(Daesh) collapses financially in Mosul and its components are imposing taxes on the citizens of the 6 months ahead



Families who have been evacuated to camps in eastern Mosul


Author: AT, HAA
Editor: the AT
1/6/2017 19:27
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Long-Presse / Nineveh

Revealed the British newspaper The Telegraph, on Friday, all stopped organizing Daesh pay elements salaries in Mosul because of the financial crisis related to his loss of control a lot of the oil sites, indicating that the organization begin to impose taxes and collect the wages of electricity in advance for the next six months, as indicated to the scarcity of food the west side of the city after its isolation from the east side, confirmed that the article “potato”, has become a key article of the citizens in the city for three meals a day.

The newspaper said in a report published and I followed (the long-Presse), said that “reported by residents in the city of Mosul, information, showed that the militants organize (Daesh) used to receive a monthly salary ranging up to $ 350 for each fighter is that they have not received their salaries for several weeks in a sign that the terrorist organization is suffering shortages of finance. “

And Rahjt telegraph, be “the financial distress caused by air strikes intensified on oil facilities, which was exploited by the organization in financing the same in both Iraq and Syria,” he said, adding that “the militants regulation took refuge in the style of smuggling families outside the city in exchange for bribes and taxes to get the money “.

She Telegraph, “The organization Daesh tried curbed money by requiring parents to pay wages of electricity and other attachments in advance for six months to come,” pointing at the same time, “the scarcity of food in a number of neighborhoods after cutting the eastern side of the city from the west side, a Mazbb the scarcity of supply and delivery of food to those areas. “

She Telegraph, that “the only food stuff that remained people subsisted on the west side of town is the potato, where Icommon boil for their breakfast and lunches and their dinner,” adding that “the organization (Daesh) still has plenty of food and supplies, but refuses to give civilians anything Of which”.



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