Iraq, OPEC’s 2nd biggest producer, may have hard time cutting oil production


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An OPEC branded flag sits on a table ahead of the 169th Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

OPEC, high oil prices good in short-term for majors: Pro  19 Hours Ago | 02:28

Iraq is stuck between a rock and a hard place in its effort to contribute to OPEC‘s planned production cuts in the first half of 2017.

Those cuts — which are designed to help the world work through a glut of existing oil supplies and thereby reduce prices — were scheduled to take effect this week. But big questions remain about how exactly Iraq will manage to hit its agreed-upon quota and cut out 210,000 barrels a day.

That includes how Iraq will handle its contractual commitments to the international oil companies that operate its massive southern oil fields, and whether the northern region of Iraq that’s controlled by its Kurdish minority will go along with cuts.

Iraq is OPEC’s second biggest producer, and it has promised some of the largest cuts among cartel members and other big producers like Russia. The overall goal among parties to the agreement is to remove nearly 1.8 million barrels a day from the market.

“Of the Middle East producers that agreed to the cuts, it’s probably the one that has the most [international oil company]-operated production,” Jessica Brewer, principal analyst for Middle East and North Africa upstream oil and gas at energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie. “There are a lot more parties involved, which makes it more complex.”

Baghdad’s contracts with foreign oil drillers include provisions that require the government to compensate them when production is curtailed for reasons beyond the drillers’ control, Reuters reported after viewing contract excerpts in November.

Government-imposed production cuts could trigger those provisions, according to Brewer. What type of compensation that could entail can be negotiated, but it’s possible the government could have to pay back the oil companies for lost revenue, she said.

That would be painful for Iraq. The country is already in financial straits after more than two years of low oil prices.

Currently, there are no clear signs Iraq has reached a deal to cut output with international oil companies such as BP, Exxon Mobiland Royal Dutch Shell, Brewer said. Meanwhile, OPEC’s compliance panel meets to make its first assessment of output reductions on Jan. 21 and 22 in Vienna.


Iraq could dodge its problems it made the cuts from state-operated fields in the country’s north, but that option provides no easy solution either, Brewer added.

That’s because the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government took control of the city of Kirkuk after central government forces failed to defend it from Islamic State militants in 2014. The Kurds now control some of the oil production in the region and may not be willing to cut output, because their government is also struggling financially.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi complained the Kurds wereexporting more oil than they are allowed, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Under the 2017 budget, Kurds are permitted to export 250,000 barrels a day. The Kurds, who can ship oil to Turkey via a pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan, oppose the export limits.

The central government and Kurdish leaders have long feuded over the Kurds’ oil exports, which Baghdad says violate the constitution because only federal officials are authorized to sell the country’s crude.

That said, a deal between Baghdad and the Kurds to cut northern output is “definitely not out of the question. It’s just not something you would expect them to come to an agreement to overnight,” she said.

OPEC deal compliance will fall short: Expert

OPEC deal compliance will fall short: Expert  Monday, 2 Jan 2017 | 10:41 PM ET | 02:01



Washington has doubled the number of military advisers in Mosul


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Washington has doubled the number of military advisers in Mosul

US armored vehicles inthetownofBartella eastof theIraqi cityofMosul

The International Alliance announced against “Daesh” led by the United States that it doubled the number of US military advisers in Mosul to 450 in one of several steps to accelerate progress in the war against the terrorist organization.

He said coalition spokesman, Colonel John Dorian, on Wednesday January 4: “There are several things we’ve done in order to speed up the progress of the Iraqi security forces … and we have continued to carry out attacks against the enemy, as well as increased the number of military advisers and assistance that are out there (in Mosul) with elements of the leadership of the Iraqi security forces to advise them as they progress, in order to synchronize operations. “

The durian, during a meeting conference especially from Baghdad teleconference with reporters in Washington, that the population of the military coalition advisers in Mosul, “has risen to nearly 450” during the past two weeks, noting that the number “has increased twice as much as what they were before.”

