US embassy warns of Baghdad targeting hotels frequented by foreigners in the capital


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The US embassy in Iraq, the occurrence of “possible attacks” targeting frequented by Westerners and foreigners in the capital Baghdad hotels, weighted warned that “internal security policies of the mission in Iraq changed.”

According to an embassy statement seen by / balances News / a copy of Monday it had “received credible potential attacks threats on a Baghdad hotel frequented by Westerners,” he said, adding that “In response, the US embassy identified some movements of members of its mission.”

The statement said that “these threats require a tightening of security on the staff of the United States government in Iraq, the statement did not rule out that” internal security policies of the mission in Iraq changed at any time without prior notice. “

The United States warned its citizens from traveling to Iraq, pointing out that its embassy in Baghdad are having difficulty to help American citizens at a time when most of the attacks in public places such as cafes and markets occur.

The State Department said in a statement last Wednesday, that the citizens of the United States in Iraq are at risk of kidnapping and terrorist violence because of the presence of Al Daesh that attacks on a regular basis both Iraqi security forces and civilians, as well as the armed factions hostile to the United States may also threaten American citizens and Western companies in throughout Iraq.

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World Bank announces its intention to provide financial support for Iraq in parallel with the reconciliation projects

Monday , February 6, 2017 20:26

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Announced that the World Bank for the Middle East director Fred Belhadj, on Monday, that the bank intends to provide financial support for Iraq in parallel with projects to take care of reconciliation after the defeat al “Daesh,” noting that the bank offered to advise the government on the preservation of the Mosul Dam.

“Reuters” quoted Belhadj as saying that “the battle of Mosul keep all those forces together,” referring to the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish forces involved in the battle of Iraq’s second city from the hand of state regulation is restored.
“When the fighting ends do not know the pressures … which will list the type and this is important for the Iraqis to start this now.

“We will do our best to verify that the incentives … reconciliation will be more temptation of incentives for each of those factions … to work individually,” according to “Reuters”.

Belhadj and between that in addition to the financial support to be “going to bring people who have experience in rebuilding community relations from a number of countries around the world,” referring to South Africa, Morocco and Rwanda experiences.

“This will be a parallel path. We will make sure … the flow of funds towards the reconstruction and rebuilding, but in order to make it sustainable, we need to make sure that the drafting of the social contract in a way that allows continuously infrastructure toughness.”

He explained that the World Bank has also offered to provide advice to the government on the preservation of the Mosul Dam, but is not involved in financing or arranging Trevi Italian company chosen are last year to carry out much-needed reform of the dam.

Urgent .. alliance bombed roads Daesh supplies between Mosul and western regions


Urgent .. alliance bombed roads Daesh supplies between Mosul and western regions

Twilight News / airline bombing the international coalition supply routes to organize Daesh, at the time preparing Yeh Iraqi forces launch a military operation on the right coast of the city of Mosul, a stronghold of militants in Iraq.

Twilight News and told a security source, said coalition aircraft destroyed Mjsr Yarmouk west of Mosul, four air strikes on different locations.
He added that the shelling came to cut supplies to organize Daesh between Mosul and western regions.

Kuwaiti MPs attacking Iraq on the Khawr Abd Allah and threatening to “military option”



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Launched deputies in the National Assembly of Kuwait a scathing attack on Iraq, calling for the need to discuss what they described as “provocative statements” for some Iraqi lawmakers on the Khawr Abd Allah, threatening to resort to the military option because Iraq was “a neighbor does not expect him better,” while the bespoke Iraqi lawmakers say “if you have kept the Elan your borders with Iran.”

He reported the Kuwaiti newspaper Gazette permission to head of internal parliamentary committee and defend Kuwait Lashkar-e-Anzi, a Kuwaiti government called for taking seriously the Iraqi demonstrations around the Khawr Abd Allah, stressing the need to raise the alert level in the different areas and take the necessary security measures in anticipation of any emergency may occur, “and even not to repeat the disaster of Saddam’s brutal invasion in 1990. ”

Askar said, that “the Khawr Abd Allah Kuwaiti accordance with the resolutions of international treaties adopted by the United Nations and the Security Council, and Kuwait will not give up its borders and sovereignty and we are more respectful of international conventions and charters countries.”

