior politicians and government officials “.
” It was during these meetings to discuss major political and security developments, particularly the relationship between the Government of the Territory and the federal government, and military operations against the terrorist organization Daesh in the city of Mosul , ” .anthy

Soon .. and acres are Kurdish visiting Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues and Independence



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Kurdistan Democratic Party, on Wednesday, revealed a planned visit by two delegations, one political and the other government to Baghdad to discuss the independence and outstanding issues between the two governments, as he pointed to the existence of concerted efforts to include delegations of all Kurdish parties.

The MP for the party Dry longings for / balances News /, “The two delegations, one common political from the Kurdish parties and the other government, will visit the capital Baghdad,” adding that “political delegation will discuss with officials there are political issues, especially the first and foremost issue of independence, the government delegation will discuss problems technical and government outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil. “

She dry, that “the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership meeting discussed the six axes, which included the subject of the relationship between the province and Baghdad,” afterthought said, “but the issue of the Kurdish parties, who will visit Baghdad not yet been determined, and did not specify the date of the visit.”

She continued, “There are intensive efforts in the region to be visiting delegations represent all Kurdish parties, including the Movement for Change.”

After my visit Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, the President of the Government of the Territory Naچervan Barzani to Baghdad last two years, it has become “independence” file at the top of the agenda of dialogues between officials Aovernmtin.anthy 29

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US security adviser to Fayyad: Trump’s decision is not aimed at Iraq


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News president of the board of the popular crowd, the national security adviser, Faleh al-Fayad, revealed the US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn touch, done to reassure the Iraqi side that the US president Donald Trump’s decision is not aimed at Iraq.
Said Fayad , a news “that” Flynn ‘s statement called me a request from him to assure us that they support anti – terrorism efforts larger, and appreciate thesacrifices of the Iraqi people, and that the final decision does not target Iraq. ”
He pointed out that” the Iraqi government believes that the decision is incorrect right sacrifices of the Iraqi people in the face of terrorism , Iraq and combat the terrorists country and is not a source for them, “adding that” the US decision would hurt relations between the two countries and wait for new procedures to review it. ”
the American President Donald Trump has signed in late January , a number of decrees on tightening immigration policies and instructed the President, the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to halt the reception program and the distribution of refugees for a period of 120 days, and the prohibition ofTrump for a period of 90 days entry of the citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan to the United States, after a federal judge ruled in the city ofSeattle stopped the Executive order issued by President Donald Tramb.anthy.

Kurdistan Region sends delegations to Baghdad to discuss the issue of the independence of Kurdistan



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اجتماع مجلس قيادة الحزب الديمقراطي الكوردستاني برئاسة البارزاني
Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership headed by Barzani meeting

Roudao – Erbil

Decided Kurdistan Democratic Leadership Council, during its meeting held on Wednesday, led by Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan Region, a number of recommendations and important decisions relating to the status of internal party and make changes affected many of the desks, the party and its branches, and discussed a range of issues and important issues related to the internal affairs Kurdistan regional and international situation and relations between the Kurdistan region and Iraq.

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahmoud Mohammed, in a press conference after the meeting, attended by Roudao Media Network, “The changes approved by the party leadership at its offices and its organs and its branches an internal matter of the party and will continue to conduct such dialogue.”

He said Mohammed, that “the party will resume its meetings with Kurdish parties about the internal situation and resolving the ongoing political crisis, next week, to meet with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party.”

The official spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party also revealed, for that is due to visit the acre, one common political from the Kurdish parties and the other is a government of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, “adding that” political delegation will discuss with officials there are political issues on her head, particularly the question of independence, and the other delegation It will discuss the technical and governmental outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil. “

According to an official statement issued after a meeting of the Leadership Council of the party, seen by Roudao Media Network, “The meeting discussed the international situation and changes in the relationships and insights in the process of solving the Middle East problems important in the region and issues, stressing that it needs to pursue new and read.”

The statement pointed out that “with regard to the issue of independence was discussed during the visit of President Barzani, as well as a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government with Iraqi Prime Minister and the National Alliance, has also been discussed with the latter the delegation of the Alliance, who visited Erbil during the past two days,” adding that “the political and technical committees of the the Kurdistan region will visit Baghdad. “

The statement said, “The meeting considered the success of the efforts of some of those who stand against the coexistence and partnership and consensus in the administration of Iraq, and having completed these principles and marginalized constitution, seen as a return to the successive Iraqi governments practices and not in the interest of the components of the country.”

