Jordan will host the second conference of the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions



(Independent) .. regulated by the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, the official umbrella for Islamic Financial Institutions, on the eighth of May 2017, the second global conference in the Jordanian capital, “Oman” under the title “basic innovation in banking practices towards achieving economic prosperity and durability banking “.

The council said, headquartered in Bahrain, in a statement published in the “Manama” on Friday, after the success of the first World Congress of the General Council, which was held last May year in Bahrain, which is the financial industry, Islamic finance leaders and a variety collection of attendees from Asia, Africa and the Middle East and Europe, are preparing for the second World Conference.

He added that the conference will discuss the most important developments and concepts that enhance the prestige of Islamic finance and the ways in which live the Islamic financial services industry amid the international markets.

He explained that the conference brings together stakeholders, and decision-makers, and leaders of the Islamic banking business under one to display the views of chief executives and professionals from several parties to the roof in order to determine the basics of success in the banking business to ensure continuity of staying in a remarkable level in the light of the economic, social and political current developments.

Said Abdul Ilah Botaiq, Secretary-General of the Council, it said that this conference represents an ideal platform for the collection of the banking business leaders to present their views on the latest challenges and opportunities that shape the future of the Islamic financial industry.

He added that continuing the program over two consecutive days, to discuss practical ways to achieve sound practices reflect the principles of Islamic law and the ability of the Islamic financial industry to compete in the global financial markets.

He said that he will shed light on ways to adapt and deal with these principles because of increasing importance not only in Muslim markets but also globally.

He said that the work of the General Council of the team working on “Preparing conference aimed at financial service industry on the one hand and the achievement of real interest to attend the other hand.”

The conference is organized as a third strategic objective about spreading awareness and information exchange outputs, which focuses on raising awareness and promoting the exchange of information among members and other stakeholders to develop the Islamic finance industry.

The annual conference of the leaders of the financial industry and has achieved an important place in discussions to contain the financial industry and strengthen professional relationships between people interested in the industry.


The arrest of Fadel prophet agent and Iraqi Minister of Finance oncharges of corruption on the orders of Mr. Massoud Barzani Erbil Airport


The arrest of Fadel prophet agent and Iraqi Minister of Finance on charges of corruption on the orders of Mr. Massoud Barzani Erbil Airport.


US State Department: visas rejected less than 60 thousand

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US State Department on Friday confirmed that the number of entry visas to the United States , which refused to less than 60 thousand visa ban after President Donald Trump entry of citizens of the seven countries with an Islamic majority , including Iraq.

She explained the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the figure quoted by a local newspaper earlier in the day include diplomatic and special visas that were exempt from the embargo, visa expired. 

And The Washington Post, quoting an official at the US Justice Department that it had been canceled more than 100 thousand visa to the United States since Trump ‘s decision last Friday to prohibit the granting of visas for the citizens of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Libya for 90 days.

  Foil attempt to storm the Louvre Museum in Paris


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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} French soldier fired shots at someone attacked him with a knife and tried to stab him near the Louvre Museum in the French capital, on Friday.
The French Interior Ministry said on its front page in the “Twitter”, that a serious security incident occurred in the area, and that police forces intervened and launched a security operation in the vicinity of the Louvre.
The head of French police that the attacker was hit by five bullets , although serious injury. The spokesman explained that the attacker individually move, pointing to the second person arrested for suspicious behavior.
This was Prime Minister of France Bernard Kaznov said, “It was clear” that the attack on the soldiers in front of the Louvre terrorist.
She spoke French media that the police were in possession of a bag suspected attacker, and it turned out that it inspected did not have any Mtfjrat.anthy


Federal raise the alert level in preparation for the complete liberalization of Mosul


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} filed the police command Alathaah, degrees of alert in preparation to complete the liberation of Mosul.
He said the police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, the social networking Facebook {} ” The site of the Federal police forces are now the highest degree of preparedness to fight the last phase of the liberation of Mosul.”
The head of the anti – terrorism team first student Hgati had previously announced that “security forces completed editing the left coast of the city of Mosul from gangs Daesh terrorist time, stressing that” to edit the right side of the city will be easier and faster, adding that “security forces are capable of achievement fastest time where they were able to impose the full on the left coast and dramatically dominance was unprecedented in the battles “.anthy


People crowd announce edit dozens of families from western Nineveh Daesh



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BAGHDAD – balances News

It announced the popular crowd, Friday, freeing dozens of families from the grip of the terrorist organization Daesh west of Nineveh.

According to media folk crowd, in a statement / balance News /, a copy of it, that “received forces liberated dozens of families from the grip of Daesh and relocated to safe areas.”

The statement added, “The engineering field for the crowd too can succeed with the bombing and dozens of improvised explosive devices planted by Daesh.”

It is said that the popular crowd forces managed today, edited four areas in the desert Ninoy.anthy 29/9 P