Dorian explained that the advisers “stay behind the front rows of the units (of Iraq),” but added that they entered the city “at different times.”

US forces are trying to clamp down on “Daesh” by synchronizing the various operations against the organization in Iraq and Syria.

The total number of American military personnel in Iraq, according to Pentagon .4935 people, including coaches and security and military experts.

Waging the Iraqi army, since October 17 / October, the process of “coming, Nineveh,” supported by troops “peshmerga” Kurdish units “popular crowd” and “tribal crowd” and the flight of the international coalition against “Daesh”, the aim of liberating the city of Mosul.

This is the largest operation since the invasion of the organization to the north and west of the country and control of nearly a third of the area of Iraq in the summer of 2014.

In spite of the entry edit Mosul campaign week of the eighth, on Monday, what militants “Daesh” still in control of three-quarters of the city, which is home to nearly one million people, in conditions similar to the siege to a large extent with the onset of winter.

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US commander: Daesh no longer has the ability to coordinate areas of control in Mosul


US commander: Daesh no longer has the ability to coordinate areas of control in Mosul

شفق نيوز/ قال قائد التحالف الذي تقوده الولايات المتحدة يوم الأربعاء إن قوات الجيش والأمن العراقية تعمل معا بشكل أفضل في معركتها ضد متشددي تنظيم داعش وتكتسب زخما في الحملة المستمرة منذ 11 أسبوعا لاستعادة الموصل. Twilight News / coalition said US-led coalition on Wednesday, the commander of the army and security forces of Iraq are working better together in the fight against al Daesh organizing and gaining momentum in the ongoing campaign since the 11 weeks to restore Mosul.

وخلال جولة بالهليكوبتر فوق المناطق التي تم تحريرها في الآونة الأخيرة قال اللفتنانت جنرال ستيف تاونسند إن التنسيق كان غائبا إلى حد بعيد في أول شهرين من الحملة حيث حققت القوات العراقية تقدما بطيئا بعد أن دخلت المدينة. During a tour by helicopter over areas that have been edited recently he said Lt. Gen. Steve Townsend said coordination was absent to a large extent in the first two months of the campaign, where Iraqi forces have made slow progress after they entered the city.

ودخلت قوات مكافحة الإرهاب الموصل من الشرق وسيطرت على ربع المدينة لكن القوات في جبهات أخرى تأخرت الأمر الذي أدى إلى توقف الحملة الشهر الماضي. Counter-terrorism forces entered Mosul and from the east and seized control of a quarter of the city, but troops on other fronts delayed which led to a campaign stop last month.

ومنذ استئناف الهجوم الأسبوع الماضي استعادت قوات مكافحة الإرهاب وفرقة الرد السريع والشرطة الاتحادية عدة أحياء شرقية رغم المقاومة الشرسة ووحدت صفوفها في مناطق كانت معرضة لهجمات. Since the resumption of the attack last week’s anti-terrorism squad and the rapid reaction police and federal forces retook several eastern districts, despite the fierce resistance and joined forces in areas vulnerable to attacks.

وقال تاونسند إن القادة العراقيين بتوجيه من التحالف قرروا قبل أسبوعين أنه سيتعين على القوات المتعددة الموالية للحكومة أن تنسق فيما بينها بشكل أوثق. Townsend said that the Iraqi leaders, under the guidance of the coalition decided two weeks ago that it will have multiple pro-government forces to coordinate with each other more closely.

وقال لرويترز بعد زيارة الجنود الأمريكيين والتحدث مع القادة العراقيين في موقع للتحالف شمالي الموصل “على مدى نحو شهرين… ما شهدناه هو عدم وجود تنسيق كاف بين كل محاور الهجوم والقوات المختلفة.” He told Reuters after visiting American soldiers and talk with Iraqi leaders at the site of the Alliance north of Mosul, “for nearly two months … What we have seen is the lack of sufficient coordination between all the different axes of the attack and the troops.”

