Iraqi television: the next few hours could see the liquidation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Date: 03/01/2017 19:00

Information / Baghdad …
Iraqi state television announced, Tuesday, for monitoring the presence of a suspected organization “Daesh” criminal leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in it, likely to witness the coming hours liquidated after the confirmation of his character.
The reporter said the Iraqi channel from one of the breakers operations in Nineveh province, through bulletin national media alliance unified “it was monitoring a suspected presence of the criminal al-Baghdadi, where in one of the province of Nineveh areas,” noting that “intelligence is currently ascertain whether Baghdadi is located.” The reporter added, that “in the event that Baghdadi will instruct the Army Aviation targeting the place,” likely that “the announcement of the killing of al-Baghdadi in the next few hours,” .anthy / 25

The release of journalist Afrah Shawqi Spad days hijacked


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Baghdad balances News

Freed journalist Afrah Shawqi after nine days on the Achtkavha from her home, while stressing journalists and activists gathered in front of her house and she arrived on Tuesday evening to a house after an hour on her release.

He said the security committee in the Baghdad provincial council member Mohammed al-Rubaie’s / balances News / The Wedding Shawki was released this evening with her car and possessions which are sister with her, without giving further Alaydaat.

He urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security agencies on “disclosure of the circumstances,” an Iraqi journalist abduction from her home and “make utmost efforts to save her life.”

Unidentified stormed Monday December 26 last press home Afrah Shawqi hours after publishing an article on the Internet, titled “disregard for the weapon in the campus” and criticized strongly “groups that perceive themselves greater than the law” imposes what you want by force of arms in Iraq.

It has already been Shawki served as correspondent from Baghdad to the Saudi Middle East newspaper and exposed to a campaign widely criticized reached the lawsuits against it after the publication of the newspaper published in London recently to report abusive women Karbala and found it was “fabricated.”

Shawki said later that she left work with the newspaper for a long time. However, he faced a campaign of defamation and inciting the extensive social networking sites.

Who was responsible for the abduction or arrest nor his motives are not known but the timing came after Shawki published her essay addressed to an incident in which a police officer on a school principal a few days ago in the province of Dhi Qar, south of the country attacked.

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The reasons for the endorsement of the President of the Republic’s budget in 2017?!


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East News –

Basil Abbas Khudair

Parliamentary Finance Committee made it clear on Monday that the President of the Republic , Dr. Fuad Masum has not yet ratified the federal budget for the current fiscal year the Law (2017) , despite the vote of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on all the paragraphs on 12.07.2016 has unanimously between the political blocs, said member Committee Sarhan , Ahmad said in a statement, said that the general budget of the current fiscal year the law is still in the corridors of the Finance Committee and is awaiting administrative orders of the presidency of the Council of Representatives for transmission to the President of the Republic in order to ratify it and its publication in the official Gazette, Ahmed said, that the budget needed for a full month after the publication in the official Gazette before the beginning of distribution of resources to ministries and state institutions, noting that the said period may sometimes goes on in the event of one of the political parties appealed to the Federal Court budget law.

Not to forward the budget law for the presidency for approval why not force the budget law is despite three days after the beginning of the fiscal year, with some optimism the end of the House of Representatives to ratify the law ahead of time before the 24 days of the beginning of the fiscal year, and considered that it might resolve knot delay the budget in previous years , where the prolonged discussions and approval to the month of March or April of each year , so that was not left time required for the implementation of its vocabulary and benefit the people of the financial allocations which led to the postponement of the implementation of some of the goals and commitments for subsequent years and the arrival of the conditions of implementation of projects and the provision of services to where we are as one of the reasons, perhaps the completion of the review and approve the 2017 budget before the fiscal year end was a sign of hope and one of the advantages of the budget , which covered many defects included some material due to weak revenue and rely on the traditional method in the preparation of budgets, but these are good on its way to demise because enter into force from 01.01.2017 and is still in the corridors of the House of Representatives and require two months or more for them to be legally effective after publication in the official Gazette (official Gazette) . During this period will be subject to the following actions:

. Officially received by the President of the Republic after being sent by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives

. Reviewed by Mr. President and his advisers Ertaehm within 15 days

. It sent the last check , which includes linguistic errors and redundancy and compliance with the formulations

. Sent to the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of disseminating translated into Kurdish and give a legislative sequence

. Actually published in the Official Gazette and install Release Date promise window from the beginning of this year

. Start distributing its resources on ministries and state institutions and units of exchange actual application for the purpose of direct

. Appeals exceeded its material that could be provided by the government if any changes are made by the contradiction philosophy and objectives , or when the House of Representatives added financial burdens outweigh the ability to be covered with the available possibilities.

