Iraqi forces launch simultaneous attacks on six neighborhoods in Mosul


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القوات العراقية تشن هجمات متزامنة على 6 أحياء في الموصل
Iraqi forces launch simultaneous attacks on six neighborhoods in Mosul

Roudao – Erbil

Military sources said that the Iraqi forces launched on Sunday, simultaneous attacks on six neighborhoods in the cityof Mosul, to recover from the organization “Daesh.”

Colonel Abdullah Mohammed al-Musawi, an officer in the anti-terrorism forces, said in a press statement, “The device forces managed to infiltrate the defense lines in the organization Daesh shy of municipalities, sugar, north of the city.”

He pointed out that “Iraqi forces killed three of the organization snipers were stationed on rooftops.”

Al-Moussawi said that “fierce street fighting took place in the alleys of the neighborhoods, and that the regulation adopted in this battle on direct armed confrontation for possession of foreign fighters.”

Iraqi officer was likely to “resolve the liberalization of these Microbial military operations within a few days, because of the surface area of the vast and Aktzazama civilians.”

In the northern axis, the Iraqi army forces began shelling the organization “Daesh” locations in two districts in preparation to launch a ground offensive.

Lt. Col. Mazhar Silwan ornaments, the officer in command of band 16, said that “the leadership of the international coalition in the boycotted waterfalls, north of Mosul, identified tactical units and fixed and moving targets belonging to the organization, the shy humpback and the Canadian north of the city.”

He added that “Iraqi forces from the band 16, pounded targets with heavy artillery, which led to the destruction and the killing of the gunmen was unclear Daesh number immediately.”

He pointed out that the ornaments “shelling is a preliminary step for the implementation of a broad ground operation in Canadian neighborhoods, Kairouan, humpback and April 7, in the northern axis of the city of Mosul.”

In the same context, it embarked on a joint force of Armored Division ninth army and federal police attack on the shy Sumer and Dumez southeast of the city of Mosul.

Said Capt. Othman al-Ghanemi, the officer in the band 9 forces, he said that “the armed forces are located inside alleys shy of Sumer and Dmaz, and battling remnants of al Daesh.”

He explained that “the task of editing neighborhoods is very easy, as there is no supply line to the fighters of the organization, whose collapse as soon after running out of ammunition.”

Ghanimi said, that “the flight of the international coalition resides in the skies of the eastern side of the city, since the dawn of the day, is to provide the leadership of the Iraqi ground forces with information on the whereabouts of members of the organization and their movements, Aazin reason for not shelling for taking of civilians as human shields.”

In this context, kindle militants “Daesh” fire in the buildings the University of Mosul, located at the eastern bank of the Tigris, and state-owned, which is the second largest university in Iraq.

And he took over the organization of the university in the June 10, 2014, and took them later home to the communities leaders and foreign elements and housing for their families.

The university came under aerial bombardment by the international coalition aircraft a few months ago on suspicion that militants Daesh use the equipment at the university for the production and development of chemical weapons.

On the burning process, said Maj. Abdul Ilah al-Dulaimi, an officer in the band 15, said that “the gunmen emptied the contents of the university by big wheels last night, and took her to an unknown destination in the eastern side of the river bank, they can not be moved to the west side because of the bombing all the bridges.”

He said al-Dulaimi, citing intelligence sources within the city, that “militants Daesh then set fire to all the buildings of the university, even those that were bombed by the international coalition aircraft.”

He pointed out that “the reorganization plan aimed at the destruction of vital installations in Mosul and harming defenseless civilians and prevent them from returning to their normal lives after the liberation.”

As mayors organization, yesterday, to set fire to the hospital Khansa sugar district in the left side of the city of Mosul, the northern axis, in conjunction with the Iraqi armed forces to storm approaching from the neighborhood and freed from his control.


Activate the digital economy in Iraq through Zain Cash application of the new smart phones



(Independent) .. Company “Zain Cash” launched a new electronic service to its subscribers, represented by the application of Zain Cash for smart phones, which is a leap Noaahvi the framework of its services chain, which aims to revitalize Alhmolalmala market Aldfalaketrona online shopping and mobile phone in Iraq, where aspiring Zain Cash through this application to gain access to a large segment of the mission and its customers, and provide an opportunity for them to Astkhaddamkavhkhaddmadtha of Khalalttbaiquahd.

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Some argue that the number of mobile users around the world continues to grow, due to the sophistication and diversity of mobile phone services and easily accessible, and in Aeraqublgt number of mobile phone used lines to 33.5 million Khtmstkhaddm according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, add to that the time spent by users of telephone rate Mobile continues to increase, making it a trading and money transfer by mobile phone pay step to develop and push the wheel of development of e-commerce and electronic payment market more broadly spread.

