The completion of five new oil wells in Maysan

Announced Maysan Oil Company, Wednesday, on the completion of five new wells in the Halfaya field, indicating that the total wells drilled within the holding licenses in the field reached the 175 wells.

The general director of oil company Missan Adnan Nochi Sagt in a statement, “The company has completed drilling of five new oil wells in the Halfaya field 35 km east of Missan province,” noting that “the total wells drilled within the holding licenses in the field reached the 175 wells.”

Sagt added that “the companies that carried out the drilling operations are Bohai and Dagin Chinatan within the sub-contract with the main operator of the field, a Petrojayna company,” he said, adding that he “has been reached in the drilling of wells in a layer of oil-producing formation within the supervisor.”

Sagt and pointed out that “developments in the Halfaya field raised production rates to more than 200 thousand barrels per day.”

The company president Petrojayna operator of the field won the contract to develop the Halfaya field, along with a coalition of all of Malaysia’s Petronas and France’s Total, the second licensing round organized by the Ministry of Oil in 2009.


World Gold Council: Iraq’s reserves rose to 7.7% compared to the foreign currency

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World Gold Council, revealed Wednesday, a rise of Iraq’s reserves of gold, compared to 7.7% of foreign currency Baanaatyate Other, pointing out that Iraq is still ranked 37 of these countries.

The council said in its website by Statistics his last for the month of December 2016 and seen by “Economy News” that “Iraq’s reserves of gold remained stable and did not change, reaching 89.8 tons,” noting that “this amount represents 7.7% of its reserves of foreign currency, after that they represent 7.1% during the month of October. ”

The council said that “Iraq did not buy gold since the last buy him in April 2014 in which 15.16 tonnes bought,” noting that “Iraq was ranked 37 and V Arabs among the 100 state, which has reserves of gold, which has been included in the central bank’s report global reserves. ”

The statistics showed that “the world’s gold reserves amounted to 33,181 tons, while the United States ranked first globally in terms of these reserves, which amounted to 8.133.5, followed by Germany with 3.377 tons.”

Jubouri surprised to learn from al-Abadi’s remarks on the general amnesty law


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} expressed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, was surprised about the recent statements made by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the amnesty law, which pointed out that the general amnesty law was the cause of the recent kidnappings.
The Jubouri in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, on Wednesday, that ” the general amnesty law , which was submitted to Parliament by the government had proceeded to the inclusion of innocent people, which is part of the national reconciliation project, and a close political agreement , which was formed on the impact of items the government”.
He called on the Prime Minister to “submit the names of candidates to fill the posts of the interior and defense ministries , rather than letting these vacant positions.”
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi announced yesterday during a press conference on the re – vote on the amnesty law . “Noting that” the Electoral Commission has made great efforts to detect counterfeiters election of its employees and Hola been bringing them amnesty law , “while declared that he” will present candidates to fill the vacant ministries soon “.anthy

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister renewed his country’s support for Ebadi to the security and stability of Iraq [Extended]


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new First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al – Hamad Al- Sabah during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi on Wednesday in a visit to the capital ,Baghdad , Kuwait ‘s support for the security and stability of Iraq.
The Foreign Minister of Kuwait on Kuwait stand firm and unwavering commitment to safety and security and stability of Iraq support , praising the progress made by the Iraqi government in efforts to promote the political process and the fight against terrorism. ”
For his part , he praised the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi parking of the State of Kuwait by Iraq and permanent keenness to support the efforts to promote security and stability in it.
He Abadi during the meeting “welcomed the level of bilateral relations document and strong between the two countries in all fields and levels.” the
two sides discussed ways of consolidating and strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields and strengthen cooperation and coordination in the overall issues of common concern in addition to the search developments on the regional and international arenas.
the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation arrived earlier Wednesday to Iraq to head the Kuwaiti delegation in the meetings of the joint Kuwaiti – Iraqi Higher ministerial Committee.
he met with the Kuwaiti delegation with President Fuad Masum and Parliament Speaker Salim al -Jubouri.