وتابع قوله “قبل عيد الميلاد اتخذ قرار بالتنسيق بشكل أكبر ولهذا فهم يقومون بهذا أكثر. He continued saying “before Christmas holiday decision was made in coordination and greater understanding of this doing it more.

وقال “في السابق.. كنا نرى التقدم في محور واحد رئيسي بينما يتوقف التقدم في المحاور الأخرى. الآن نرى تحركا للأمام في جميع المحاور بشرق الموصل.” “In the past .. we see progress in one major axis stops while progress in other hubs. Now we move forward in all axes in eastern Mosul.”

ويقود تاونسند عملية العزم الصلب التي يشارك فيها تحالف من قوات عسكرية من دول غربية وعربية تقوم بقصف مواقع للدولة الإسلامية في العراق وسوريا منذ 2014. Townsend and lead are determined by the process of steel coalition of military forces participate from Western and Arab countries are pounding the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since 2014.

وتقدم العملية الآن دعما جويا وبعض المساعدة البرية للهجوم العراقي على الموصل ونشرت ضباطا مع القادة العراقيين للمساعدة في التخطيط لكل خطوة من العملية. And now it offers operation in air support and some wild assistance to the Iraqi attack on Mosul and posted officers with Iraqi leaders to assist in the planning for each step of the process.

وتنفذ هجوم الموصل قوة برية قوامها مئة ألف من جنود الحكومة العراقية وأفراد قوات الأمن الكردية وفصائل يغلب عليها الشيعة في أعقد عملية عسكرية في العراق منذ الغزو الذي قادته الولايات المتحدة في 2003. The Mosul attack carried out a ground force of a hundred thousand of Iraqi government soldiers and members of the Kurdish security forces and factions of the Shi’ite-dominated in the most complex military operation in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003.

عدو “قادر على التكيف” Enemy “unable to adapt.”

قد يعني الانتصار في الموصل نهاية الخلافة التي أعلنها زعيم التنظيم المتشدد أبو بكر البغدادي قبل عامين ونصف من المسجد الرئيسي في المدينة بعد أن ألقت القوات العراقية أسلحتها ولاذت بالفرار. Victory in Mosul may mean the end of the caliphate declared by the militant organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, two and a half from the main mosque in the city before after Iraqi forces dropped their weapons and fled.

لكن في الأيام الأخيرة أظهر المتشددون الأساليب التي من المرجح أن يلجأوا إليها إذا خسروا المدينة فقتلوا العشرات بتفجيرات في بغداد وهاجموا قوات الأمن في مناطق أخرى. But in recent days, militants have shown the methods that are likely to resort to it if they lose the city, killing dozens of bombings in Baghdad and attacked security forces in other areas.

ورغم أن القوات العراقية تفوقهم عددا فقد استغل المتشددون الأرض وستار السكان المدنيين للمناورة وشن هجمات وتفادي رصدهم. Although the number of Iraqi forces superiority militants have exploited the land and the guise of the civilian population to maneuver, launch attacks and to avoid being spotted.

وقال تاونسند إن القوات العراقية تتصدي للتفجيرات الانتحارية بسيارات ملغومة بشكل أفضل. Townsend said that Iraqi forces respond to the suicide car bomb blasts better. وساعد ذلك على الحد من الخسائر التي لا تنشر الحكومة تقارير عنها لكن مصادر تقول إنها تصل في بعض الأيام إلى عشرات. This helped to limit the losses that the government does not publish reports about but sources say they hit on some days to tens.

وقال إن الخسائر كانت “مروعة في الأسابيع القليلة الأولى هنا في المدينة في أكتوبر وأوائل نوفمبر وكنت قلقا للغاية آنذاك. أشعر بقلق أقل الآن. يبدو أنهم تكيفوا.” He said the losses were “horrible in the first few weeks here in the city in October and early November and I was very worried at the time. I feel less anxious now. They seem to have adapted.”

