The release of journalist Afrah Shawqi Spad days hijacked


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Since 04/01/2017 00:06 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Freed journalist Afrah Shawqi after nine days on the Achtkavha from her home, while stressing journalists and activists gathered in front of her house and she arrived on Tuesday evening to a house after an hour on her release.

He said the security committee in the Baghdad provincial council member Mohammed al-Rubaie’s / balances News / The Wedding Shawki was released this evening with her car and possessions which are sister with her, without giving further Alaydaat.

He urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security agencies on “disclosure of the circumstances,” an Iraqi journalist abduction from her home and “make utmost efforts to save her life.”

Unidentified stormed Monday December 26 last press home Afrah Shawqi hours after publishing an article on the Internet, titled “disregard for the weapon in the campus” and criticized strongly “groups that perceive themselves greater than the law” imposes what you want by force of arms in Iraq.

It has already been Shawki served as correspondent from Baghdad to the Saudi Middle East newspaper and exposed to a campaign widely criticized reached the lawsuits against it after the publication of the newspaper published in London recently to report abusive women Karbala and found it was “fabricated.”

Shawki said later that she left work with the newspaper for a long time. However, he faced a campaign of defamation and inciting the extensive social networking sites.

Who was responsible for the abduction or arrest nor his motives are not known but the timing came after Shawki published her essay addressed to an incident in which a police officer on a school principal a few days ago in the province of Dhi Qar, south of the country attacked.

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