Keywords: We played a role to cross the financial distress and there is a high degree of trust between Iraq and Lebanon


Baghdad …

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, on Wednesday that the bank played a “significant” role in Iraq from crossing the financial Dhaigueth, as pointed out that the Central seeks to restore confidence between him and the private banks.
Keywords and said in a speech during a banking forum Iraqi held in Beirut, according to a statement his office had received “Economy News,” a copy of it, that “there is a high degree of trust between Iraq and Lebanon are born financially deeper translated the work of Lebanese banks work in Iraq despite the environment experienced by Iraq “.
“The year 2016 was the most difficult because of what he fronted the country of security and economic conflicts and overcome them victories achieved on Daesh terrorist gangs, so we look forward to 2017 for the promise of victory to crush this terrorist organization and turn this dark page”.
Keywords and pointed out that “the coming days because the calls us optimistic due to improved economic conditions and financial indicators after the rise in oil sales prices and the reduction of the fiscal deficit, not to mention determination and rallying friends of Iraq from countries around the world to help in the construction of the liberated areas.”
He pointed out that “during the difficult events that prevailed in Iraq during the 2016 Central Bank played a key role in the restoration of the financial situation that was dangerous because of Iraq’s dependence on oil and the continuation of necessary expenses for the salaries of staff and military expenditures and displaced people, through the treasury transfers up to 20 trillion dinars.”
And the central bank’s position on the private banking sector between Keywords that “the current phase is witnessing steps to strengthen him confidence between banks through direct contact between the government and other institutions to shore up confidence in my work and in this context, the Bank increased the ceiling for credits and allow for the banking sector to participate in the resettlement of salaries to employees and to convince government distribution of salaries to employees. “
He continued that “the central bank has taken a number of regulatory actions and the application of electronic programs and the application of strict rules on compliance with the rules of the Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism Act has received international acclaim and led to the ousting Iraq from the gray area which enhances the confidence of financial transactions Iraq.”

Pictures .. the arrival of large reinforcements to the axis of the popular crowd in preparation for the start of the sixth page


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News reached large reinforcements from the popular crowd forces, Wednesday, to conclusively west axis of the city of Mosul in preparation for the start of page six.
The flags of the popular crowd in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “military reinforcements of the Popular Mobilization Forces troops arrived, this evening, to the west of the city of Mosul cutter in preparation for the launch of page six.”
He was vice president of the board of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes previously announced near the start of the sixth page of the popular crowd operations in the western axis of the Mousel.anthy
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Japan intends to lend Iraq more than 21 billion yen and the financing of the rehabilitation of a power station in Basra



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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced the Japanese Embassy in Baghdad, on Wednesday, about the intention of Tokyo to provide additional contributions to Iraq worth $ 100 million in humanitarian aid and to support the stability of the liberated areas, and its intention to lend Iraq 21 billion and 500 million yen, for the rehabilitation of thermal power station in Basra, indicating that the two countries agreed to strengthening of bilateral relations in various fields.

The embassy said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, “Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kentaro Sonora, visited Baghdad on the tenth of January the current 2017, and met with the President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, and Deputy Foreign Minister Nizar Khairallah, “noting that” Sonora discussed with the Iraqi side of the concrete measures to promote bilateral relations, as well as regional affairs. “

It quoted the embassy for the Secretary of State of Sonora, saying that “Japan will support Iraq, who is running the military operations against terrorism with appropriate support in the areas of non-military, and will expect and pursue Iraq’s efforts towards national reconciliation to overcome sectarian and ethnic differences,” and expressed “Japan’s intention to provide additional contributions estimated $ 100 million in humanitarian aid and to support the stability of the editor in response to humanitarian crises that accompanied the operations against terrorism, when approved by Japan’s parliament on the supplementary budget areas. “

Detection and Minister of State for the Japanese Foreign Affairs, expressed his country’s intention “Iraq supply soft loan again worth up to 21 billion and 500 million yen, for a project to rehabilitate the thermal power plant in the province of Basra, to repair and stabilize the supply of electric power and stability in Iraq,” revealing “the agreement with the Iraqi side to enhance exchange relations, particularly in the areas of education, academic exchanges, and sports, as well as the political and economic fields, and about eighty anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, as well as the opening of the consular office of Japan in Erbil.”

And showed embassy, that “the Iraqi side expressed gratitude for the new Japanese aid to Iraq to contribute to improving the living conditions of the Iraqi people and the reconstruction of the country,” pointing out that “the Iraqi side confirmed the commitment to continuously make efforts in the war against terrorism with international support, and stated the importance of achieving national reconciliation early and restore normal life of the people, taking into account the duration of the post-offering military operations to liberate Mosul. “

She said the Japanese Embassy in Baghdad, “The Iraqi side also expressed his high expectations to increase the presence of Japanese companies in Iraq, and his determination to make continuous efforts to build a multi-layered bilateral relations efforts.”

