The reasons for the endorsement of the President of the Republic’s budget in 2017?!


03-01-2017 09:30 PM

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East News –

Basil Abbas Khudair

Parliamentary Finance Committee made it clear on Monday that the President of the Republic , Dr. Fuad Masum has not yet ratified the federal budget for the current fiscal year the Law (2017) , despite the vote of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on all the paragraphs on 12.07.2016 has unanimously between the political blocs, said member Committee Sarhan , Ahmad said in a statement, said that the general budget of the current fiscal year the law is still in the corridors of the Finance Committee and is awaiting administrative orders of the presidency of the Council of Representatives for transmission to the President of the Republic in order to ratify it and its publication in the official Gazette, Ahmed said, that the budget needed for a full month after the publication in the official Gazette before the beginning of distribution of resources to ministries and state institutions, noting that the said period may sometimes goes on in the event of one of the political parties appealed to the Federal Court budget law.

Not to forward the budget law for the presidency for approval why not force the budget law is despite three days after the beginning of the fiscal year, with some optimism the end of the House of Representatives to ratify the law ahead of time before the 24 days of the beginning of the fiscal year, and considered that it might resolve knot delay the budget in previous years , where the prolonged discussions and approval to the month of March or April of each year , so that was not left time required for the implementation of its vocabulary and benefit the people of the financial allocations which led to the postponement of the implementation of some of the goals and commitments for subsequent years and the arrival of the conditions of implementation of projects and the provision of services to where we are as one of the reasons, perhaps the completion of the review and approve the 2017 budget before the fiscal year end was a sign of hope and one of the advantages of the budget , which covered many defects included some material due to weak revenue and rely on the traditional method in the preparation of budgets, but these are good on its way to demise because enter into force from 01.01.2017 and is still in the corridors of the House of Representatives and require two months or more for them to be legally effective after publication in the official Gazette (official Gazette) . During this period will be subject to the following actions:

. Officially received by the President of the Republic after being sent by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives

. Reviewed by Mr. President and his advisers Ertaehm within 15 days

. It sent the last check , which includes linguistic errors and redundancy and compliance with the formulations

. Sent to the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of disseminating translated into Kurdish and give a legislative sequence

. Actually published in the Official Gazette and install Release Date promise window from the beginning of this year

. Start distributing its resources on ministries and state institutions and units of exchange actual application for the purpose of direct

. Appeals exceeded its material that could be provided by the government if any changes are made by the contradiction philosophy and objectives , or when the House of Representatives added financial burdens outweigh the ability to be covered with the available possibilities.

With regard to the last paragraph has been directing a question to the Prime Minister in one of the press conferences that used to be held after the end of the weekly cabinet session every Tuesday about his opinion on the federal budget for 2017 after the House of Representatives approval, he replied that the budget after the ratification did not share with them as if appeals made after publication of the budget law in the official Gazette, and he said if we found that the changes made by the House of Representatives does not affect the essence of the budget bill does not occur additional financial commitments , we will go to apply but if we found the contrary we will challenge some of the articles or paragraphs , as happened in previous cases during the past two years , but assured that the materials found no appeals will proceed with its application as set out in the bill.

The importance of the issuance of the budget each year the law because the force of law means giving orders certifying according accredited to the financial authorities , mechanisms, and without a budget bill, the Minister of Finance is authorized ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry of exchange monthly specific rates of actual spending the previous fiscal year from the beginning of the fiscal year until the entry into force of the budget law, and these ratios are 1:12 or 1:18 or 1:24 was sometimes up to 1:36, and these numbers are not strange symbols, but indications on the exchange, for example , 1:12 means that the Finance Unit on its place to act the rate of exchange for one month of the total actual expenditure during the previous fiscal year for a specific allocation, if the actual expenditure of 240 billion dinars in the previous year on goods ( for example), this department or ministry can be spent to no more than 20 billion dinars per month and until the entry into force the budget law, and the same applies to the case on the rest ratios If this is 1:24, the total exchange should be no more than 10 billion dinars per month until the entry into force of the current budget , taking into account the other conditions of the exchange.

It is well known, that any delay deadlines balancing force means to disable the public interest because the official in question will be restricted drainage within the limits specified percentages pending receipt of instructions and implementation of the budget law and the distribution of allocations by the Ministry of Finance concerning the operating budget and the Ministry of Planning regarding the investment budget, it has been affected by this disruption many dealers with government agencies from suppliers, processors and contractors and the majority of citizens , which means Shell important part of the effectiveness of the administrative system, and in the current fiscal year , many looks from the staff to the entry into force of the federal budget bill to get to know in a clear and explicit instructions article on the granting of leave at full nominal salary for 4 years in order to pack their ordered them on the enjoyment or postpone it to tougher conditions or leave the topic, this holiday is now attracting the attention of the staff to the point that some of them had been evacuated to enjoy the leave without pay for the purpose of comparison and the trade – off between the two and take the appropriate decision between the two, and more who are waiting for entry into force of the budget law of the most the people and not just wanting to enjoy long leave believe that his Excellency the President of the Republic is causing delay the issuance of the budget and the fact the law is not so , because the budget was not forwarded to him light the parliamentary finance committee statement, and it goes beyond that constitutes gives estimates that the budget will not apply 03/01/2017 ago The action is not taken to accelerate the entry into force and implementation of the budget, which means implicitly that (heartbreak) budget execution Bmeidha identified from the beginning of the fiscal year any of 1/1 of each year , the law will remain trapped souls and deferred wishes in 13 years we do not know when it will see the light.

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