Iraq and the United States sign agreement to ensure the sovereign loan worth billion dollars

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

announced that the US embassy in Baghdad for the completion of the first step to ensure the sovereign loan worth billion dollars for Iraq.

According to an embassy statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the Iraqi government today signed an agreement loan guarantee with the United States , ” noting that “this signing is the first step in the process that would allow Iraq to a greater opportunity to enter the international capital markets “. 

He noted that “Following the fulfillment of legal requirements and taking into consideration the specific actions, Iraq can move forward to become the beneficiary of a sovereign loan guarantee from the United States.” 

The statement said, ” The loan is secured by confirming a permanent commitment from the United States to the people and Government of Iraq in their battle against Daesh” pointing out that “is designed to ensure the loan this to support Iraq financially in his quest Gahd to complete the liberation of Iraq from Daesh and continue the important economic reforms in order to restore growth and prosperity. ” 

And that ” the signing , which took place today is the first step to put the finishing touches on the sovereign guarantee of the loan.” 

” The second step in the formal exchange of diplomatic memoranda between the United States and the Government of Iraq ‘s government under which included the United States Government are summarized repay the amount borrowed and the interest of the issuance of guaranteed financial sovereign by the Government of Iraq , including a total of billion dollars , ” expected ” to proceed with the second step of the process in the coming weeks. ” 

She stressed the Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States Stephanie Williams, during the signing ceremony, the solidarity of the people and the Government of the United States with the people and Government of Iraq , saying : “This money will help the Iraqi government on food, water, shelter and medical care to the most vulnerable Iraqis to provide and allow them to benefit from government services such as education and health care that enables them to build a promising a brighter future. ” 

The US embassy that ” the loan guarantee agreement in this day shows that Iraq continues to progress towards achieving its objectives in the economic reform for the benefit of the Iraqi people, under the Strategic Framework Agreement, Embassy of the United States is working closely with the Government of Iraq to ensure that the current economic challenges do not affect the campaign continuing to defeat Bdaash “he said . ” as a sovereign loan guarantee provides additional support to Iraq as a strategic partner stable , self – reliant United States of America. ”


Nassif: Do not nominate Maliki for the elections, “a wise move”



Described the MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif, Thursday, currently head of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki not to run for the upcoming elections as “wise step”, while the political blocs warned against pushing Iraqi street in conflicts.

Nassif said, “The president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki has the desire, led by a large political bloc, and not announcing his candidacy for the upcoming elections a wise move in order to keep the Iraqi street.”

She added that “some political blocs still fear (phobia) name al-Maliki, so the announcement not to run dispel their fears”, warning at the same time of the political blocs, “the Iraqi street, pushing Besraatha as happened in the province of Basra.”

Maliki was called during his visit to the Iranian capital Tehran, his intention not to run for the previous parliamentary election, which was a surprise in the political street.

Parliamentary Finance warns of US loan go to the pockets of corrupt


BAGHDAD – A Journal News
Finance revealed in Parliament on Thursday that the US sovereign ,which will get Iraq soon , the loan will be converted into health and education sector , in addition to a slice of the poor, and while criticizing the government continues to resort to political borrow warned go new loan money into the pockets of the corrupt.

The member of the Finance representative, Magda Tamimi’s (Journal News), said that “monetary policy pursued by the government towards financial loans marred by a lot of uncertainty because of the lack of a specific mechanism for distribution to the necessary financial doors,” indicating that “the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the beneficiaries of the US loan is the health and education sectors and a slice of the poor. ”

She warned al-Tamimi, “the loss of this money in the pockets of corrupt before it reaches the beneficiaries,” citing the need to “speed up identifying a specific mechanism in the movement of this money,” she said, “Hosting the Ministry of Finance officials at the beginning of the next legislative term to see the doors of disbursement of the loan.”

And member of the Finance Committee noted that “the Iraqi government, Iraq carried a lot of loans that will fall upon citizens prior to payment, with interest accrued thereon.”

