Scaramucci at Davos: Trump ‘Gets It’, ‘Talks to Common Struggle of People Elites Don’t Understand’


President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s advisor Anthony Scaramucci told an audience at the exclusive conclave in Davos that Trump is speaking to people in the U.S. and Europe who “are feeling a common struggle” that the elites don’t understand, and warned European Union (EU) bureaucrats “to pay much closer attention to working class families”.

Speaking in the Swiss town of Davos, where annually the world’s top political, academic, financial, and media figures gather, Mr. Scaramucciaddressed an audience of the elite and affirmed “[Trump is ] an effective communicator. He’s not necessarily communicating in a way that people in this community [Davos attendees] would love.

“But he is communicating very effectively to a very large group of the population of Europe and the United States that are feeling a common struggle right now that maybe many of us in this room do not feel,” said Mr. Scaramucci, who after Friday’s inauguration will be the president’s assistant and director of public liaison.

 – Globalisation and American Class Mobility –

The American financier and entrepreneur drew on his personal experiences growing up, describing the “classic American middle class story” of aspiration and class mobility, his father a blue collar worker who graduated to a desk job and his mother keeping the house on a tight budget.

Outlining an exercise where he projected his father’s 1975 salary forty years later, he found it would be approximately 45 per cent down in real terms, citing the effects of globalisation and its effects on American class mobility.

“Globalisation, large labour supply, excess factory capacity, have put a strain on working class families,” said Mr. Scaramucci.

“In the 1970s working class families were quite aspirational. My dad would yell out, ‘Do your school work, go to a good college and you’ll rise in class’. I think it’s way more difficult today in those families to have those same kinds of conversations.

“If you look at the data, it’s harder to move. There’s harder class mobility.”

 – Trump ‘Gets It’ –

Addressing his initial scepticism of Trump during the campaign, Scaramucci accompanied the then-candidate to a rally. Leaving the secured area to talk to people in the crowd, he told panel host Philipp Rösler at the World Economic Forum (WEF) what it was the people got about Trump that he didn’t.

“There was a common thread in that story… It was, ‘There was a factory here that closed down four years ago’, ‘I’m on some level of governmental dependency’, ‘I’m super-worried about my children’, ‘[Trump’s] here, he’s promised to come up with solutions to get jobs back in my neighbourhood.”

Reflecting that in the years following his success where he had “isolated” himself from his background, he told the audience, “I started going through the crowd and then I realised ‘Oh my God, these were the people I grew up with’.”

“[Trump] got it and I didn’t. The great irony of this story is that a billionaire real estate developer living in a tower in New York City was in closer touch with the people I grew up with than I was.

“That was when I become convinced, philosophically, that he was going to win.”

 – European Union Bureaucrats – 

When Rösler, the former vice chancellor of Germany, addressed the alleged “worrying” comments President-Elect Trump had made about the European Union (EU) which were interpreted as a call for the dissolution of the bloc, Scaramucci hit back.

“I don’t hear that [Trump called for the breakup of the EU]. What I heard was that he said in his political sense [the British will] vote for a Brexit.”

“Why? Because when centralised bureaucracies lose touch with the common struggle there’s a disruption.”

He added: “I think the European leadership and the European elites, the bureaucrats, had better pay much closer attention to the working class families and the middle class.

“Because the Trump administration is going to do that. That’s going to be one of my principle focuses.

“If you do that, you will close the income divide, people will feel better about themselves. If you do that, there’s a labourer who, like my dad, starts thinking aspirationally about their children the way my father was thinking about me and my brother and sister.”



No going back on Iran nuclear deal, Rouhani warns Trump

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gestures as he speaks to reporters in Tehran (17 January 2017)

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, has dismissed US President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of the nuclear deal that it signed with world powers.

Mr Trump has described the agreement – implemented a year ago – as “the worst deal ever” and threatened to scrap it.

But Hassan Rouhani said the comments were just “slogans” and that there was no chance of any renegotiation.

Under the deal, Iran agreed to curb its sensitive nuclear activities in return for the lifting of economic sanctions.

Outgoing US President Barack Obama says the deal will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Iran says it has the right to nuclear energy – and stresses that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only.

During the US presidential election campaign last March, Mr Trump told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that his “number-one priority” would be “to dismantle the disastrous deal”.

He said his biggest concern was not that Iran would violate the agreement, but that it could “keep the terms and get to the bomb by simply running out the clock”.

