Chest: The project will be implemented in the coming days .. Iraq provides Egypt one million barrels of oil a month


11-01-2017 01:08 PM

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East News –

Intervention agreement signed by the Iraqi government with their Egyptian counterparts to provide Egypt one million barrels per month of Basrah Light, entered into force in the next few days, according to the Iraqi ambassador in Cairo said.
The ambassador said Habib al- Sadr, said that the quantity contracted for in the Convention can be increased during the coming period, pointing out that the payment of the value of oil contracted will be paid on favorable terms.

He said al- Sadr, ‘We highly appreciate the stance of Egypt and its support for Iraq ‘s Arab and international levels and their contribution in the war against terrorism’, stressing that the development of Iraqi – Egyptian relations of great interest on the part of the two countries.

And on reconstruction in Iraq, the Iraqi ambassador said that there are Iraqi cities completely destroyed, and after the expulsion of Daesh soon from these cities , they need to rebuild, the Iraqi government is considering ways of attracting labor and Egyptian companies to participate the process of reconstruction.

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