With regard to the internal political process Kurdistan province, the statement stressed that “the party continued in his efforts to reorganize the House of Kurdistan and dialogue with the parties to the political process for the benefit of nationalism and national rights and welfare of the people of Kurdistan.”

And on the political situation in the rest of Kurdistan parts, the meeting stressed that “the changes that occurred during the past few months and changes in alliances and relationships map, can not be considered in the interest of our people, and part of the reasons for this is due to the wrong policy of some of the parties involved in the political process and it does not benefit from significant changes that have occurred in the region, stressing the importance of the unity of all political forces and parties. “

Also it touched on the final statement of the meeting of the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Council to the changes approved by the party leadership in positions of heads of centers, offices, branches and Party organs, pointing out that it will continue to revitalize the party work in line with the current situation. “


US Defense Coalition aircraft carried out continuous strikes on Daesh sites west of Mosul and its components are facing the fate of surrender Aulfina (Details)


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East News –

It confirmed the US Department of Defense Pentagon, Wednesday, that the militants ‘Daesh’ Who coast of Mosul , the right to face the fate of ‘surrender or annihilation’, referring to the continuing flight of the international coalition strikes in preparation for the upcoming battle.

He said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis in an official statement, said that ‘elements Daesh Who Coast right Mosul are facing the fate of surrender or annihilation’, stressing that ‘ the Iraqi forces are in control on the left coast in full and can not elements of the organization Who ‘s in the right escape him they are surrounded from the west and up to them provisions, supplies’.

He said Davis, the ‘flight international coalition performs continuous strikes on Daesh western Mosul sites in preparation for the upcoming battle.’

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Ebadi economic adviser: Iraq is ready to settle any valid debt


العاصمة العراقية بغداد


okd Economic adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, his country’s readiness to settle any debt unproven by the Paris Club, noting that some people call Bmdioniat Iraq is real.

Saleh said in an interview with “Sputnik,” Some people give figures confused about reality, such that “there are $ 40 billion has not been settled yet, but it is not a real debt, and even if they are correct must be subject to the scrutiny of the Paris Club and deducted them 80 percent or more, “but he stressed that” countries that claim the debt did not call them because they are embarrassing. “

The Iraqi official expressed the view that the whole issue of “political”, and they do not need those debts and are aware that if they asked for it will open the doors do not want to open it “, and stressed that in the end” will be written off. “

In response to a question about the recovery of Iraqi funds smuggled abroad, Saleh said that “The government has approved the recovery of Iraqi funds law, and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations to recover funds Iraq in general, the memorandum concluded two months ago with the United Nations Development Programme to combat corruption and recover all Iraqi funds Abroad”.

Includes general budget for 2017 in Iraq amount of just over $ 5 billion at least to pay for internal and external debt payments, this has a projected budget deficit of more than $ 18 billion, covering internal and external debt, most notably loans from the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Japan, and the World Bank international and the international Monetary Fund, Islamic development Bank and other banks.

And saw an economic adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister, the appearance ofMohammed Saleh, there are plenty of investment opportunities in the Iraqi market through which to increase cooperation with Russia and opening it, and to deepen economic ties .

Saleh pointed out , in an interview with “Sputnik”, that the main areas in which Russia can invest in Iraq is “Housing and Reconstruction, roads and transportation, and improve some Iraqi industries, especially as Iraq and Russia Mottaghan towarda market economy, thus enhancing the common cultural links and common understanding The worker geographical attractions “.

According to the Iraqi economic official , the “Iraq has been linked economically with Russia since the establishment of the First Republic, which concluded with a joint cooperation was signed by Economy Minister Ibrahim Kubba agreements, Russia has provided whereby 70 plants to Iraq and established the second generation of Iraqi industry, including textile factories and public companies of various industries “.


US Treasury construction of the central bank measures to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering



A delegation from the US Treasury praised the Iraqi Central Bank action to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

Delegation that visited on Wednesday the Iraqi Central Bank discussed and listen to the proceedings , particularly the verses that have been applied over the past year regarding the advanced electronic programs used by the bank for the first time and the delegation expressed surprise at the speed and efficiency of the use of such programs and standards set by the Bank with the help of the international audit office ( KPMG) And on the organization of dollar selling operations and control through degrees of compliance of each bank for all the rules to comply with the law against money laundering and terrorism financing No. 39 of 2015.

Central Bank of the delegation of the US Treasury gave a detailed explanation about the electronic system applied by the bank to monitor the movement of the dollar sold also discussed a broad training program, which will begin by the central bank soon delegation, which aims to train and rehabilitate the banks