World Bank expects growth of 2.7% for the global economy in 2017



The World Bank announced, for global growth for the current year 2017 forecast, estimated at 2.7%, versus 2.9% for the next year in 2018, according to the Global Economic Prospects report.
According to the report, which followed the “Economy News” that the economic obstacles (decline in raw materials and food prices and weak demand for them) began to gradually subside during the second half of last year, especially in emerging economies.
The report predicted that the proportion of growth in emerging economies and rising 4.2% during the current year, compared with 3.4% last year, with rising commodity prices of those exporting countries.
As expected the World Bank, to inform the rate of growth in the advanced economies of 1.8%, due to fiscal stimulus policies in major developed economies, particularly in the United States, that can generate local and global growth.
Despite the optimism, it announced by the World Bank in its figures, but he pointed to a state of “uncertainty” about the direction of public policy in the major economies, which may keep him longer in the “slow growth” area.
Said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, in the report, “After years of disappointing global growth, the current time is best suited to take advantage of the momentum and increase investment in infrastructure.”

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