Increased US support for Iraq in the battle of Mosul wild


Khandan – newspaper reported (life) on Sunday, as I learned from reliable sources in, the military and American leaders held a meeting on Friday night – Saturday and discussed the battle challenges in Mosul and concluded decisions “mission” that would change thecampaign that stalled during the past two weeks , the course, notably increase the role of the international coalition forces and their participation in ground operations, after its role was limited to air strikes.

The newspaper quoted a senior officer in the east of Mosul, as saying that ” an important meeting held late on the day before yesterday in adrunken base, attended by leaders of the Iraqi army and theinternational coalition and the Peshmerga, addressed the challenges facing the military campaign to regain Mosul.”

He added that the Iraqi side , “gave a summary of the situation in thefighting axes and challenges facing the anti – terrorism units Almtoglp within the eastern neighborhoods, and what you need in the second phase , which is expected to be launched within days.”

The officer noted that the meeting discussed the “Proposals to increase the number of troops inside the city, made up of federal police or local national crowd, did not reach a final agreement.”

The officer said: “we have seen a trend US to increase support in thewild battle,” refusing to clarify the nature of this support, but stressed that the meeting “came out with recommendations, the most important open a front in the western side of the city to distract defenses Daesh launched an attack on the airport and Camp Ghazlani , ” where gather elements organize “Daesh” terrorist.

The agency Reuters quoted US Army Col. Brett Sylvia Ji as saying: “We have started to strengthen our integration with them (Iraqi forces) to include more participation with advanced configurations that did not share their fighting in the past.”

Said Sylvia , who leads the strength of the military in 1700 and described as ” the backbone of the coalition forces , the wild”, that ” the level of integration is in a small private teams involved in thefighting with the local forces larger.”

He continued: ” I have always had our opportunities to work together, but did not integrate ourselves to this degree and became a big task now . We are part of their collections , ” but he declined to comment on information that confirms the presence of American soldiers in the front lines.





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