She embassy, that “Iraq and Japan signed a mutual memos on the rehabilitation of the electricity sector project, the third phase, which includes the new Facilitator loan, which was signed by Ambassador of Japan in Iraq, Fumio Iwai, and Undersecretary of the Iraqi Finance Minister, Fadhel Othman, after the meeting, Minister of State of Sonora the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi. “


Central optimistic improvement in the economic situation is likely to get $ 18 billion in loans



Participants to the third session of the Forum for the banking Iraq


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, his optimism improved domestic economic situation and reduce the budget deficit, noting that focuses on creating a platform wide electronic payment and strengthen prudential supervision system compliance and governance, while calling for the resettlement of staff eligibility banks salaries Bankers Association, Lebanese bank officials stressed the importance of cooperation between the two countries and compliance with international requirements and regulations relating to engagement banks globalized banking and cooperation between the Arab countries, transparency and automatic exchange of information.

This came during the third session of the Forum for Iraq’s banking system, which began today, in the Lebanese capital Beirut, with the participation of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, financial advisor to the President of the Iraqi government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Director General of the Rafidain Bank, Khawla al-Asadi, the president of Association of private banks Iraqi, Wadih Handal, the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, and 350 high-ranking officials in the Iraqi banking and Lebanese sector, and companies money, financial services and information technology in Iraq and Lebanon, according to a statement of the organizing committee, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it.

It seeks the forum, organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and “Economics and Business”, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Association of Iraqi private banks and the Association of Banks in Lebanon, with the participation of 54 banks and 14 financial services company, and 15 IT companies, 26 corporate sponsor, to “discuss the future prospects of the banking activity in Iraq”.

It is held on the sidelines of the session, bilateral meetings between Lebanese banks operating in Iraq, and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, to discuss the prospects for cooperation.

And initiated the opening session of the forum the words of the CEO of Wal-Aamal Group, Raouf Abu Zaki, the head of Banks in Lebanon Association, Joseph Tarabay, stressed the importance of “coordination and cooperation between Iraq and Lebanon in the field of banking activity and contribute to sustainable development in Iraq, and strengthen banking experience in the two countries and the use of means modern technology in the banking activity, and ensure the safety of the banking business in the two countries. “

It focused words, the importance of “communication between the Iraqi and Lebanese banks and strict adherence to the instructions and directives of the Central Bank of Iraq policy,” calling for “Bridging corruption outlets and pay most attention to the safety of remittances and the fight against money laundering.”

He was head of the Iraqi private banks association, in his speech expressed his appreciation for “Lebanon to embrace the forum,” reviewing “developments in the Iraqi banking sector and the challenges it faces, in the shadow of the financial crisis and economic recession in Iraq and the region and the war on terrorism.”

He promised Handal, that “the Iraqi banking sector managed despite those circumstances to overcome the obstacles and addressed the risk of money laundering, and the application of the rules to ensure that Iraqi banks reputation in its relations with correspondent banks,” noting that “the Iraqi private banks association is continuing its efforts for the rehabilitation of human resources, after having organized sessions training for two hundred employees of the banks during the past year in 2016, and seeks to train 400 more this year 2017 “.

The head of the Iraqi Association of private banks, that “the association is seeking to implement the Central Bank of Iraq, a plan and a commitment to standards issued by the compliance and paying special attention to lending in light of the central bank’s initiative to allocate six billion dollars for this purpose to support small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economic sector”, hoping that the “localization of employees’ salaries in private banks, just like the Central Bank of Iraq.”

In turn, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, in his speech, said that “Iraq was able to overcome the great 2016 challenges were difficult years during which he faced a major financial and economic crisis and the forces of terror represented Bdaash,” noting that “Iraq has accepted a new stage bearing signs of hope and goodness of during the elimination of terrorism and the liberation of the country from the evils. “

And saw Keywords, that “the future holds pointers to the improved economic situation by reducing the budget deficit and rising oil prices worldwide and the international support for Iraq in the face of terrorism,” adding that “Iraq will receive between 15-18 billion dollars from the World Bank and the International Fund for the past the next. “

The Governor of the Central Bank, the importance of “the role of the bank in the face of the challenge resulting from the drop in oil prices by nearly 75 percent, in light of the challenges of military expenditures and the displaced,” revealing “to provide the Central Bank of 20 trillion dinars to support the financial liquidity and to secure the budget requirements.”

He Keywords that “the strategy of the central bank focused on rallying the technical strength and infrastructure through the creation of a platform wide electronic payment and the granting of companies specializing in this area licenses for the exercise of its work in Iraq,” Msttrda that “the central bank also seeks to strengthen the prudential oversight of the system of compliance and governance.” .

In turn, the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, said Riad Salameh, in his speech, said that “aspects of many and growing cooperation between the Lebanese and Iraqi banking sector”, stressing the importance of “compliance with international requirements and regulations regarding the involvement of banks in the international banking globalization through the use of modern technology, banking and cooperation among States Arabic”.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Special Investigation Commission in Lebanon, Abdul Hafiz Mansoor said, in his speech, said that “banks face challenges to comply with global laws related to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing and tax evasion,” stressing the importance of “transparency in the banking business and move away from the secrecy and automatic exchange of information between banks and adjust to international standards. “

And then it held the first working session of the forum titled “Iraqi banking sector Opportunities and Challenges”, was chaired by Advisor to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh session.

