Source reveals Abadi host a session of parliament tomorrow to provide the names of four candidates for the ministries


Sunday January 29 2017 23:57

Parliamentary source revealed early, Sunday, for the determination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi attend the parliamentary session on Monday to submit names of candidates for the four vacant ministries.

The source said in an interview for the Sumerian News, “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi planned to attend the parliamentary session scheduled to be held on Monday.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said, “Abadi will submit the names of candidates for parliament and four ministries have been agreed and voted on the meeting of the Political Commission of the National Alliance this evening.”

He revealed early Sunday Source (January 29, 2017), the political body of the National Alliance of four candidates chosen to fill the four ministries vacant, noting that it Qassim al-Araji, chose the Interior Ministry and Irfan Hayali of the Ministry of Defense and Inam al-Obeidi, the Ministry of Commerce and a star on the Ministry of Industry.


National Alliance chooses Araji for interior and defense Hayali


BAGHDAD – The Journal News
Political source, Sunday, revealed choose MP Qasim al-Araji for interior bag and Irfan Hayali Ministry of Defence.

The source told (Journal News), the National Alliance agreed at its regular meeting today to choose the MP Qasim al-Araji, for the post of the Interior Ministry and Irfan Hayali defense portfolio.

The political body of the National Alliance held its regular meeting this evening in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss a number of issues Almanmh.anthy


Abadi responded to Trump ‘s decision and rejects reciprocity


BAGHDAD – The Journal News

He stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that the Iraqi government will not be treated equally and there will be countermeasures with the position of US President Donald Trump, the latter which stipulates prevent Iraqis from entering America.

Abadi said during a meeting with Rivers Center for Strategic Studies and Research, that “we must deal calmly, and that there are no counter-measures with Trump’s position.”

He pointed out that “you should not make the American people our enemy because of a decision issued by Trump.”

President Donald Trump decided to prevent the citizens of seven countries, including Iraq, from entering the United States for 90 days.

The government signed a project document in Baghdad to establish “economic reform fund”



Since 29/01/2017 20:01 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

United Nations Development Programme and the Office of the Prime Minister and the project document was signed in Baghdad to establish “economic reform fund.”

UNDP will support the government through this fund to address the head of economic challenges and promote the reform agenda, with a focus on diversifying the economy and increase national income and improve national asset management.

The deputy director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Nawfal al-Hassan, in a statement received / balances News /, a copy of it, “the Government of Iraq appreciates the support of the United Nations Development Programme for the implementation of the reform agenda, announced by the Prime Minister as part of a series of measures taken by the government to boost the economy.”

For his part, he said, the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq director, Mounir Tabet, according to the statement, “During the past years, weighed down by the big economic challenges the shoulders of Iraq, and increased burdens on the financial budget, affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people to, it provides (the launch of the reform fund economic) opportunity to speed up the government’s reform plan. ”

The statement noted, that “the fund will employ the expertise to support the implementation of priority reform initiatives, under the leadership of the Prime Minister’s Office” .anthy 29/9 P

Work: Exchange of workers salaries creditors early next February


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Sunday, for determining the beginning of next month in February as the date for the disbursement of salaries of workers creditors in Baghdad and the provinces.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, acopy of it, that ” the Department of pension and social security to the workers of the Ministry, identified the beginning of next month as the date for the disbursement ofsalaries of workers secured and behind them due to the two categories {manual exchange, holders of the smart card} for the months of January and February of 2017 in Baghdad and the provinces. ”
He said, to determine the deadline came after ” the completion of all necessary for the distribution of salaries in coordination with the General Administration of theRafidain Bank measures”, adding that ” the retired content that has a service 30 years and over receive an amount of 600,000 dinars for just two months, while thepensioner who has received less service 30 years amounted to $ 540 thousand dinars. ”
He added, ” The deceased ‘s family , which has more than three beneficiaries receive a salary of 500 thousand dinars, while the family has received Msthakan asalary of $ 480 thousand dinars, either retired family of the deceased which has one receivable Vtstlm a salary of $ 460 thousand dinars.”
He called on all retired workers creditors to “review the banks according to their home areas for the purpose of receiving their salaries with them Mstsahban archives probative of identity pensions or smart card” .anthy