With regard to the last paragraph has been directing a question to the Prime Minister in one of the press conferences that used to be held after the end of the weekly cabinet session every Tuesday about his opinion on the federal budget for 2017 after the House of Representatives approval, he replied that the budget after the ratification did not share with them as if appeals made after publication of the budget law in the official Gazette, and he said if we found that the changes made by the House of Representatives does not affect the essence of the budget bill does not occur additional financial commitments , we will go to apply but if we found the contrary we will challenge some of the articles or paragraphs , as happened in previous cases during the past two years , but assured that the materials found no appeals will proceed with its application as set out in the bill.

The importance of the issuance of the budget each year the law because the force of law means giving orders certifying according accredited to the financial authorities , mechanisms, and without a budget bill, the Minister of Finance is authorized ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry of exchange monthly specific rates of actual spending the previous fiscal year from the beginning of the fiscal year until the entry into force of the budget law, and these ratios are 1:12 or 1:18 or 1:24 was sometimes up to 1:36, and these numbers are not strange symbols, but indications on the exchange, for example , 1:12 means that the Finance Unit on its place to act the rate of exchange for one month of the total actual expenditure during the previous fiscal year for a specific allocation, if the actual expenditure of 240 billion dinars in the previous year on goods ( for example), this department or ministry can be spent to no more than 20 billion dinars per month and until the entry into force the budget law, and the same applies to the case on the rest ratios If this is 1:24, the total exchange should be no more than 10 billion dinars per month until the entry into force of the current budget , taking into account the other conditions of the exchange.

It is well known, that any delay deadlines balancing force means to disable the public interest because the official in question will be restricted drainage within the limits specified percentages pending receipt of instructions and implementation of the budget law and the distribution of allocations by the Ministry of Finance concerning the operating budget and the Ministry of Planning regarding the investment budget, it has been affected by this disruption many dealers with government agencies from suppliers, processors and contractors and the majority of citizens , which means Shell important part of the effectiveness of the administrative system, and in the current fiscal year , many looks from the staff to the entry into force of the federal budget bill to get to know in a clear and explicit instructions article on the granting of leave at full nominal salary for 4 years in order to pack their ordered them on the enjoyment or postpone it to tougher conditions or leave the topic, this holiday is now attracting the attention of the staff to the point that some of them had been evacuated to enjoy the leave without pay for the purpose of comparison and the trade – off between the two and take the appropriate decision between the two, and more who are waiting for entry into force of the budget law of the most the people and not just wanting to enjoy long leave believe that his Excellency the President of the Republic is causing delay the issuance of the budget and the fact the law is not so , because the budget was not forwarded to him light the parliamentary finance committee statement, and it goes beyond that constitutes gives estimates that the budget will not apply 03/01/2017 ago The action is not taken to accelerate the entry into force and implementation of the budget, which means implicitly that (heartbreak) budget execution Bmeidha identified from the beginning of the fiscal year any of 1/1 of each year , the law will remain trapped souls and deferred wishes in 13 years we do not know when it will see the light.

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Iraq PM says opponents spreading fake news of bombings

Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, pictured at the United Nations in 2016, says media outlets had been fed reports of bombings that never happened (AFP Photo/TIMOTHY A. CLARY)
AFPJanuary 3, 2017

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday charged that some of his opponents were disseminating fake reports of bombings in Baghdad to undermine him.

Abadi, who has faced relentless challenges from within his own bloc and across the political spectrum since taking the helm in 2014, said media outlets had been fed reports of bombings that never happened.

“There are parties exaggerating the situation… I always say that one fallen martyr is one too many, but spreading fear among the people, that’s called a fifth column,” he told reporters.

A suicide car bomb attack claimed by the Islamic State group killed at least 35 people in northeastern Baghdad on Monday, multiple security and hospital sources told AFP.

However, a number of other smaller bombings were reported by local news outlets and on social media subsequently across Baghdad, and Abadi claimed these reports were fabricated.

“Look at the series of bombings announced in Baghdad” on Monday, he told reporters at a press conference after his weekly cabinet meeting.

“You are journalists — go to the alleged spots in Baghdad. Were there victims there, were there really bombs there, were there any martyrs?” he asked.

Abadi accused some of his political opponents, without naming them, of deliberately trying to paint the security situation as worse than it already is.

“Those groups work among us, some of them have a problem with the prime minister. Let them sort it out with the prime minister but not this way, by scaring the people,” he said.

– Spike in criminal activity –

“They claim that they back the security forces on the front lines and then they stab them in the back,” Abadi said. “Using innocent blood for the sake of a political feud is not right.”

Abadi said recent weeks had seen a spike in criminal activity across Baghdad, and stressed that IS jihadists were not the only ones with an interest in stretching Iraq’s security forces.

Tens of thousands of Iraqi fighters — including from the federal police — are currently deployed in the north to take part in operation to retake second city Mosul from IS.

“Why is there an increase in organised crime at this time? Who wants to muddy the situation, who wants to keep our security forces busy with kidnappings? That causes a shortage in security personnel,” he said.

“Among the criminal gangs, there are no differences. Some come up with arguments suggesting there is a difference between Sunnis and Shiites… but criminals have no sect. Their interest is just the money — they don’t respect religion or doctrine,” Abadi added.

