First agreement to export natural gas from Basra to Kuwait

Ali Knight-Basra

(Independent) .. Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight Oil Minister said Jabar Luaibi signed a contract with Kuwait requires an investment of the joint border oil fields between the two countries in addition to the export of surplus gas from the country’s need.

He jockey that “the Oil Ministry expressed willingness to export natural gas to Kuwait quantities starts b (50) million cubic feet per day down to 200 million cubic feet per day to form a specialized committee to develop appropriate mechanisms to implement this agreement and presented to the Iraqi ministers and the Kuwaiti authentication on her”.

“The trends and current oil minister requires an investment of associated gas, which burns with the extraction of crude oil and its returns benefit from the financial to the country, in addition to the permanent quest for the development of the gas industry and make it competitive for the oil industry in Iraq.”


Rafidain Bank allocates telephone and e-mail for the completion of transactions of the citizens



Baghdad …

 Rafidain Bank, announced Saturday, customize it, and an e-mail for the purpose of receiving citizen complaints, and rapid completion of transactions.
According to a statement of the bank, “Economy News” got a copy of it, he was “allocated number (07901940112) to receive phone calls and citizen complaints and comments about their transactions and completed and processed quickly.”
 He added, as “e-mail ( allocation) and ( citizens to receive messages in the event of exposure to any kind of blackmail and respond to them and be with them directly or ring arrived filing complaint citizens’ complaints found in the public administration of the bank fund. “

Brent crude rises to $ 57.10 a barrel

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Oil prices rose slightly to end the crude this week limited gains by the rise of the dollar, and doubts about the “OPEC” producers commitment to the agreement of the private organization to cut production.

And it ended the futures of global crude measurement combination “Brent” trading at $ 57.10 a barrel, up by 21 cents [0.37%], and thus the global mix has risen by 0.49% in about a week. 

As, futures increased ore “West Texas Intermediate” US 23 cents [0.43%] in the settlement to $ 53.99 a barrel. 

This rise came thanks to the production cut agreement reached by the “OPEC” and independent producers. It showed Saudi Arabia, and other members of the organization “OPEC” signals a commitment to reduce production agreement, but investors in the market Taatarihm doubts about the extent of compliance by all producers of this Agreement. 

She said research firm International Economic Consulting “Capital Economics” that prices will fall sharply in the event of producers not carried out their promises. 

The rise in the dollar against major currencies , much of the rise in oil prices, as the rise in the US currency makes oil more expensive for holders of other currencies. 

In the United States, the American energy companies increased the number of drilling oil rigs for the week tenth consecutive total number of rigs to rise to the 529 platform, the highest level since December / December 2015, according to the company “Baker Hughes” Energy Services reported on Friday.

Commission paves the Iraqi-Jordanian economic talks next Monday extended

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News will hold a joint committee between the Jordanian and Iraqi officials Saturday meetings in preparation for an extended hold talks next Monday.

It quoted Jordanian newspapers on sources that ” the Joint Committee {Iraqi – Jordanian} will hold intensive meetings in order to reach a common agenda looking through the expanded meeting , which is expected to be headed by the Jordanian side by Prime Minister Hani Mulki and on the Iraqi side , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi.” 

She added, that ” the meetings of the Preparatory Committee will discuss a number of things including economic goods that Jordan ‘s request for an exemption from the imposition of import duties by 30%, and the reopening of Trebil crossing the necessary arrangements, as well as the Jordanian Iraqi oil pipeline project.” 

She pointed out that he, “will participate in the meetings of the Preparatory Committee today , Jordanian officials, including Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Supply Joseph northern and Secretary General Investment Authority , Dr. Omari immortalized.” 

She explained that ” the Iraqi Jordanian Business Forum will be held on the sidelines of the plenary meeting next Monday to discuss the possibilities for strengthening economic cooperation and establishment of joint ventures.” 

It is noteworthy that, Jordanian exports declined during the past two years to Iraq by 40 percent and valued at $ 695 million over the past year, while the $ 1.2 billion in 2014. According to the Jordanian side. 

The informed sources told {Euphrates News} earlier that “Jordanian Prime Minister will visit Iraq on Monday Almqubl.anthy

Abadi Office: Turkey has pledged to withdraw troops from Iraq

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office said Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, Turkey has pledged to withdraw its forces from Iraqi territories to coincide with the liberalization of the city of Mosul.

He said Sabri, in a televised statement seen by the agency {Euphrates News}, said that “Turkey has pledged for Iraq to withdraw its forces to coincide with the liberalization of the city of Mosul , ” noting that “Turkey ‘s Prime Minister Ali Yildirim ‘s visit to Iraq today will be channeled to this axis.” 

He pointed out that “respect for Iraqi sovereignty and coordination between the two countries from the intelligence and border control will be topics for discussion , ” pointing out that “Abadi will emphasize the principles and respect for the Turkish side of Iraqi sovereignty and the success of the visit.” 

He said a spokesman for the prime minister ‘s office, said that “Iraq has a genuine desire to remove the lingering problem between the two countries and that it comes to the Turkish side as the initiator side.” 

The Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim, arrived today in Baghdad on an official visit, met with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi. 

He is scheduled to meet with Turkish Prime Minister officials in Baghdad and Erbil, to discuss shared files and the war against terrorism , according to a source familiar with . 

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said last Wednesday that Yıldırım will visit Iraq in order to end the former tensions between the two countries. 

Erdogan said in a speech before the weekly meeting of the mayors in the presidential compound in the capital Ankara ” to monitor the situation in Iraq closely , and the Prime Minister will visit there in order to end the former tensions between the two countries.” 

It is noteworthy that, Noureddine Janchaeli Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, pointed out in a December 30, during a special committee meeting to improve the investment climate, to his country seeks to increase the momentum of trade with Iraq during the current year 2017. 

The Iraqi – Turkish relations, has seen recently , a tug of war for publishing Turkey last November 2015 soldiers in Ba’shiqah west of Mosul, claiming that the goal of existence is to train Iraqi groups to counter the guerrilla terrorist Daesh although the Iraqi government considered the presence of these illegal forces were not at the request or with the consent of Iraq and not welcome and that they should withdraw. 

The Iraqi government has demanded Ankara ” to withdraw its troops occupied immediately as a violation of national sovereignty, and filed a complaint to the UN Security Council, in Turkey to refrain from withdrawing these forces absolute conflicting statements time and again to withdraw what it calls a redeployment.” 

As the oldest of the Turkish parliament, in the first of October , the last in 2016, to renew the mandate of the Turkish government to send armed forces outside the country, to conduct military operations in Syria and Iraq , if necessary , and under the pretext of “addressing any possible attacks may be exposed to the state of any terrorist organizations” .anthy

The start of the expanded bilateral meeting between Iraq and Turkey

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News began an expanded bilateral meeting between Iraq and the Turkish delegation. 

He said al-Abadi’s office in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “expanded bilateral meeting with the Turkish delegation was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his Turkish counterpart Ben Ali Yildirim to discuss common issues between the two countries.”