Preparation Iraqi competencies to prevent financial crimes

8/1/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

when creating a financial sector devoid of crime ,you have achieved the first global effort to communicate with the evolving able to participate in building Iraq rings, uncontrolled movement of money necessary to complete the goals of sustainable development.
Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said: ” The Association operates within its plan for the current year in collaboration with an international company that gives Mokhtss degree in the field of ” combat financial crimes , “and pointed out that the trend is going to prepare qualified specialist and experienced international in the field of financial crimes.
Tariq between these courses pertain to all financial crimes, especially the electronic financial crimes , which increased during the last period due to the adoption of information technology, where it is intended to combat (money and electronic fraud and crimes laundering and the financing of terrorism), noting that the creation of competencies to international standards raises the confidence of the global effort evolving sector domestic banking.
need for banks

and said that the ASEAN plan targets during the current year , 500 trainees from over 24 training courses in accordance with the intended schedule for this matter which would help develop the most important joints of the work, noting that the targeted issues , according to the need of the sector

financial crime, sometimes known as the criminality of the administrative staff, include a wide range of criminal offenses that take international character in general, and financial crimes, document link to the crime Siberian ,, they are often committed via the Internet and negatively affect to a large extent in the sectors of banking and finance international official Epeshklehma alternative.
The suffering of individuals, companies, organizations and even countries from the financial crimes that negatively affect the economy and society Bosarhama because inflict upon them from huge financial losses.

Local coach

Tariq pointed out that next year will see a local coach to adopt in managing Aalldorat training after they receive a certificate of trainer tot cooperation with any company global Kmz, pointing out that they aim to provide the trainees with advanced training techniques through which to provide local expertise novelty witnessed by the international financial sector.
He pointed out that the creation of a layer of local trainees need within the association that develops on an annual basis , where the numbers go up according to the needs of the country and the development of this sector plans.
He said the Association training program is under the supervision and follow – up of the Central Bank of Iraq, in particular that it be implemented to serve the workers in the public banks

and private.
The representative of the US Treasury had said in an interview earlier that Iraq had made progress in the financial sector and this is what Acherth specialized committees in this regard is


Diagnosis of bugs

economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas stressed that Iraq desperately need to create a clean, integrated banking sector have international expertise to diagnose the defect and prevent any cases of harm to this sector , which awaits the future of a lot of work required to be the focus of the confidence of the international specialized companies and classified on the International Regulations.
He noted the importance to have the Association of Iraqi private banks prominent role in the preparation of competencies prevent financial crimes to differ, and here to there must be cooperation with specialized international bodies in this regard that have the ability to develop local talent working in the banking system , public and private sectors.

Economic disease

specialist in economic affairs Mahmoud Mehdi Hassoun said the reduction of financial crime requires the preparation of expertise contribute to the expansion of the calendar control circuit that limit the spread of these crimes , which were taken to spread significantly in the world and because Iraq is a rich country must adopt preventive mechanisms for these economic ailments.
Hassoun pointed out that despite the limited potential , but the demand to intensify efforts to raise the number of participants from public and private banks , staff courses quality rehabilitation Association, and have to work to convince the banks need to work to support training courses for it up to banks to compete with regional and international banks phase of which began working in Iraq through the branches that were opened



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