The joint statement issued at the end of official talks between Iraq and Turkey



7 Cannon the second 2017
 A joint statement
belief in historical, religious and cultural relations and good neighborliness between the two countries and the interest of the Turkish government and the Iraqi government to consolidate and strengthen the bonds of relationship between the two brotherly peoples, held on Saturday, 01/07/2017 in Baghdad , the third meeting of the Supreme Council for strategic cooperation between the two countries. The two sides discussed the vital issues of interest to thetwo countries and prospects of cooperation in all fields and the possibility ofbuilding and development of strategic, political and economic relations that serve the interests of the two countries.
Below in the joint statement issued by the third meeting of the Supreme Council for strategic cooperation:

1. The two sides stressed the ownership by security and stability and achieve mutual fight terrorism together in the framework of respect for thesovereignty and territorial integrity , which is the basis of relations between the two countries.

2. The two sides stressed that Ba’shiqah camp is an Iraqi camp.

3. The Iraqi side confirmed on a hard stance towards the camp and that theTurkish side Ba’shiqah begin steps to withdraw troops and end this file, and the Turkish side confirmed its commitment to Iraq ‘s unity and respect for itssovereignty.

4. The two sides stressed the importance of raising the level of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries in the field ofreconstruction of areas affected by terrorism, and activating the agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two parties.

5. The two sides agreed to increase cooperation in the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers shared water and project management.

6. The Turkish government commends the triumphs of the armed and security forces within the Iraqi Liberation Nineveh operations and eliminate the terrorist Daesh gangs.

7. The two sides stressed not to allow the presence of any terrorist organizations on their soil and not to do any activity that threatens thenational security of both countries. The parties agreed to work together in the fight against terrorism and Daesh with the international coalition.

8. The two sides stressed the need for a comprehensive action leap in thefield of culture and tourism for the purpose of strengthening cultural and social ties between the peoples of the two countries and allow for thecohesion of the country ‘s citizens.

9. The two sides agreed to find understanding in determining the interests and challenges shared strategic vision and work together for the security and stability of the region as well as the elimination of all of the factors that would threaten the security and stability of the region, including ethnic and sectarian polarization.


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