The pilot of IranAir's new Airbus plane waves a flag after landing at Mehrabad airport, in Tehran (12 January 2017)Image copyrightAP
Image captionThe lifting of sanctions meant Iran could take delivery of its first Airbus jet last week

At a news conference marking the first anniversary of the lifting of sanctions on Tuesday, Iran’s president was asked about Mr Trump’s comments.

“The respected president-elect has so far expressed the opinion that he is unhappy about it [the deal], or that it is not a good deal, or the worst deal ever,” he answered.

“These are all slogans and I deem it unlikely that he would act on it once he enters the White House. Since this is not a bilateral agreement, it is not up to him to say whether he likes it or dislikes it.”

Mr Rouhani went on to stress that “any renegotiation” was “out of the question”.

Donald Trump addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2016 Policy Conference in Washington (21 March 2016)Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionDonald Trump criticised the deal in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

On Monday, Mr Obama issued a statement saying the deal had “achieved significant, concrete results in making the United States and the world a safer place” by rolling back Iran’s nuclear programme and “verifiably” preventing it from developing a nuclear weapon.

He noted that Iran had reduced its uranium stockpile by 98% and removed two thirds of its centrifuges, which are needed to separate out the fissile isotope U-235 from uranium hexafluoride gas.

Low-enriched uranium, which has a 3%-4% concentration of U-235, can be used to produce fuel for nuclear power plants. But it can also be enriched to the 90% needed to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran was also not enriching any uranium at the underground Fordo facility, nor using advanced centrifuges to enrich, according to Mr Obama.

In an apparent warning to Mr Trump, he said: “The Iran deal must be measured against the alternatives. A diplomatic resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is far preferable to an unconstrained Iranian nuclear programme or another war in the Middle East.”


