Keywords: We played a role to cross the financial distress and there is a high degree of trust between Iraq and Lebanon


Baghdad …

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, on Wednesday that the bank played a “significant” role in Iraq from crossing the financial Dhaigueth, as pointed out that the Central seeks to restore confidence between him and the private banks.
Keywords and said in a speech during a banking forum Iraqi held in Beirut, according to a statement his office had received “Economy News,” a copy of it, that “there is a high degree of trust between Iraq and Lebanon are born financially deeper translated the work of Lebanese banks work in Iraq despite the environment experienced by Iraq “.
“The year 2016 was the most difficult because of what he fronted the country of security and economic conflicts and overcome them victories achieved on Daesh terrorist gangs, so we look forward to 2017 for the promise of victory to crush this terrorist organization and turn this dark page”.
Keywords and pointed out that “the coming days because the calls us optimistic due to improved economic conditions and financial indicators after the rise in oil sales prices and the reduction of the fiscal deficit, not to mention determination and rallying friends of Iraq from countries around the world to help in the construction of the liberated areas.”
He pointed out that “during the difficult events that prevailed in Iraq during the 2016 Central Bank played a key role in the restoration of the financial situation that was dangerous because of Iraq’s dependence on oil and the continuation of necessary expenses for the salaries of staff and military expenditures and displaced people, through the treasury transfers up to 20 trillion dinars.”
And the central bank’s position on the private banking sector between Keywords that “the current phase is witnessing steps to strengthen him confidence between banks through direct contact between the government and other institutions to shore up confidence in my work and in this context, the Bank increased the ceiling for credits and allow for the banking sector to participate in the resettlement of salaries to employees and to convince government distribution of salaries to employees. “
He continued that “the central bank has taken a number of regulatory actions and the application of electronic programs and the application of strict rules on compliance with the rules of the Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism Act has received international acclaim and led to the ousting Iraq from the gray area which enhances the confidence of financial transactions Iraq.”

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