Among the Iraqis recently kidnapped in the Baghdad area is Afrah Shawqi, a female journalist who was abducted from her home by gunmen last week after publishing an article taking aim at Shiite militia groups.

Abadi said information from early in the investigation suggested the kidnapping was both politically and criminally motivated, and added that the security forces were actively following several leads to secure the release of the 43-year-old.

Security forces dominate the new neighborhoods in Mosul, killing 259 Daashaa [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Command announced Aaninoy coming operations, on Tuesday, to control the number of neighborhoods in Mosul after killing at least 259 terrorists have Daesh gangs, in the framework of the second phase of the liberalization of Nineveh province operations.

The news media military cell of the Joint Special Operations Command commander coming operations O Nineveh Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Aarallah as saying in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the fight against terrorism device forces managed to free the industrial district in dignity and Industrial Zone and Mercedes The Granaries and flour mill, exhibitions and commercial complex where South nationalization raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings. ”
Aarallah He pointed out that ” the forces continuing the process of cleansing of the liberated areas in the eastern axis of the left coast after killing 75 terrorists, Daesh also seized two labs for mining and tank [T-72] and armored personnel carriers and a number of armored vehicles.”
With regard to the southern axis left coast of Mosul Aarallah explained that ” the federal police forces and pieces Armored Division ninth gained control of the district of the Charter and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings were also able to destroy seven vehicles bomber killed 93 terrorists and are close to the Tigris River.”
In the northern axis of pieces managed to destroy the mortar detachment after the killing of 11 terrorists bombed the international airline alliance.
He said the commander of liberalization of Nineveh “The Iraqi air force carried out five sorties to hit targets in the areas of the coast right and Tal Afar and the coast left and managed to an air strike to combine the terrorists in the village of Ein Talaoa west of Tal Afar , and managed to kill more than 80 terrorists.”
And it announced Operations Command [coming, Nineveh] last Thursday , starting the second phase of the liberation of the remaining districts of the left coast of the city of Mosul , Ahtrha Tigris River into two operations and was able to extract new neighborhoods.
Consisting eastern suburb of the connector from about 65 alive simplified security forces , yet its control over more than 50 of them.
The aim of the second phase of the attack to the entire neighborhoods of the left coast grab part of a broader offensive launched last October 17 to expel Daesh of the entire city of Mosul.

Abadi assures citizens that there are plans to cope with terrorist attacks and calls for global cooperation expanded intelligence {}


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi assured citizens that there are plans to cope with terrorist attacks, while calling for a global intelligence cooperation to accelerate the elimination of Daesh terrorist gangs.
Ebadi said in his weekly press held in Baghdad attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday “Ntmon citizens that there are plans to cope withterrorist attacks , ” adding that ” a lot of cities and world capitals exposed to terrorist attacks and breaches the security of its organs.”

“We need a global intelligence cooperation to accelerate the elimination of theterrorist Daesh gangs , ” noting that “there are linked Bdaash terrorist networks and there are media promoted , ” pointing out that ” the Council of Ministers issued instructions on all the wheels in Baghdad and the provinces movement.”

Abadi pointed out that “it is not correct to use the blood of innocent people in thepolitical miscarriage , ” calling on everyone to “cooperate and work to establish security and thwart organized crime”, also called “public awareness to counter thethreat of terrorism and extremism.”

And that ” the world praises Iraq and achievements war on terror”, adding that ” the Council of Ministers approved during its regular day on Intelligence Service Act and submit it to the House of Representatives, as the Cabinet approved the draft of the Ministry of Electricity Law.”
He went Abadi said that “despite the financial crisis and the austerity not that Iraq ismaking victories and achievements, where the progress has been significant progress in the liberalization of Mosul operations during the past few days, calling on members of the Nineveh provincial council to” hold their meetings in the liberated areas. ”
In the axis noted Abadi that ” the Kurdistan region exported more than its specific oil ratio through the Turkish port of Ceyhan.”
he pointed Abadi during the conference that ” the Turkish prime minister to visit Iraq as part of the exchange of visits between the two countries a program and seek to strengthen bilateral relations,” he “rejected the Iraqi land use to launch attacks on neighboring countries, including Turkey , “explaining that” Iraq does not support any group launched attacks on Turkey and Ankara understands it , “.anthy


Urgent Jordanian Prime Minister to visit Iraq next Monday


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki has visited Iraq on Monday.
According to informed sources told {Euphrates News} today that “Jordanian Prime Minister will visit Iraq on Monday of next week.”
She added , “As planned , Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim with a high – level ministerial delegation, made an official visit to the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Thursday.”
It is said that the President of the National Alliance , Mr. Ammar al – Hakim met with the coalition delegation during his visit to Jordan in the seventh month of December last Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki and discussed with him the political and security developments in Iraq and the region. ”
During the meeting , they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and mutual cooperation in all fields, and during the meeting also shed light on the national settlement and necessity of the project for the post – Daesh .anthy