Speaking at the meeting, each of the governor of the central bank adviser, Walid Idi, general manager of the Rafidain Bank, Khawla al-Asadi.

Iran receives first Airbus


11/01/2017 19:37:00

Khandan – delivered Airbus Group on Wednesday Iran Air plane first company within the order of a hundred aircraft after the nuclear deal with the major powers , which provides for easing the economic embargo on Tehran.

BAA was delivered -321 aircraft in the European group site in Toulouse (south – west France) in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors Iranian Farhad Broirh and Airbus President Tom Enders, according to the news agency ‘AFP’.

He Broirh “for the relations between Iran and the European Union that a new chapter gorgeous big day.”

The president of the Commercial Aviation Department management at Airbus , Fabrice Briggier that this recognition confirms the “renaissance of Iran Air.”

NIOC signed in December 22 Airbus with an order for a hundred aircraft worth nearly twenty billion dollars.

The order comes after a commitment signed in January 2016 in Paris.

Also, the Iranian company and a group of Boeing and the US signed in December 11 in Tehran , the largest contract for nearly four decades noticed buy eighty aircraft will replace the aging fleet of Iran. The contract value of $ 16.6 billion.

Iranian Civil Aviation Organization says that Tehran would need between 400 and 500 aircraft in the next decade.

Ebadi receives a message from his Chinese counterpart confirming his desire to strengthen relations between Baghdad and Beijing



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BAGHDAD – balances News

Received Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, a written message from his Chinese counterpart confirming his desire to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office received / balances News / copy of it, “Ebadi received” a written message from Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the bilateral relations between the two countries and China’s desire to promote.

The statement added, “The message was delivered during a meeting with al-Abadi, the Chinese ambassador in Baghdad, who congratulated his part on behalf of his government victories achieved the Iraqi army on terror Daesh gangs,” pointing out that “the Chinese government and people keen to support Iraq in its war against terrorism In the other areas. “

For his part, al-Abadi, according to the statement, the “depth of the relationship between the two countries and Iraq’s desire to increase trade with China.” It ended 29/34 R.



Edit new neighborhoods in Mosul and killed 347 Daashaa today [Extended]

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[Oan- Baghdad]
Command announced operations are coming Aaninoy that the security forces continued their advance in the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday , through the control of more neighborhoods and killed 347 terrorists have Daesh gangs.
He said the team operations commander Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yar God in a statement to the cell – Harbi media received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the pieces of the northern axis of Baktat army embarked on the progress towards the humpback neighborhoods April 7 and was able to cleanse the northern part of the neighborhood and incursions inside humpback neighborhood and it managed to kill 53 terrorists and the destruction of seven wheels bomb and destroy the command center and control and bring down the march of the backing jet flight international coalition. ”
He added the “in the eastern axis of the coast of the left forces to fight terrorism device has pieces of two – way so that the managed segments northern direction to carry out the progress and edit shy of sugar and April 7 and raising the Iraqi flag over Mbanehma and managed to destroy three wheels bomb killed more than 40 terrorists , backed coalition aircraft international and began pieces southern direction of the progress and the liberalization of the financial district and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings and were able to destroy two wheels and dropping bombs march aircraft and killed 73 terrorists and destroyed three motorcycles. ”
He pointed to ” the southern axis of the Coast left police forces and federal cuts Armored Division ninth and managed to pieces of the incursion to revive the peace, Palestine and Sumer and East Jarmjh and Alsaheron and gained control of a number of areas and buildings and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings and the operation resulted in the killing of 141 terrorists and destroyed two vehicles carrying terrorists and the destruction of the wheel bomb and destroy the mortar detachment and 7 machine guns PKC and amassed the hardware and the seizure of a number of weapons and ammunition and the attribution of army aviation heroes and Air Alliance international and managed the band ninth armored raise 30 an explosive device and detonate 10 explosive belts and destroy the mortar detachment and find the Daesh prison. ”
He said Allah Yar “in the south – west axis of the police forces of the Federal able pieces of rhythm losses Ppalarhabiyn through a raid on the areas located Alzacharoutih areas, white and eucalyptus operations and killed more than 20 terrorists.”
The statement not to change the situation in the western axis of the PDF crowd, as well as pieces of the 15th Infantry Division south of Tal Afar. ”
And the results of air strikes statement that said” flight international coalition carried out 11 sorties flown combat and destroy a number of terrorists mechanisms and killed a number of them and secure the 10 missions poll combat march and Talaatan Balsmteat. ”
He added , ” the Iraqi air force carried out five sorties tactical resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying a number of its equipment, as well as the implementation of poll Talaata and five sorties transfer so able to destroy a training camp and killed 20 terrorists in Badush and destroy the lab to mine and stores weapons in the same region. ”
He noted that” the army aviation carried out 16 sorties mobilizing for the award of the left coast and the forces of the popular crowd and managed to kill many of the terrorists and the destruction of two wheels carrying terrorists and destroyed three subunits of PKC and gun S BG 9 and gun-mm and destroy the tank mined. “