Abadi calls for America to compensate for the chaos of the occupation of Iraq and hints for a second term [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
demanded Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, United States to compensate for the “chaos of the occupation” of Iraq , “hinting” to his candidacy for a second term as prime minister. “
The claim came Abadi comments since US President – elect Donald Trump invasion of Iraq as ” the worst decision” of the United States.
Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday that ” the future of relations between Iraq and the United States relies on two policy toward the other and there is a central goal of fighting terrorism and that Daesh threat to Iraq and the United States and all the countries of the world, so there is an interest in strengthening these relations, Iraq is a country succeeds in the fight against terrorism and won in Mosul and it remains the challenge of terrorism. ”
“We want to build balanced relations and respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi decision, andthe evaluation of the invasion of Iraq , setting calls to see the US and , of course , there are implications for the occupation of the coalition forces and has had consequences of the overthrow of Saddam ‘s regime and rid the Iraqi people of this evil on the other hand led to chaos because of the collapse conditions and the collapse of the army and security forces and because of the large mess of terrorist operations and to allow all countries of the world to enter Iraq , the latter led to the victims and tragedies as a result of terrorist attacks. ”
He called al – Abadi to “real review and take care of the situation in Iraq , Iraq paid a heavy price and assess whether [Trump] that the invasion of Iraq , the worst decision of the United States as he commissioned trillion US dollars budget in addition to the victims of the soldiers who came to 30,000 troops.”
The “Oatsour that this description needs to review the impact of Iraq and how many lives that have gone and the destruction of Iraq ‘s infrastructure and how much suffering imposed on the Iraqis because of the delay in offering economy because of terrorism after the dismantling of the state after 2003 and is responsible for converting liberation resolution to the occupation of Iraq on time and delays the formation of an Iraqi national authority to the Iraqis rather than be managed by the occupation forces and how many terrorists who Oatrul then released by the occupation forces , the great flaw in the security companies that worked in Iraq at the time , ” and called for” a thorough investigation in the interest of all parties and we hope the Iraqis make up for the tragedy and the disasters that befell them as a result of this occupation. ”
And the declaration of alliance Arabia contribution in the battle of Mosul and tenderness Abbadi called “participating in the re – displaced people and the reconstruction of the cities affected by the terrorism instead of participating in the liberation of the city of Mosul operations from the grip Daesh.”
He was adviser to the Saudi defense minister, and a spokesman for the Islamic coalition forces, Maj . Gen. Ahmed Asiri had announced two days ago that the coalition forces trying to free the cities of Mosul and tenderness of Daesh.
The prime minister declared that ” the security forces began moving against terrorist Daesh gangs in the right coast of the city of Mosul.”
And efforts formed a political bloc to participate elections next provincial Abadi said: I can not answer that for lack of so currently a project, but I call to reform the political system and the level of blocs , “noting that” the tragedy that has befallen Iraq and large borne a lot and do not want the charge haphazardly , but we want to review real people do not accept that things remain what it was, and for the sake of our political system , we have to change, Ho Chi positive evolution forward and I am ready to cooperate with everyone to this goal. ”
He stressed that” the Iraqi people deserve to have the leaders care about him and his interests and provide services to him and be competition scale is the service and attention to the people as a people and Iraq as a country and not to the interests of the political blocs to get the benefits. ”
the Prime Minister called” citizens not to be allowed to return to the former and made great achievements including the liberation of the occupied and there are economic resilience despite the enormous financial crisis. ”
he said the ” price of a barrel rate oil was $ 36 a barrel , with the lifting of the cost of oil production remaining US $ 27 a barrel, net of sales , while the net from the sale of oil in 2013 [during the government of Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki] $ 95 a barrel , however it is a stroll things despite the presence of severe and costly war. ”
He continued , “As our troops fight on valiantly and courageously and relatively security system has become better than before and became our real national army and have the military force on the ground , I can claim that any state do not have them being proven strength and not a theory but I fought and survived and made sacrifices and become solid in the face of terrorism and in fighting this is an important achievement to convert a military force was rejected by some provinces sons and was now a national and respectable citizens and the strength of this achievement. ”
He pointed to ” the development of the Iraqi economy and liberalization of relying on oil completely and there turn and went to fight corruption and reduce it and stay away from quotas and say these achievements supposed to finish it, and I call on citizens not to be allowed to go back a second time and if we were to give a chance we will go back to where we were and we will lose the sacrifices we made “.
And the electoral system , which he deems appropriate , said: as a state can not impose a franchise as individuals we focus be alliances on common denominators and not to share the cake, and we have seen alliances are not united by Shi and after obtaining the gains Outpouring so we want sound alliances on the basis of programs, and must build a coalition to keep the achievements but evolving it. ”
on the Peshmerga salaries Ebadi said that” according to my knowledge that the Peshmerga forces receive theirsalaries and may be delayed for a month as opposed to the Kurdistan region officials delayed for months and theKurdistan region receives from the budget more than its share , “noting that” Peshmerga part of the Iraqi security system and Ihzawn our respect and appreciation for defending the homeland and Anmes between the citizen and another wherever they are in Iraq. ”
and his upcoming visit to Munich , Germany, to attend a security conference said the Prime Minister” there isurgency to our presence , considering that Iraq had a role in the fight against terrorism , “noting that” the goal ofour presence in these conferences in the first place we want to remain aware of the world the role played by Iraq ,because if we Gabbana would take others claim that he is doing something. ”
He added , ” the other thing from the audience want to answer doubts about what is happening in Iraq andwhether subject to the influence of this or that country and what the post – liberation of the Iraqi territory stage of Daesh as well Our vision for the transfer of some of the popular Kalhacd laws , which some see as a negative ,although he largely positive for the benefit of the crowd and those who fear the chaos after the liberation of theland. ”
Regarding the grant journalists canceled due to the financial crisis , Abadi said , ” has not placed within the budget and within the instruction of the law , but we will this amendment.”


Iraqi forces control all five bridges in Mosul, ISIS ‘nearly defeated’ in east


By Rudaw 2 hours ago



MOSUL, Iraq – Iraqi forces have taken control of all the five bridges on the eastern bank of Tigris river Tuesday evening,  Rudaw’s correspondent near the fifth bridge reported.

They  have also controlled Zaraei district, on the edge of Tigris river, Lt. Gen.  Abdulwahab al-Saadi from Iraq’s Golden Brigade told Rudaw TV Tuesday evening.

Advancing Iraqi forces have raised the country’s flag over the third bridge in northeast Mosul earlier in the day, while liberating the nearby Muhandiseen district, which was under siege for two days.

The elite Counter Terrorism Forces (ICTS) liberated Nineveh Sharqiyah, Niemanyah, and Atshaniyah districts in eastern Mosul on Tuesday morning, close to the now-ruined Jonah’s Tomb which was retaken on Monday following fierce fighting with tens of ISIS militants putting up strong resistance.

Muhandiseen district, where ICTS forces launched a two-day assault on ISIS in the area, was one of the few remaining districts still held by the extremist group on the east side of Tigris river, which bisects the city in two the east and west, the latter still under full ISIS control.

Maan Saad, an ICTS commander, earlier on Tuesday told Rudaw TV in Mosul that ISIS is defeated in nearly all of the eastern half of the city, with only about six districts remaining under the militants’ control. That was before the liberation of Niemaniyah, Atshaniya, and Zaraei.

