An investment contract for the establishment of a free zone in Baghdad


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Long – Presse / Baghdad

announced that the General Authority for Free Zones in the Ministry of Finance, on Thursday, signed investment contracts business with a company to create , especially in Baghdad , a free zone, indicating that the contract is a 25 – year period of “renewable”, as stipulated run 50% of Iraqi manpower .

The authority said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that ” the Director General of theGeneral Authority for Free Zones Munther Abdel Amir lion, investment contracts signed with commercially by Alovan company to create a special free zone in Baghdad.”

The statement added, ” The Free Zone was established on an area (12 640 m2) in Jurf al- Naddaf area , ” noting that ” the duration of the contract (25) years , subject to renewal at the company ‘s request , ” referring to “encourage and support body for companies and businessmen to invest in the field of free zones being successful economic model that challenges the administrative red tape and bureaucracy. ”

The statement continued, “It is the terms of this contract to run Iraqi manpower by at least 50% , and they are subject to the Labour Law No. (37) for the year 2015 for labor on the project.”




Economic Forum Media looking wreak economic awareness among the masses



Ghassan judge ….

Launched in Babylon Hotel in Baghdad on Thursday morning of the first Economic Forum organized by the media of Iraqi private banks association in the presence of Iraqi and Arabic prominently in his introduction to the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords and adviser to the prime minister for economic affairs appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate profile pro-Lami.
And initiated the opening session, which was led by Executive Director of the Association of Private banks Ali Tariq playing the Republican peace and read the Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, took part in the meeting discussions first Prime Minister AFFAIRS economic adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Al Ajmi official page economist at Al-Wafd Egyptian and Maurice Matti department head economic Alnharalberote in the newspaper.
Examines the forum, the first of its kind to be held in Iraq with the participation of Arab and Iraqi wide several axes are focused on the role of economic media in achieving sustainable development and to promote economic awareness among the masses.
He said the Prime Minister for economic affairs adviser during the first session of the forum on the economic significance of the trend towards media properly in order to build a solid economy and unite insights employees in the economic media.
For his part, Mohamed Al Ajmi eating from Egypt robust economic relationship between the press and the economic growth, considering that the economy is the lifeblood alluding need economic press in Iraq to keep up with developments in the world in this area
He pointed to the negative effects of the economic news and reports of inaccurate on the economic situation in the country in general, calling for understanding the role of the press in economic development and interest in them at various levels.
For his part, began Maurice Matti from Lebanon Speaking at the meeting on the strength of the relationship between Iraq and Lebanon in various fields, especially in the area of banking, stressing the importance of economic media, which said it was less about the importance of the political media calling on members of the press economic field to transfer information economic accurately and professionally .
He noted how long Iraq’s decision to release bonds treasury billion dollars, which requires greater economic media attention and shed light on such an important decision and urged the workers in the field of economic media to adopt professional and careful analysis and the right also praised the efforts of the Iraqi banking sector with the support of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Association of Private banks
He announced after the Executive Director of the Association of private banks for the completion of the first meeting of the Economic Forum First Media, which was held at the Babylon Hotel on Thursday.
And then he held the second session of the forum with the participation of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords and head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal and Iraqi Journalists Syndicate pro-Lami.
Speaking at the outset of the meeting, which was led by Ali al-Rubaie, the Iraqi channel governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, which stressed the importance of the role that the media plays in building a strong economy on the basis of correct stressing the importance of awareness creation, media public issues of economic, noting the importance of the media to get the economy moving and overcome the crisis and support the development of human and moving the potential and the extension of the rule of law and creating a community’s will to create a strong economy.
He called on the governor to renounce phenomenon Alchaum and orientation towards the construction and disposal of the economy Riaewalthol Nhawwasttnar various resources possessed by Iraq.
Keywords urged the media to broadcast culture Banking amid people and invite them to stay away from the phenomenon of hoarding savings in homes and push for investment to get the economy moving.
Stressing the importance of security and stability and the extension of law and order in moving the economy and provide jobs for the unemployed and rehabilitation of the infrastructure needed by Iraq, the governor stressed the Doralaalam pioneer and Almuthervi development process that adopts a professional and works credibly.
For his part, called on the President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal feeler during the forum which was attended by two o’clock musician Goodwill Ambassador Nasir attribute to the selection of economic news accurately and honestly and analyzed correctly.
He explained that the media Economic Forum in Baghdad came to clarify the true face of our capital Alaudhae beloved.
He praised the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq to resettle employees’ salaries in private banks as one of the success stories, and bitter melon praised the invitation Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the need to unite the visions of the Iraqi economic media.
He called for a radical change in culture for the economic development of the country in various fields.
The Prime Minister and adviser Aparvi his intervention during the meeting expressed his appreciation and thanks to the efforts of Iraqi private banks association holding of this forum, which is the first of its kind in Iraq.