Zain Cash experiencing widespread because of the electronic financial solutions offered, in terms of facilitating the payment and receipt of customers and dealers alike process.

It is worth mentioning that Zain Cash and services the application up to a large segment of Zain Iraq subscribers, and with the growing new applications and facilities offered by the company, it is expected that e-commerce and shopping market is via the Internet in Iraq very active, especially as the number of Internet users in Iraq Halyaesal to nearly 11 million, according to user Hrkhapsos.

Urgent anti – terrorism controls on the eastern bank of the fourth bridge over the Tigris River in the left coast of the connectorHistory of edits:: 1.8.2017 17:00 

History of edits:: 1.8.2017 

[Where-Baghdad] the fight against terrorism on the east bank of the fourth bridge forces seized control of the Tigris River, on the left coast of the city of Mosul.

A statement by the commander of the operations are coming Aaninoy Abdul Amir Yar God received by all of Iraq [where] that “counter-terrorism device forces seized control of the eastern bank of the fourth bridge over the Tigris River in the left coast of the city of Mosul.”

UN calls for a “real” investment opportunities and attract capital to Basra

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United Nations called, on Sunday, to provide an opportunity for young people to contribute to the advancement of Iraq, and the opening of the largest field for the private sector to improve the national economy and the creation of a “real” investment opportunities to attract capital to Basra as an important province, while called the Basra council of the Organization for the care of a global economic conference in the governorate.This came in a joint press conference, held by the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Georgi Posten, with the head of the Basra Governorate Council, morning Albzona, at the headquarters of the Council, the city center, (590 km south of Baghdad), attended by the (long-Presse) .

Said Posten, if it is necessary to “provide opportunities for Iraqi youth, who account for about half of the population, to contribute to the economic advancement of the country,” calling to “open the way for the private sector to promote the Iraqi economy and raising the burden on the public sector and the creation of real investment opportunities to attract capital to Basra being a major economic province. ”

For his part, called Albzona, the United Nations to “support the Basra through the sponsorship of a global economic conference in the province to guide companies and world capital to it,” calling on the federal government to “activate the private sector, support and appropriate guarantees and rights of pension for workers in it to create a state of confidence they have and reduce the burden on the shoulders of the government sector. ”

Already called on Basra, the federal government, the establishment of the economic conference, but he was held in the capital Baghdad, in the presence of economic and investment among the various countries of the world.

Urgent Jordanian Prime Minister to visit Baghdad tomorrow


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[Oan- Baghdad]
An informed source said the Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki, will visit Baghdad on Monday, theofficial invitation.
The source told all of Iraq [where] that “Mulki will meet with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, senior Iraqi officials and looking with them ways to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation in thefield of counter – terrorism and economic activities and dents reopen Trebil border so as to promote trade between the two countries.”
It was the caster has received an official invitation from al – Abadi to visit Baghdad transported him and Transport Minister Kazem cup , who visited Oman in 22 of last September.
It is said that the visit of Prime Minister of Jordan comes after a day of visiting Turkish counterpart Ben Ali Yildirim to Iraq.

Iran receives first Airbus next week



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[Where – Baghdad]
Farhad Brorh, Managing Director of Iran Air announced , “namely , ” that the first aircraft of thecompany “Airbus’ A321 aircraft will arrive from Tehran to the end of the week.
Brorh said on Sunday that the workers in the Iranian air lines, including the pilot and his assistant are currently in France for the implementation of procedures for the receipt of the plane and transferred to Iran.
According to the contract concluded by Iran with “Airbus” it is incumbent upon the delivery company Tehran 100 aircraft, and will be the A321 the first aircraft hit Iran from this transaction, and will lines “are” operated “.
He pointed Brorh that experts” are “living for some time in France to receive training devices and mechanisms, systems and maintenance of the company ‘s aircraft cycles, is supposed to establish aprivate ceremony with the arrival of the first aircraft of the company to Iran. ”
He pointed out that [they] decided to use the plane on domestic flights, and if it Aguetsa they will run in the overseas trips as well. Noting that ” the plane has become restricted to the Iranian aircraft register , which means Iran ‘s possession of her becoming the first aircraft are seized of the 200 asked for Western aircraft purchase since the lifting of sanctions against it.”
For its part, [Airbus] confirmed that Tehran ‘s adoption of the first new aircraft is an important step on the road to the restoration of trade relations between the two sides under the agreement to lift economic sanctions. “