ووصف تاونسند تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية بأنه “عدو قادر على التكيف” لكنه قال إن التنظيم الذي له خلايا منفصلة تحارب في عشرات الأحياء لم يعد قادرا على التنسيق عبر المناطق المختلفة التي يسيطر عليها داخل الموصل مثلما كان يفعل. Townsend described the organization of the Islamic state as “the enemy is able to adapt,” but said the organization, which has separate cells fights in dozens of neighborhoods no longer able to coordinate across different areas controlled by the inside of Mosul as he was doing.

وذكر أن بعض كبار قادة التنظيم لا يزالون يديرون المعركة من داخل الموصل لكنه لم يؤكد إن كان من بينهم البغدادي الذي عرضت واشنطن مكافأة قدرها 25 مليون دولار لمن يدلي بمعلومات عنه. He said that some of the senior leaders of the organization are still running battle inside of Mosul but did not confirm that it was including al-Baghdadi, which Washington has offered a reward of $ 25 million reward for information about him.

وقال تاونسند “ليست لدي فكرة عن مكان البغدادي. إذا وردتكم أدلة عن مكان البغدادي من فضلكم أبلغوني حتى أستطيع قتله”. Townsend said, “I have no idea about the place of al-Baghdadi.. If Rdtkm evidence of al-Baghdadi place please told me so I can kill him.”



The Washington Post: the stability of the world is linked to the elimination of Daesh and build Iraq and Turkey positive domestic policies

Promised global spread American newspaper, said on Wednesday that the bombings in Baghdad and Istanbul recently shown the ability (Daesh) to strike outside the boundaries of its strongholds, which began gradually shrinking, while hoped to witness the current general 2017 elimination of that organization on the ground, it considered the most important for the security of the Middle East and the West, it is whether the stability will be enhanced more in Turkey and Iraq, because the “decisive factor” would be the extent of the ability of their governments to adopt internal policies “more positive.”The Washington Post The Washington American Post, in an editorial of the Editorial Board today, I followed (range Press), “The bombings in Baghdad recently with an armed and bloody berserk killing dozens in a nightclub in Istanbul on the eve of the New Year’s holiday series, emphasizes the the continuity of the organization Daesh ability to strike beyond the limits of its strongholds, which began gradually shrinking. ”

The newspaper added that “American estimates show that Daesh terrorist lost during the past two years, nearly 50 thousand fighters and more than half of the land that was previously dominated in Iraq and Syria,” noting that “extremist organization still has the ability to harm the surrounding countries as well as its ability to target Western cities, with stops that accompanied the ongoing battles to recover the last two reasonableness of Mosul and tenderness, and to undergo slow. ”

According to the Washington Post, that there is “reason to worry about the possibility that Iraq and Turkey is in danger circle the loss of their war against terrorism effectively,” indicating that “the two countries boost public Bjeeochehema past 2016 to liberate lands occupied by Daesh and achieved significant achievements in it, and that both are facing political, economic and social fracture risk as a result of terrorist attacks, counterattacks, own and procedures that are counterproductive. ”

The newspaper pointed out that the “anti-terrorism units of the Iraqi Almtoglp in Mosul, as well as American advisers and air power that support them, deserve praise military tactics that aim to protect civilians and avoid harming them,” usually that “human losses during the period of two months and a half of fighting in Nineveh, It is few compared to those waged by the Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces in Aleppo, although the Iraqi forces suffered heavy losses after it was aiming for victory at the end of 2016, while the Government of Haider al-Abadi says, now it may take several more months. ”

She Washington Post, that “the government Abadi not respond to repeated promises upgrading the efforts of political reconciliation among sectarian components in the country,” Msttrdh that “contrast the Iraqi parliament has recently taken action made by the government away most of the Sunni leaders and the Kurds.”

The US considered widespread newspaper, that “inherent danger in that is that even after the restoration of Mosul, the sectarian conflict in the country will continue, and perhaps more acute, when teams are competing among themselves for control of the regions and territories liberated.”