Media Economic Forum


Baghdad ….
Yasser incumbent
Thus Association of private banks in Iraq succeeded in accomplishing another in her efforts to provide services Galilee for the banking sector which is equivalent to its importance as the backbone of the national economy
This forum has gained great importance through the polarization of economic and media circles to the manifest, the possibility to employ economic media in the process of economic development service
Have lent Arab participation experiences Mkhaddrmhvi this Specialization and the important significance of the Forum toward enhancing Alaguet Acharakhalmtalobh to develop Aladaoualaguetsada through fruitful and constructive cooperation and exchange of experiences, where she was the participation of Messrs. Mohammad Al-Ajmi, Moore is why Matthew profound impact on the acquisition of the forum importance Viewing Arab Alyaltjarb especially Egyptian and Lebanese collectively great development in particular economic and banking fields
Here is a Aevotine to refer to the valuable efforts exerted by and large the work of the Association team, headed by President of the Association Mr. Wadih Handal and follow-ups and guidance value of every nook and cranny
It was behind this success landslide Economic Forum media, which pull the rug out from under those who try to harm the banking sector and the light of the public image spotless and the role of the banking sector in development, the success achieved by the forum in content and goals, and I think that the results of this event will have a significant impact in changing pessimistic outlook, which was marred by the banking sector because of the false accusations that were mislead the public opinion and here is a chance it will be really settles from new media path towards the right analysis is based on extrapolation things required form
If it needs to be a word I say and the testimony of my experience in the economic media that the forum has added quality additions to our knowledge of the arts of the economic media and will contribute to the expansion of the road to look more correct in the desired economic analysis towards the country’s economic Tazizkdarat waiting near detente
Thanks to everyone Aljhodaljerh that contributed to the success of the forum and thanks for Khbertin Almahertyn Mohammad Al-Ajmi and Maurice Matti who Advia added value of the Forum, where they were right Mtagayn in Trohathma value Vale more meetings aimed at reviewing where what will come of the recommendations and directions of this event is important and which was held simultaneously with the features of the Great Victory on the other side which is the correct setting economic requirements to inform serve the next development

Iraq looking to increase cooperation with the US and activating the strategic framework agreement


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[Oan- Baghdad]
examined the supreme committee to follow up the implementation of the strategic framework of the relationship of friendship and cooperation signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008 the Convention, at its second meeting today, to increase cooperation between the two countries.
According to a statement of the Ministry of extra – received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari , presided over the second meeting of the Higher Committee to follow up the implementation of the strategic framework of the relationship of friendship and cooperation signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008 at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, to activate the terms of the agreement Agreement and care of common interests and face common dangers, and the development of the areas included in the Convention, and respect for sovereignty, and the service of the two friendly peoples. ”
The meeting concluded according to the statement to ” the need to invest to agree on best served by reaching a sector – specific vision and translate it into reality work through the signing of several memoranda of understanding in order to activate the content of the agreement and the adoption of mechanisms for its implementation and increase the volume of cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in all fields. ”
Large ministerial committee includes a number of actors, and directors – general in the ministries of defense, interior, oil, planning, finance, health, the environment, higher education and scientific research, culture, transport, industry, trade, education, housing and reconstruction, and Displacement and Migration, and Labor and Social Affairs, Justice, youth and Sports, electricity, water resources, and the Prime Minister ‘s Office, the body national Investment and national Security, a counter – terrorism.
This committee was formed after the Cabinet approval of the proposed Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form a higher committee concerned with the management of shared files between US and Iraqi ministries in the framework of the strategic agreement and under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister.


