Infallible: looking forward to have in 2017 in Nags Nasr on terrorism and economic development

Saturday 31 December 2016 17:49

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The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Saturday, that Iraq aspired to be a 2017 victory in the expeditious on “terrorism” and to achieve stability and economic development and the return of all displaced persons, while noting that the upcoming changes in the world will cast on the region next year.

Masum said in a statement on the occasion of the New Year has received, Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that “our people faced in 2016 a lot of problems and crises, but he was able to face them thanks to their steadfastness and sacrifices,” and expressed “aspiration to be a new year in Nasr Nags on terror and achieve stability, economic development and the return of all displaced persons and displaced persons to their homes and provide the necessary services to the citizens. “

He praised the infallible “the entrepreneurial spirit and heroism that characterize our people and our armed forces in all its formations over the past year and represented edited for most areas occupied by terrorist gangs”, recalling “the courage of our fighters, especially the martyrs of our people in Miami who have made life sacrifices for the freedom of their country and the liberation of their people and humanity from the scourge of terrorism. “

Masum also praised the “families that made their children in the heroic martyrs who travel Euclid Iraqis against terrorism, which inspired the world with hope, strength and the possibility of defeating the remnants gangs.”

The infallible, that “future changes to the world will cast on the region during 2017 to enhance the opportunities for cooperation, understanding and victory over terrorism.”


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