“On the eastern bank not much is left,” Saad said. “Within the scope of the Counter-Terrorism Forces, there are three districts out of control, and the forces are heading towards the liberation and cleaning of these areas. But from the northern front, there are also no more than three districts out of control, and the forces there too are heading towards the liberation and cleaning of these districts. Following this, there will be full control of the eastern bank.”

In northern Mosul, the Iraqi army has taken control of Kanadi installation and the former military base of the second division of the Iraqi army, Iraq’s Joint Operations command announced Tuesday afternoon.

Iraqi forces have already announced the full liberation of the city’s southeastern and eastern districts that number more than 60 neighbourhoods since the launch of the Mosul operation more than three months ago.

On Monday, with the support of global coalition forces, the Iraqi army liberated Kanadi – different from Kanadi installation – and Qairawan, in the north of the city. While the ICTS, advancing from the northeast and southeast, took control of Shurta and Jammasa district, the Cultural Compound, and Nabi Yunis – the tomb of Prophet Jonah.

Rudaw’s Sidad Lashkri in Mosul reported that the few remaining buildings within Mosul University were cleared of ISIS on Tuesday, including the colleges of art, law, and primary education, after Iraqi forces announced the campus’ liberation on the weekend.

Fighting is ongoing in the parkland area of Ghabat district on the Tigris River, Ghabat meaning forest. It is a large wooded area where it is believed militants are hiding out.

Rudaw’s cameras captured plumes of smoke rising from burned-out buildings in the Ghabat area

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Infallible and his two deputies stress the importance of the unification of political forces efforts to post Daesh


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said President Fuad Masum and his two deputies Nuri al – Maliki and Iyad Allawi , the importance of coordination and unification of the various political forces efforts on behalf of the political, social and security of life to post the victory over the terrorist Daesh gangs, and to provide working conditions that contribute to the strengthening of coordination and cooperation between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers .
According to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that ” the president Fuad Masum met at the Peace Palace in Baghdad Tuesday afternoon the Vice President Nouri al – Maliki and Iyad Allawi, and in the beginning of the meeting was to express pride and appreciation of the President and Vice – President of the great victories achieved by the and continue to achieve the heroes of our armed forces in various configurations breakers operations against terrorists and the resultant of these tournaments edit many towns and villages. ”
” We also have been valuing the professional and humanitarian role played by thefighters in all regions , which freed her and what made them the subject of valuation and reverence pan Iraqis, especially the people of the occupied cities and displaced them.”
The statement continued , “It was also during the meeting thoroughly discussed the overall political and security developments in the country, and in this area the meeting focused on the importance of coordination and unification of the various political forces efforts on behalf of the political, social and security of life for the post – victory over Daesh, thus reinforcing the unity of Iraq and strengthen security and stability and to initiate construction and progress “, noting in this regard to” the importance of providing working conditions that contribute to the strengthening of coordination and cooperation between the presidency and the Council of Ministers. ”
He noted that ” the meeting will also discuss developments in the region and expressed Iraq ‘s desire to establish better relations with everyone to ensure the common interests and safeguards the principles of non – interference in internal affairs and supporting anti – terrorism efforts and to prevent its causes, with the need to take everyone into consideration the importance of the region to achieve stability and peace especially in these circumstances that it is witnessing the beginning of this year , a lot of changes and international developments and that puts all of the area in the circle of interest “.anthy

The opening of an air route between Iraq and Belarus next Friday


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[Where – Baghdad]
announced that Iraqi Airways, on Tuesday, one of the formations and the Ministry of Transport , the opening of an air route between Iraq and Belarus on Friday.
The general manager of the company Samer Kubba said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, it is “within the company ‘s plan for re – opening of the lines that have been working in the past as well as the economic feasibility study of opening lines to which they are located Iraqi community countries and stimulate economic activity between the two countries that serve important segments of Iraqi society such as students, as well as patients and others. ”
“It will be the opening of an air route from Baghdad and Basra to Minsk , the Belarusian capital on Friday approved 20/01/2017 by one flight every Friday from Baghdad every two days from Basra, at a promotional price of two flights first and second terms will be price of the trip for the person of $ 257 to go home and away and the child from the age of 12 and up to two years $ 172 to go home and away and children below the age of two years $ 64 to go back and forth. ”
The Kubba “These prices do not include taxes at airports as well as any other taxes.”
He said , “The Minister of Transport , Mr. Kazem cup erythema directives come to provide better services to our valued passengers through continued support for the Iraqi Airways as the national carrier of Iraq.”