World Bank praises the efforts of Iraq in the optimum use of associated gas


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News hailed Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi the role of the World Bank in support of Iraq, stressing that the ministry has shown its commitment to the recommendations of the World Bank, particularly on the subject of stop burning associated gas production operations.
The minister said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Oil and agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that ” the World Bank sent a message praises the work done by the ministry of works and projects to stop gas flaring, and through the World Bank through his support for orientations Iraq stopped wasting wealth during the stop gas flaring. the
World Bank stressed in his support for Iraq in its initiative to stop the burning routine gas operations by 2030.
He expressed the World Bank ‘s “appreciation for the support of the Government of Iraq that the program of work of the ministry was not confined to the local level, but to be , for example , at the international level where he gave the initiative further momentum to become the standard actually in the global industry. ”
He added that” your support proves the power of Iraq ‘s commitment and responsiveness to the responsibility of preserving the environment for effective resource management, even under the toughest conditions, as well as thecontinuity of application and development of best practices in the oil industry to gain global awareness, and that the efforts of the Government Iraq will be thefocus of appreciation for the foresight of the window, and positions trendsetter and their contributions to the reduction of gas flaring program. ”
the seal of the World Bank mission that” the World Bank Group is pleased with the presence of several joint projects with the Iraqi side within reduce gas flaring efforts, those which are included as part of the financing of development policy, especially last year {DPF}, and we would like to take the opportunity to grab a friend and encourage the oil Ministry to implement the agreed measures and successfully on the reduction of gas flaring and the development and rehabilitation of the gas sector , “.anthy

Oil Minister of Kuwait are committed to OPEC’s agreement and we expect the price of $ 60 a barrel


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Oil Minister Jabbar Luaibi confirmed on Wednesday Iraq ‘s commitment to reduce its share of the oil production scheduled to between 200 and 210 thousand barrels per day from the beginning of themonth of January.

Allaibi said , who is currently visiting Kuwait that “Iraq will stick with approved by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] and senior producers from outside the organization on anoutput cut.”
He said Iraq was keen on “the existence of balance in the world oil markets, as well as reducing oil surpluses that would damage the producing countries.”
Allaibi urged all oil producers inside and outside the [OPEC] to commit their share established in theagreement , “noting that” this move is in the right direction for the stability of oil markets and prop up prices , which has taken an upward trend since the announcement to reach a private agreement toreduce production. ”
He predicted oil minister Iraqi The price of a barrel of oil up to $ 60 , “he said . ” so what the whole it has a lot of experts and analysts. ”
The oil minister , yesterday began an official visit to Kuwait with the Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water of Kuwait Isam Al – Marzouq looking a number of joint oil issues between the two countries.

Alliance International: Iraqi forces will raise the Iraqi flag in central Mosul


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
spokesman for the International Alliance Against Daesh John Dorian, on Wednesday, security forces ‘ability to raise the Iraqi flag city of Mosul , Nineveh province , the center of downtown.
Said Dorian, in a press statement, said that “Iraqi forces are advancing in the battle of Mosul , with the support of the international coalition,” he said . “Operation plan has not seen any change.”
He said, “We will continue our support to Iraqi forces,” adding that “our consultants are doing amajor role in the battle and we provide Iraqi forces intelligence information in order to target Daesh sites in Mosul.”
The spokesman for the International Alliance Against Daesh, to the importance of “coordination between the Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan region , ” and expressed confidence that “Iraqi forces will raise the Iraqi flag in central Mosul , ” without specifying the period of time to achieve this.
The security forces managed since the start of the process of liberalization of Nineveh last October 17 of Liberation nearly 40 alive in the left side of Mosul , as well as the Nineveh Plain entire regions and dozens of villages and many respects.
As it progressed in the eastern neighborhoods of the city, while other forces cordoned off the southern and northern outskirts of the city and closed ten days before the road actually to the west.

Parliament resumes legislative term next Monday and will hold its first session on January 10


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives resumes the second legislative term next Monday in its first session held on January 10.
According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} “The Legislative Chapter II of the House of Representatives will begin on Monday 01/02/2017 and will be the date of the first meeting of the Council in this chapter on Tuesday, 01/10/2017 at 11 am” .anthy