Baghdad completed its dialogue tomorrow .. and the region wondering where to?

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{BAGHDAD: Baghdad} Euphrates News Dialogue Conference completed its discussions tomorrow, for the second day in Baghdad University Jadiriyah district.

The activities include the Baghdad dialogue conference for the second day in the Faculty of Physical Education University axes first, { the region where ..astaqrar or compete?} And the second {post – victory} Options. ” 

And will participate in the conference the members of the participating delegations and some university presidents and deans of faculties of political science. 

the business was launched on Saturday , Baghdad dialogue conference in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, in the presence of a number of political figures and Arab local academy to discuss the situation in Iraq and the region and plans to find a sponsor to contribute to the security and political reality Thsien. ended

Magda Tamimi: corruption by taking a large private banks to bid farewell to the citizens

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee, for there is no information about the big corruption work of private banks.

She said Tamimi on its front page on the social networking site [Facebook], ” The Finance Committee has a follow – on civil work of banks and the presence of information pointing to cases of major corruption by taking those banks for deposits of citizens who worked on the introduction of their own investments confirmed they betrayed the trust”. 

Tamimi stressed the “need for the Central Bank of Iraq strict and harsh measures against those banks.” 

The judge money laundering and economic crime Iyad Muhsin bandaged, said Wednesday that “281 The Court resolved the issue of money laundering during the current year and the prosecution of a number of workers in banks and gangs and mafias money and businessmen accused of .” 

With specialized integrity issues in Baghdad , the Court pointed to its contribution to “stop the financial bleeding large long – government and private banks after the theft and manipulation practiced in cahoots employees through a system of operations [e] the clearing.”

A meeting of the chiefs of staff of the coalition countries against Daesh Riyadh

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Hosts Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, “the Conference coalition against al Daesh terrorist”, represented by the heads of the General Staff in the 14 countries participating in the coalition, according to the news agency said Saudi Arabia “SPA” Saturday.

The conferees will discuss the lifting of coordination between the representatives of the participating countries, particularly in light of what the region is witnessing events and developments at an accelerated level so as to reach to the procedures serve regional and international security.

The head of the Saudi General Staff Abdulrahman bin Saleh architecture, said that the UK is working continuously and closely with the international coalition to confront the terrorist organization.

Participants in the meeting the heads of the General Staff of the bodies in both Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and the United States, Bahrain, Turkey, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco and Nigeria.

It should be noted that the levels of representation in the international coalition, which includes 68 countries to fight al Daesh terrorist ranging from the military side and provide advice and support, training and support Allogista.anthy 29

Turkey offers citizenship to investors in exchange for two million dollars


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declared Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday his country ‘s decision to grant Turkish citizenship to those who invest two million dollars in the Turkish economy.
In a speech the Turkish president on the anniversary of the founding of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Erdogan said: “This is an important step, we are working to establish a global entity by introducing anew concept is global citizenship.”
In the appeal to attract foreign investment, Erdogan went to investors, saying that “Turkey needs today to investors and businessmen, who believe and trust in themselves and who are willing to take risks. As I said before, there is no Tageloa this matter and carried out your investments, and trust yourself and this country is stable and secure.”
Turkish President also called on Turkish citizens to contribute to the acceleration of economic growth, by taking steps that would increase investment and employment, production and trade volume, adding to investors ‘ interest in the new Turkey.
Erdogan stressed the need to take steps quickly and decisively, with respect to bypass the difficulties experienced by the Turkish economy at the moment.
Economists believe that the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors buying real estate in the event of one million dollars at least, and retain ownership for at least three years, would be broadcast enthusiasm in the luxury real estate market in Turkey.
And it is expected to contribute to the decision to double the annual value of foreign purchases of real estate in Turkey, which reached $ 5 billion over the past years.

Security sources: intelligence confirms an intention to Daesh to target Baghdad


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BAGHDAD – balances News

Intelligence sources revealed on Saturday for information that confirms the intention of the terrorist organization Daesh to target certain areas of the capital Baghdad.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, L / balance News /, that “there is a big traffic jams came because of precautionary measures by the security checkpoints in the general areas of Baghdad, after receiving intelligence information that confirms the intention to organize Daesh terrorist to target commercial and public places in Baghdad.” .

The source added, “The security forces have stepped up their intelligence efforts in the general areas to prevent any new breaches.”
The capital, Baghdad today Zhamat traffic suffocating led to the almost total paralysis of the free-ascended the drivers and their cars and turned off the other cars without the knowledge of the causes of the crisis Sir suffocating, which coincided with the holding of Baghdad dialogue conference with the frequency of news about the existence of intelligence information that the infiltration of terrorists, the capital of which is not confirmed nor denied by Baghdad operations command and the Ministry of Interior.

The spokesman for the General Traffic Directorate Brigadier Ammar Waleed, today, the traffic jams in the capital Baghdad, came today because of precautionary measures by the security checkpoints in areas Kavh.anthy 29

The Washington Post: Iraqi forces Daesh surprise attacks in Mosul the night and kill 2,500 elements

Endoscopes Alililh Iraqi forces managed to surprise Daesh Mosul
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It revealed a global proliferation American newspaper on Saturday, all managed by Iraqi forces of a surprise (Daesh) Mosul attacks night using night Alnoazir, while showed that the international coalition revealed raids air against organized sites, quoted Iraqi military leaders reaffirmed the killing of at least 2,500 terrorists in Mosul.