Askar stressed “the need to hold a joint emergency meeting of interior and defense committees of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs and the National Assembly and call officials to explain the extent of the downturn and the size of the risks that threaten Kuwait and knowledge of the actions taken by the security agencies to deal with these serious developments.”

He called Lashkar-e-Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry diplomatic campaign Gulf, regional and international mobilization of the Gulf and Arab public opinion and international for Kuwait inalienable rights and counter what he described as the “Iraqi threats” issued between now and then to Kuwait, pointing out the need for the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, in turn, communicate what is happening on the border to United nations.

For his part, MP Saleh Ashour stressed that the formation of the government operations room and team monitoring what is happening in Iraq toward Kuwait and zero tolerance to keep up with firsthand event and give top priority to others.

The Kuwaiti MP Marzouk al-Khalifa, said that “the Kuwaiti Foreign take more serious positions and not to relent in front of Iraqi demonstrations demanding the right historical and Kuwait’s sovereign incense Abdullah.”

For his part, MP Abdullah Fahad Anzi called on the government summoned the Iraqi ambassador and protest against what he described as “allegations of Khawr Abd Allah and apologize for the donors’ conference for Iraq.”

The MP Safa Al Hashem said, “Some Iraqi demonstrations against the Khawr Abd Allah and accused Kuwait of infringement on Iraq’s borders demonstrations reminded me of Mubarak Al Kabeer Port-sheet pressure for more aid.”

For his part, MP Nasser al-Dossari, said that Kuwait is not powerless to deter anyone who wants to compromise the security of Kuwait, he said, “to learn of the Iraqi government and sedition between the two peoples trying to Kuwait, which has defended its borders, past and present is incapable today also to deter potential abusers from him himself compromise its security. ”

For his part, MP Osama Al-Shaheen said, “The infringement on the sovereignty of Kuwait in the Khawr Abd Allah, or any other part of the soil of the homeland is unacceptable, and the government is required to take the necessary security and diplomatic measures.”

On the other hand, said MP Adel Aldmekhe, “We desperately need a national unity coalition and a popular move beyond the issue of temporary political tension under Iraqi threats and allegations about the Khawr Abd Allah.”

For his part, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani demanded his government to “take caution and not to relent Iraqi demonstrations and protests on the Khawr Abd Allah, and to take the necessary and deal with this issue wisely and serious measures.”

MP Waleed al-Tabtabai said that “the problem with Iraq’s northern neighbor eternal, and is not associated person or Saddam Hussein Abd al-Karim Qasim or the other, there are those who fish in troubled water between us and Iraq.”

He stressed Tabtabai that “the border between us and Iraq, the subject was a UN resolution, Iraq does not have to give us an inch of their land and we do not have as well as to take something from the land of Iraq,” advising Iraqis to “close the file, especially as we know the goals that throw her during ambitions illegal. ”

For his part, MP return Alroiei, that “what is happening to fabricate a new crisis by Iraq with Kuwait him throughout his history, black, and before we mentioned that it is wrong inventory naming the Iraqi invasion, the invasion of Saddam or the Baath, Iraqi The invasion of the highest authority in Iraq, and even the youngest Iraqis supporter “.anthy 29 / tc n

Joint operations to prevent the media from direct transport to fighting in coming, Nineveh


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Since 06/02/2017 16:36 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

It announced the Joint Special Operations Command, on Monday, preventing the media from the direct transport of battles edit Ayman city of Mosul from the control Daesh terrorist.

The operations command said in a statement, received / balances News / copy of it, that “prevents direct transport strictly prohibited from the theater of operations, and that because of its damage on the conduct of military operations,” noting that he “will be recorded notes on any media outlet does not comply with this decision.” .

