Liberated forces kill 277 Daashaa today and approaching the Tigris River in central Mosul [Extended]

History of edits:: 7/1/2017 22:36 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

security forces killed on Saturday, more than 277 of Daesh terrorist gangs, as it approached the Tigris River on the left coast of the city of Mosul, which divides the city into two parts [left side and right side.

And it announced a media war cell in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the results of liberalization of Nineveh province operations on Saturday, said that “pieces of the northern axis of Baktat army ongoing clearing operations residential buildings and managed to inflict losses terrorists and the destruction of two wheels bombs and destroy the wheel bearing unilateral and killed 26 terrorists and the backing of the international airline alliance. ” 

He pointed out that ” the eastern axis of the coast left in Mosul counter device forces embarked terrorism pieces from two directions and managed in the northern direction from editing the comrades neighborhood and managed to destroy three wheels bomb and Mffersta mortar and destroy the wheel bearing machine-gun and killed more than 20 terrorists , backed Airways international coalition and bring down the 3 drones and offers southern direction toward the north – unit neighborhood and managed to free the first doctors neighborhoods second doctors inspired Furqan [Baath] previously and control at the intersection leading to fourth on the Tigris River bridge and managed to destroy the wheel of bomb and destroy the wheel bearing unilateral dropping march aircraft and killed 65 terrorists Air attribution international coalition. ” 

And the southern hub operations for the Coast left police forces and federal cuts band ninth armored army statement noted , “enabling it to penetrate to revive the peace, Palestine and Aledumaz and Sumer and control of the Salam Hospital and School of Medicine and Shifa Hospital and a number of buildings in Palestine and Aledumaz neighborhood.” 

The statement noted that ” the forces killed 135 terrorists and destroying six wheels bomb and Tadmarjltin Mgoomtin carrying terrorists and 10 additives for terrorists and bring down three aircraft march and destroy the mortar detachment and disinfect Darren bombs and the destruction of six launchers as BG 9], and medium machine gun bkc and the destruction of 11 motorcycle and found center command and control of Daesh coast and left two prisons and the center of communications and media center for terrorists , and the attribution of army aviation heroes and Air Alliance international, and managed to blow up two wheels car bombs killed 11 terrorists and destroy the mortar detachment. ” 

The statement continued , “In Alhnobi west axis Federal police forces managed to repel the terrorists was on the village of Bacharh and managed to destroy the wheel bomber killed 20 terrorists and destroyed wheel bearing unilateral.” 

Digress and that “in the western axis of the PDF crowd managed to free the villages and easy Ahmed Albeefj South Mvelkih in the south – west of Tel Abth.”


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