National Alliance held a meeting this evening in the presence of al – Abadi


BAGHDAD – The Journal News
Hold the Iraqi National Alliance, on Sunday evening, a meeting chaired by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

A spokesman for the citizen Parliamentary Bloc MP Habib Terminal’s (Journal News), said that “the political body of the National Alliance will hold its regular meeting this evening to discuss the most important political and security developments in the country.”

He added that “It is possible to attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi meeting and a number of affiliated to the coalition leaders of political blocs.”

For his part, the beginning of a political source, Sunday, it was revealed that the National Alliance will be discussed at a meeting to be held on the issue of granting the Khawr Abd Allah of Kuwait and the decision of Trump on the prevention of the entry of refugees from countries with majority Amuslimh.anthy


Former Iraqi PM slams Obama foreign policy; says it created ISIS


By Rudaw 10 hours ago

Former Iraqi PM slams Obama foreign policy; says it created ISIS
In a TV interview with his party’s media outlets on Saturday, the former Iraqi prime minister said “the US and Obama administration were behind the creation of ISIS in order to bring down (the Iraqi) government,” AFP photo

BAGHDAD, Iraq— Head of Iraq’s ruling Dawa Party Nouri al-Maliki has harshly criticized US strategy in Iraq, describing the Obama administration’s foreign policy as “a failure” which in his words led to the creation of Islamic State in the country.


In a TV interview with his party’s media outlets on Saturday, the former Iraqi prime minister said “the US and Obama administration were behind the creation of ISIS in order to bring down (the Iraqi) government,” apparently referring to withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Nineveh Province in June 2014 after ISIS offensive in northern parts of the country.


“ISIS did not come from nowhere. But as the Taliban who were created by the US against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, similarly the US and the Obama administration were behind the creation of ISIS to expel the government whose head was Maliki. This is what Trump and several other US officials have said and they have discussed it in the Congress,” Maliki said referring to earlier statements made by US President Donald Trump.


Trump has previously said the vacuum created after US troop’s departure from Iraq in late 2011 facilitated the creation of insurgent groups including the Islamic State.


Maliki, who is expected to be a frontrunner for the post of prime minister in the next year’s general elections set for April 2018, was forced to leave office amid US mounting pressure in the wake of ISIS invasion of Mosul and large swaths along the Syrian border.


But the opposition to Maliki, who was Iraq’s longest serving prime minister since the overthrow of former regime in 2003, was strengthened by both Kurdish and Sunni leaders’ tumultuous relations with the Shiite politician, often accusing him of facilitating foreign interventions in the country especially from Iraq’s powerful neighbor, Iran.


Earlier last week, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani warned against electing Maliki to the post of premiership next year, vowing he would declare independence from the country if the Shiite factions propelled him to power.


During Saturday’s interview Maliki, who is currently a vice president, reiterated his earlier remarks on Kurdish independence quest and denied that the Kurds would seek secession from Iraq, calling the efforts “politicized”.


“The Kurdish people do not support independence. Some of the political factions trigger this issue only to channel the internal political crises in Kurdistan Region to Baghdad. Obviously, the Kurdish people do not support independence, but support their rights, services and well-being,” Maliki said.


He also warned against demographic changes in Nineveh province after the Mosul offensive which according to him would lead to further conflicts.


“Mosul’s administrative jurisdiction must be restored to pre-ISIS borders. There are several regions that are outside of the control of Iraqi army. I have cautioned about the situation in Mosul which could become even worse than under ISIS,” Maliki said.


Sunni leaders in Mosul have long sought further independence from the central government in Baghdad and called for a semi-independent region similar to the Kurdistan Region.


“There is an abundance of oil in these regions. Turkey has been eying Iraqi soil and some Iraqi factions play along with this agenda,” he said without mentioning any parties.

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