The statement added, “The Joint Special Operations Command has identified authorized to declare during the third phase of the operations they are operational commander coming Aaninoy Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yar God and the leaders of the axes they both Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi and the team Raed Shakir Jawdat team Qasim Nazzal, as well as spokesman The official name of the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya messenger and cell media war “.anthy 29 / s 5

Iraq and the United States are considering the preparations for the battle of the right coast of the connector


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Search defense minister, Irfan Hayali, with the US ambassador in Iraq, Douglas Silliman, preparations for the battle of the right coast of the connector.
According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit today that “Hayali received in his office on Monday evening, the US ambassador to Iraq , Douglas Silliman, During the meeting , they discussed preparations for thearmed forces in the liberation of the western side of the city of Mosul process.”
” The two sides discussed the continuing support of the armed forces from the areas of training, arming, and also air support to the international coalition forces led by the United States of America.”
The commander of the armed forces , Haider al – Abadi , had confirmed today during a security meeting that ” the full liberalization of Nineveh is near Jadda.anthy

Parliamentary Finance: employees’ salaries fully insured for the year 2017



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Special – balances News

Parliamentary Finance Committee, confirmed Monday that the salaries of employees fully insured in the 2017 budget for this year.

He said the Commission decision of Ahmed meat SMC / balances News /, “The Finance Committee has formed a subcommittee made up of a group of individuals whose mission is to monitor the implementation of the government to the law of 2017 budget disbursement,” noting that “this Subcommittee expensive follow-up of all the materials and the implementation of the budget for this year by the government. ”

He added that “what remains of the items in the budget on staff salaries for this year is devoted to the extremely tenth month of this year,” adding, “In Article 46, to give the authority the Ministry of Finance to increase revenues or Matgda Exchange appropriate to secure the employees’ salaries,” stressing that “the salaries of staff locked full for this year in the budget of 2017. ”

The House of Representatives had voted, earlier, the 2017 budget law with President Fuad Masum ratified this Aleghanon.anthy 29

Abadi officially announce his new party in next March


Political scene Monday February 6, 2017 time 13:27 pm (2555 views)
Abadi officially announce his new party in next March

BAGHDAD / Sky Press

Said legal expert Tareq Harb, on Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will announce a new political party next month, stressing that there are three trends in the Dawa Party, currently between supporters of Ebadi and a supporter of Vice President al-Maliki and a supporter of the role played by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim.

He said the war in a publication on the official page on “Facebook” and I followed, “Sky Press,” that “what happened on Sunday by Kurdish leaders after the Shiite settlement leaders talks in Arbil, where Gahr Kurdish leaders and declared that what preoccupied with now is not a settlement, but the independence and separation and they are in the process of to send a delegation to Baghdad to bring the best ways that their concerns and to respond to this level can not be leaders profess by Shiite settlement talks. “

He added that “what MEMRI representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Jan Kubis in the Security Council session three days of referring to this settlement and make it an international issue before and not an Iraqi issue purely and what has been the Sunni blocs before that and has prepared a new draft settlement plus Shi’ite settlement and themes and objectives differ completely what is stated in the Shiite settlement so that the atmosphere now is similar to what happened in the early ouster of the former regime and under his State of law bloc of cracked and realistic, “and wondered” after the boldness of the Kurds to secede after the internationalization of the settlement after the Sunni draft settlement Is Abadi is a new party?.

War and explained that “there are three trends currently in the Dawa party between supporters of Prime Minister al-Abadi and a supporter of Vice President al-Maliki and a supporter of the role played by Mr. Hakim can even note inherent in the other for visits wise to southern Iraq, Hilla, Arbil,” explaining that “many believe that the Abadi is best placed to achieve the goals and truthful to achieve the promise of what is done. “

He said the war, that the “circumstances and conditions are now a maid and approval of a special prime minister after a military and political victories in Ramadi and Fallujah, Salahuddin and Nineveh, so victory on the military side did not stop but encroach into the political side, where faded and disappeared Referrals sectarian and invitations separatist federalism in these areas and where has reached support mass of the Prime Minister and reached its highest range is not achieved by an Iraqi official and near the provincial elections and the possible participation of the prime minister a new party or political bloc. “

He pointed out that “it can be expected is that the announcement of al-Abadi to form a political party may not take a period of a month and the next month of March is the deadline for the announcement of the new political party led by the prime minister and who will participate and compete in local elections next parliamentary elections.”

