Security forces dominate the new neighborhoods in Mosul, killing 259 Daashaa [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Command announced Aaninoy coming operations, on Tuesday, to control the number of neighborhoods in Mosul after killing at least 259 terrorists have Daesh gangs, in the framework of the second phase of the liberalization of Nineveh province operations.

The news media military cell of the Joint Special Operations Command commander coming operations O Nineveh Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Aarallah as saying in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the fight against terrorism device forces managed to free the industrial district in dignity and Industrial Zone and Mercedes The Granaries and flour mill, exhibitions and commercial complex where South nationalization raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings. ”
Aarallah He pointed out that ” the forces continuing the process of cleansing of the liberated areas in the eastern axis of the left coast after killing 75 terrorists, Daesh also seized two labs for mining and tank [T-72] and armored personnel carriers and a number of armored vehicles.”
With regard to the southern axis left coast of Mosul Aarallah explained that ” the federal police forces and pieces Armored Division ninth gained control of the district of the Charter and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings were also able to destroy seven vehicles bomber killed 93 terrorists and are close to the Tigris River.”
In the northern axis of pieces managed to destroy the mortar detachment after the killing of 11 terrorists bombed the international airline alliance.
He said the commander of liberalization of Nineveh “The Iraqi air force carried out five sorties to hit targets in the areas of the coast right and Tal Afar and the coast left and managed to an air strike to combine the terrorists in the village of Ein Talaoa west of Tal Afar , and managed to kill more than 80 terrorists.”
And it announced Operations Command [coming, Nineveh] last Thursday , starting the second phase of the liberation of the remaining districts of the left coast of the city of Mosul , Ahtrha Tigris River into two operations and was able to extract new neighborhoods.
Consisting eastern suburb of the connector from about 65 alive simplified security forces , yet its control over more than 50 of them.
The aim of the second phase of the attack to the entire neighborhoods of the left coast grab part of a broader offensive launched last October 17 to expel Daesh of the entire city of Mosul.

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