And it announced that the Ministry of Finance, signed Thursday with officials in the US Treasury to guarantee the sovereign loan worth billion dollars, noting that the loan will provide resources to enable the Iraqi government to fulfill their basic obligations to the Iraqi people. is over


Integrity Central Bank sign memorandum to retrieve money smuggled out of Iraq and convicts



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BAGHDAD – balances News

Signed recovery circuit board in the integrity and the Office of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, a memorandum of cooperation to recover money smuggled and convicted fugitives outside Iraq and the fight against money laundering and dry up the sources of terrorist financing.

A statement by the board of Integrity received / balances News / copy of it, that “recovery circuit in the board integrity and the Office of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in the Central Bank of Iraq signed a memorandum of joint cooperation to recover money smuggled and convicted fugitives outside Iraq and the fight against money laundering and dry up the sources of terrorist financing.

The Director General of the Department of recovery Muhammad Ali tempted to “deepen cooperation between the two parties, who assigned them the task of gathering information and follow-up and recover the money smuggled out of the country, as well as the rest of the relevant authorities.”

He added that “the recovery problem circle newly initiated to expand the frameworks of cooperation with all institutions and departments and national bodies concerned to recover the money and accused of believing that cooperation is the only way for the success of national efforts to restore Iraq’s money smuggled and rein in corrupt and squatters on the sanctity of public money, including erected in anti-corruption efforts. “

For his part, the price of general manager of the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing office at the central bank Naeem Tohme Khudair “contribution to the body was the actor in the success of institutions and departments and bodies involved in the efforts to recover the money smuggled and convicted and the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, expressed the readiness of the office to provide the necessary information to the Department of recovery on the whereabouts of the money contraband and convicted of crimes of corruption and waste of public money in the various countries of the world. “

The statement noted that “the highlights of the memorandum of cooperation signed by the two sides exchanged related to combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the fight against corruption, coordination and follow-up expertise in order to ensure the success of the tasks assigned to them under the law and the exchange of research, studies and hold workshops and training sessions for the purpose of lifting the executive level to Mnzbehma with the need to adhere to the confidentiality of information that Itbadlanha.anthy 29



Brent crude rises to $ 56.54 a barrel



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{International: Euphrates News} Oil prices continued their upward Mujtha, Thursday, for the third consecutive day since the start of the new year trading.
The futures traded global oil blend “Brent” at a price of $ 56.54 per barrel , up by 0.14%, as was the US futures trading, light sweet crude at $ 53.35 a barrel ,achieving a growth rate of 0.17%.
And contributed Iraq ‘s declaration about its commitment to cut production inaccordance with the “OPEC” an agreement to increase the confidence of investors to reduce oversupply in the global market compared to Tlb.anthy

Three banks offer its shares in the Iraqi market for Oroaq



Iraq Stock Exchange


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It revealed the Iraqi market for Oroaq, Thursday, for the approval of the three banks to sell shares in the stock market, while the contribution of those banks expect to increase market movement.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The three banks have expressed their consent to sell shares to be effective and contribute to the market,” noting that “the approval of these banks came after the central bank’s decision to the need to put up shares of banks in Iraq market Money bills”.

He said Abdel-Salam said, “The three banks are (international development and Ceyhan and the Islamic nation,” expected to “those banks contribute to increased market movement as well as the impacts on the work of banks.”

Asadi: We are working on a plan for the Liberation of Hawija, Amnesty International issued reports without evidence


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Baghdad balances News

Confirmed the official spokesman of the popular crowd Authority Ahmed al-Asadi, on Thursday, he is working on a plan for the Liberation of Hawija, noting that Amnesty International issued reports without evidence.

Asadi said, in a press conference held today, attended / balances News /, “The Liberation Hawija an important issue,” noting that “most of the violations come through it and in the leadership of the Doaash control of the judiciary.”

He added that “Hawija spend up to now the focus of terrorism contained Daesh criminal gangs,” However, he noted that “We hope in the near future to develop a plan to free him completely.”

He said al-Asadi, it “can not for the crowd caught the popular file security to Baghdad overlapping security services, and can provide information to assist in the policing,” expressing surprise at the words of Ethel Najafi as “the national association with the popular crowd.”

He stressed that “the popular crowd is subject to the orders of the Baghdad Operations Command in the capital, and that all formations play their role in accordance with international human rights laws,” adding that “Amnesty International issued reports without evidence” .anthy 29 / A 43