On Turkey, ago the Washington Post saying, she was “living the risks of self-collapse despite the power of dictatorship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or perhaps because of it,” indicating that “President Erdogan, who avoided taking any action against Daesh over the past seven years, sends troops inside Syria in 2016, but aims behind it to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish region there are more than provide assistance for the recovery of tenderness. ”

He promised the newspaper, that “the brutal repression exercised by Erdogan, the Kurds and political opponents of others inside Turkey, has caused the creation of polarization in the country led to drive a wedge between the groups that are supposed to unite in the face of terrorism.”

The Washington Post, said that “some liberal Turks have pointed out that the attack, which occurred inside the nightclub Reina night in Istanbul, a haven for the Laity and the general public, has received after he criticized the government clerics festivities celebrating the New Year.”

It saw the newspaper, that “Hope remains, however, the possibility to witness the current general 2017 de State of the alleged succession to regulate Daesh entity on earth,” afterthought “but what will look like whatever more for security in the Middle East as well as in the West, is whether will be enhanced more stability in Turkey and Iraq, which will depend in part on the ability of the organization to carry out sabotage and other terrorist attacks like. those launched by the end of last week. ”

The Washington Post concluded, that nevertheless, “the decisive factor will be whether both can Abadi Erdogan to endorse a constructive internal policies more positive in their countries.”

IRAQ Banking Forum 3rd Edition 11-12, January 2017 Beirut


Iraq has witnessed in the last few months positive developments at the security and economic levels, where it has regained control over wide areas that have been for long in the hands of terrorist organizations, amid an unprecedented Arab and international support.

At the economic level, an agreement has been reached with the International Monetary Fund regarding an economic support program last May, further showing the International Community’s willingness to help Iraq overcome its budget deficit, as it remains burdened with costs of reconstruction and open war on terror. Meanwhile, a remarkable improvement has been noted in terms of oil prices and economic reform that has recently kicked off.

As those events unfolded, the Central Bank of Iraq has been tirelessly carrying on with its systematic development of the banking sector, and openness to the international arena. It has therefore adopted for the first time an ambitious five-year plan (2016-2020) defining the priorities of the bank and sector as a whole for the 5 upcoming years, while being at the same time keen on implementing international laws and procedures, countering money-laundering and fulfilling its compliance requirements.

In this context, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group and the Central Bank of Iraq will be organizing in collaboration with the Central Bank of Lebanon, Iraq Private Banks League and the Association of Lebanese Banks, the Iraqi Banking Forum on January 11 & 12, 2017 in Beirut.

The 3rd Iraqi Banking Forum will be attended by a number of prominent official leaders and decision makers, businessmen, heads of Iraqi banks and banks operating in the Iraqi market, as well as IT, security and digital payment companies.






Urgent killing of the so – called {administrator} to Daesh in Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the federal police headquarters, killing the so-called {administrator} to Daesh in Mosul
He said the police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “federal police chief administrative officer killed for Daesh terrorist Abu Marwan al-Hadithi {} during the purge unit neighborhood” .anthy



Kurdistan in response to the Abadi: we did not agree on the amount of oil exported


Since 04/01/2017 14:38 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

Denied the Kurdistan Alliance, on Wednesday, there was no agreement between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil on the quantity of exported oil from the Kurdistan region, calling the remarks to be realistic.

The MP said the coalition Majid Chenkali, L / balance News /, “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s remarks on irregularities region to export oil unfortunate, because there is so far no agreement on reaching determine the amount of oil that will be issued from the region.”

He added that “al-Abadi said that the Kurdish issue is greater than the agreed amount,” expressing his own question by saying, “Where is this agreement.”

He Chenkali, that “the Kurdistan government has not agreed so far on what was in the general budget of the law in this regard,” However, he noted that “what the law stipulated by the Government of the Territory is not required to export the amount of oil.”

And between, that “the Iraqi prime minister said 550 thousand barrels revenues delivered to Baghdad in exchange for the region’s share in the budget, which did not mention the additional quantities,” stressing the need to “be realistic statements.”

He accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, the Kurdistan region to export oil more than a specified cross-Ceyhan pipeline Turka.anthy 29 / A 43 rates