The Washington Post The Washington Post the US, in a report today, I followed (the long-Presse), said that the Iraqi “anti-terrorism forces carried out, was able to penetrate in the Muthanna neighborhood in the east of Mosul, using Balnoazir night for the first time,” noting that “the forces Iraqi special, I managed to midnight crossing a small river separates it from the positions Daesh, which reveal his gunmen Bnoazirha night with a green beam, where she began to fight from house to house with the help of engineering teams that open the way for them, as armored Humvees stormed the streets of the neighborhood. ”

According to the Washington Post, that “night surprise attack in Al Muthanna, is part of the amendments and new strategies carried out by Iraqi forces to achieve surprise in the attack to liberate the north side of the city,” indicating that “attack is the first of its kind carried out at night within Iraqi forces fighting against Daesh in Mosul. ”

The newspaper added, “The last few weeks have seen an increase the number of American advisers who provide assistance to the Iraqi forces in the fight against Daesh, as well as increasing the density of air strikes that have helped to alleviate the car bombs of deadly regulate risk,” pointing out that “the battle in Al Muthanna resolved through despite hours of asserting Daesh and snipers targeted wheels Humvees pedestrians in the road after a day of liberation, where Iraqi forces are able to progress quickly in other nearby neighborhoods Mguethamin university building and access to the Tigris River that cuts the city in half. ”

Quoted the Washington Post, for a school of the age of fifty, as saying that “Daesh militants fled,” and continued, “We were buried and now we can breathe again.”

She appealed to the school, a student not to reveal her identity, Iraqi soldiers need to “make sure guarantee that the terrorists again,” Msttrdh “We are very afraid because they are extremely heavy-handed.”

And on losses between Iraqi forces and militants (Daesh), a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger said, in an interview to the Washington Post, “The losses among the ranks of the Iraqi forces slightly compared to the number of dead militants regulation in the battle.”

While the newspaper quoted Iraqi military leaders, saying that “no less than two thousand and 500 militants were killed in the Mosul Daesh battles” in.

A spokesman for the coalition forces in Iraq, Lt. Col. John Dorian, said that “the international coalition aircraft revealed since the start of liberalization of Mosul operations airstrikes aimed to deny al Daesh of land use,” noting that such “raids leave craters on the roads used by Daesh on the move and thus lead blocking and off bombs wheels trying to target Iraqi forces moved gatherings. ”

On the other hand, managed to army units and the forces of the Federal Police of “Implementation of the raids and the largest in the city where you can open several fronts against militants regulation dispersed so the concentration of armed men and mitigating the pressure on the other side of the elite forces of the elements of the fight against terrorism”, according to the Washington Post.

But some military analysts say, according to the newspaper, “The continued pressure on the city before it is completely isolated is a mistake in estimating the accounts.”

He said US Colonel retired David T, a former adviser to the anti-terrorist forces of Iraq, said that “anti-terrorism units should not be offensive to start on the eastern Mosul, until the arrival of the rest of the troops from other hubs,” returned to this “mistake because Daesh will be able to mobilize all its forces to them, and that the elements of the anti-terrorist forces is one of the elite that can not be compensated easily. ”

The paper quoted, the commander of counter-terrorism forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, saying that “the anti-terrorism units reinforced with 300 new soldiers received 70 new Humvee vehicle.”

It said Colonel Dorian, “The 40 consultant new to the international coalition led by the United States, are currently working to provide assistance to Iraqi soldiers around Mosul and inside,” noting that it is possible, “Show some accompanying Iraqi forces in the depth of the city, and our coalition advisers also accompanying troops Federal police and Iraqi army units as well as counter-terrorism forces. ”

Dorian promised, that “the secret of the power to increase the momentum lies in the achievement of coordination between the three axes provided in the inner city,” stressing that “it leads to a floundering Daesh and not being able to cope with this situation.”

It is expected commanders, that “under control on the east side of the connector whole in the coming weeks but no one knows exactly what Centzerhm on the western side of the city.”

He predicted Brigadier Messenger, that “pays Daesh most of his fighters and booby-trapped his cars from western to eastern Mosul,” adding that “Daesh still has the ability to attack, but collapsed as a military force.”

The security forces are making steady success at the left side of the connector, (405 km capital of Baghdad), as it was able to edit complex of government buildings and the university and the vast majority of the neighborhood during the past two days.

Jordan: Iraq represents a strategic depth for the industry and the need for the return of business traffic

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The head of the Jordan Chamber of Industry Adnan Abu Ragheb said Iraq represents a strategic depth for the industry of Jordan on the Iraqi side known for their quality and price.

He stressed Abu Ragheb in a press statement on Saturday on the need for the return of business traffic between Jordan and Iraq brother to normal, and expressed his hope to quickly re – open the Trebil border crossing has been closed since about three years. ” 

He said the Trebil border crossing is the shortest road to get to the Iraqi market, and the least costly in terms issued Jordan now through other crossings have led to increased costs for exporters by transport fares and some other fees. 

He said Abu Ragheb that the increase in air traffic leading to the speed of movement of businessmen , which reflects an increase of trade exchange between the two countries, and also facilitate the entry of Iraqi traders a positive steps, especially with the presence of joint investments and Iraqi businessmen investors considered their industries Jordan. 

the president of the Chamber of Industry , “said Jordan needs to implement Basra pipeline-Aqaba , where he will have great returns on the national economy in terms of prices and sustainability of supply as well as to reduce costs on the industrial sector oil” .