Abadi Office: achieve achievements in the fight against the corruption of customs and border crossings



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[Oan- Baghdad]
The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, for the achievements of the government in the course of the fight against corruption and control of border crossings and customs checkpoints.
A spokesman for the office , Saad al – Hadithi told all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “in the context of thegovernment ‘s efforts to fight corruption and the closure of outlets was completed key phases to adjust theborder crossings and subject to control and set up customs checkpoints between the cities and in theentrances to the capital , Baghdad , to strengthen the supervisory role and verification the validity of theactions taken at border crossing points for the application of tariff and meet the specific tax on imported goods. ”
He pointed to “ensure the conformity of imported goods to the specifications of quality control according to the follow – up mechanisms and procedures for checking and verification applied for the first time thanks to the great efforts that have been made in this direction to follow up directly from the prime minister ‘s office for that matter.”
The newborn , ” the income earned from the customs sector has risen to unprecedented levels exceeded theincome earned prior to the implementation of these procedures dozens of times where I jumped customs revenue from less than half a billion dinars in the first month of the last year before the application of new regulatory measures to about 24 billion dinars in 12 of last year after the introduction of these measures. ”
He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed Sarhan, told [where], that ” thegovernment is unable to pursue all the corrupt and the corrupt and not only at border crossing points and customs , but also in the rest of the joints and other government departments in the center and theprovinces.”
He added , “There is corruption at border crossings and smuggling and exemptions Kmarkip charging randomly on imported goods and the resolutions issued by the ports without reference to the directorates and all these processes of corruption and waste of public money and have a negative impact on the Iraqi economy” and urged ” the Iraqi government in particular border crossings Directorate to take to limit crackdown this phenomenon of corruption, but we are embarking on a complete bankruptcy of the Iraqi state. ”
Within the financial budget for the current year, the government has confirmed that it will get the 11.9 trillion dinars [$ 9 billion] in non – oil revenue from the application of tariffs and fees, etc., but the head of theparliamentary finance committee Mohammed Halbusi revealed last October 9 for the government ‘s failure to get these funds and that the final outcome amounted to 2.4 trillion dinars.
Economic advisor to Prime Minister Abdel Hussein Al – Anbuge attributed the problems impeding theimplementation of the tariff law to double the tax on imported goods and the corruption of some of the staff ratio when applied, he said , “The government has taken measures to curb corruption, but there are points resist and practiced extortion.”
Iraq has been imported since 2003 to 2015 , goods worth $ 475 billion, according to the statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq.
Economists felt that the border crossings are subject to a system of quotas, and as belonging to political parties to finance their activities and their propaganda campaign, and that the State is able to apply tariffs to lose control. “

Infallible and Barzani discuss the development of relations between Baghdad and Erbil


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} discussed President Fuad Masum, the Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani, the development of relations between Baghdad and Erbil.
According to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it on Monday, ” The President of the Republic Fuad Masum visited in Irbil ,Kurdistan ‘s president , Massoud Barzani, and discussed with him the overall political and security situation in the Kurdistan region and Iraq in general, also addressed the meeting on regional and international developments as well as ways to develop relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government and the future of the political process and the forthcoming elections. ”
” The meeting discussed the latest political developments in Iraq and the region, as well as the situation on the ground in the face of terrorist fronts, especially editing city of Mosul and Nineveh province fully Conception terrorism developments.”
The president had held a series of meetings yesterday with officials and heads ofpolitical forces in the city of Sulaimanah.anthy