NATO Roudao: our troops will establish a military base in Iraq


By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw two hours ago
مقر الناتو في بروكسل
NATO headquarters in Brussels

Roudao – Brussels

NATO , “NATO” announced the creation of a military base in Iraq, pointing to direct the training of Iraqi forces starting this month its intention.

A senior NATO official, who preferred not to be named, network Roudao media: “At the NATO summit held in July 2016 responded to heads of state and prime ministers to the request of the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, to train Iraqi forces.”

He added that “NATO forces in Iraq will establish a military base, and is scheduled to be the direct training of Iraqi forces starting from this month.”

He stressed that “NATO will send a number of military advisers and civilian personnel to Iraq has numbered up to 20 people”, without specifying a particular date.

He said that NATO will support Iraqi forces in the areas of sophisticated equipment to detect explosives and put civilian and military plans, as well as the reform of the security institutions in Iraq.



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