Edit new neighborhoods in Mosul and killed 347 Daashaa today [Extended]

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[Oan- Baghdad]
Command announced operations are coming Aaninoy that the security forces continued their advance in the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday , through the control of more neighborhoods and killed 347 terrorists have Daesh gangs.
He said the team operations commander Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yar God in a statement to the cell – Harbi media received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the pieces of the northern axis of Baktat army embarked on the progress towards the humpback neighborhoods April 7 and was able to cleanse the northern part of the neighborhood and incursions inside humpback neighborhood and it managed to kill 53 terrorists and the destruction of seven wheels bomb and destroy the command center and control and bring down the march of the backing jet flight international coalition. ”
He added the “in the eastern axis of the coast of the left forces to fight terrorism device has pieces of two – way so that the managed segments northern direction to carry out the progress and edit shy of sugar and April 7 and raising the Iraqi flag over Mbanehma and managed to destroy three wheels bomb killed more than 40 terrorists , backed coalition aircraft international and began pieces southern direction of the progress and the liberalization of the financial district and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings and were able to destroy two wheels and dropping bombs march aircraft and killed 73 terrorists and destroyed three motorcycles. ”
He pointed to ” the southern axis of the Coast left police forces and federal cuts Armored Division ninth and managed to pieces of the incursion to revive the peace, Palestine and Sumer and East Jarmjh and Alsaheron and gained control of a number of areas and buildings and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings and the operation resulted in the killing of 141 terrorists and destroyed two vehicles carrying terrorists and the destruction of the wheel bomb and destroy the mortar detachment and 7 machine guns PKC and amassed the hardware and the seizure of a number of weapons and ammunition and the attribution of army aviation heroes and Air Alliance international and managed the band ninth armored raise 30 an explosive device and detonate 10 explosive belts and destroy the mortar detachment and find the Daesh prison. ”
He said Allah Yar “in the south – west axis of the police forces of the Federal able pieces of rhythm losses Ppalarhabiyn through a raid on the areas located Alzacharoutih areas, white and eucalyptus operations and killed more than 20 terrorists.”
The statement not to change the situation in the western axis of the PDF crowd, as well as pieces of the 15th Infantry Division south of Tal Afar. ”
And the results of air strikes statement that said” flight international coalition carried out 11 sorties flown combat and destroy a number of terrorists mechanisms and killed a number of them and secure the 10 missions poll combat march and Talaatan Balsmteat. ”
He added , ” the Iraqi air force carried out five sorties tactical resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying a number of its equipment, as well as the implementation of poll Talaata and five sorties transfer so able to destroy a training camp and killed 20 terrorists in Badush and destroy the lab to mine and stores weapons in the same region. ”
He noted that” the army aviation carried out 16 sorties mobilizing for the award of the left coast and the forces of the popular crowd and managed to kill many of the terrorists and the destruction of two wheels carrying terrorists and destroyed three subunits of PKC and gun S BG 9 and gun-mm and destroy the tank mined. “

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