Banking stocks soar Iraq Stock Exchange at the close amid liquidity Activity


Banking stocks soar Iraq Stock Exchange at the close amid liquidity Activity
General index of Iraq recordedagrowth rateof0.77% –theimage of any Arabian Reuters

Direct: general index of the Stock Exchange rose Iraq by the end of trading on Thursday, supported by the rise of banking stocks.

General index of Iraq and recorded a growth rate of 0.77%, reaching the level of 709.24 points, a winner around 5.43 points, compared with a closing session on Wednesday.

And support for the index rising 8 shares, including the performance of four shares of banking sector.

Baghdad and issued shares for soft drinks soaring by about 6.91%, followed by the Bank of Babylon shares of 4.88%, and the world real estate 3.20%.

In contrast, the meeting witnessed the decline 8 shares issued by the desert of public transport by about 9%, followed by the civil Insurance shares rose 6.98%, and then share Ashur Bank rose 4.17%.

Trading volume rose today to 11.2 billion shares compared to 10.51 billion shares the previous session, as liquidity surged to nearly 11 billion dinars, compared to 5.9 billion dinars a hearing on Wednesday.

Issued shares Zain Iraq Bank stable at one dinar, trading activity at all levels, the size of 9.8 billion shares, the liquidity of 9.8 billion dinars.


Parliamentary Finance: Do not delay in salary payments




Since 26/01/2017 16:55 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Thursday, there is no delay in the payment of salaries of state employees, saying that the government is going according to financial plans qualify on paydays Btuarekhha specific.

The relay active in social networking sites, according to the Government’s intention hearsay delay the salaries of its employees for an additional week on the schedule, in order to stroll financial affairs.

He said committee member Ahmed Sarhan’s / balances News /, “The federal government is going according to financial plans make them ready to provide the employees’ salaries Btuarekhha specific.”

Ahmed said, “What are handed down through the social networking sites otherwise, untrue.”

Live Iraqi state austerity announced in 2015, it comes at a time when Iraqi experts have warned of the arrival of Iraq into bankruptcy, and not to the Iraqi government’s ability to pay the salaries of employees and retirees in the event of oil prices continued Palankhvad.anthy 29


Hamoudi calls on the media to the launch of the “promotional initiatives” to visit industrial and agricultural exhibitions


The Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, during his visit to the exhibition and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Baghdad International Fair


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

He called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, Thursday, and all media to the launch of the “promotional initiatives” to visit industrial and agricultural exhibits and see the progress there.

Said Hamoudi, on the sidelines of his visit to the exhibition and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals exhibition Baghdad International, in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, “The twenty-fifth of January, it will be a national day to support the product and national industry, after meeting an agreement in the seminar talk in support of the product National, which was held yesterday, attended by the Minister of Industry and minerals and head of the economy and the parliamentary representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. “

He called Hammoudi, “everyone is keen on the country and the future generations, particularly from the various media to the launch of promotional initiatives includes a visit industrial and agricultural exhibitions to see the progress and the level of efficiency that have taken place recently.”

He Hammoudi, expressed regret at “some of the media that were not involved in marketing, advertising or entrust its staff coverage of the transfer of the remarkable development of the work of operational plants to various Iraqi industries and companies in Baghdad and the provinces.”