Iraqi military commander issued orders to move towards Mosul from all axes


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قوات عراقية
Iraqi forces

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi military commander revealed on Saturday, for theissuance of orders “from the military high command to move around the city of Mosul in the north of themes all to berestored from the control of the organization Daesh.”

He said the commander of Nineveh operations (army) Najim al-Jubouri, in a press statement, that “the joint armed forces are now ready, has been changed a lot in the military plans”, without specifying the date of the move.

He explained that “in the near future will be the announcement of the restoration of the left coast (east of Mosul) fully.”

Counter-terrorism forces pushed into (an army), for the first time in October connector end first / last Oktob regained about half the area of the east bank of the equivalent of a quarter of the city.

And waging “Daesh” run attacks on an ongoing basis in areas controlled by the Iraqi forces, which leads to the final burnout and distracting focus and delayed progress.

Iraq’s leaders are counting on opening new fronts to ease the pressure on the anti-terrorism forces.

In this regard, al-Jubouri said, “The change of plans comes to expedite the process of liberalization of Mosul after the slow progress of the Iraqi forces in some of the themes,” noting that “military reinforcements arrived in the eastern neighborhoods.”

Jubouri said, “The security sectors in the different axes completely in control of the situation is not affected by air Mounkhvd (bad weather) and winning Daesh become incapable of resistance.”

This development comes in the context of changes that you make Iraqi leaders on military plans after being slowed progress of its troops in the Eastern Front dramatically in recent weeks.

In a related context, the army officer said Zahid al-Qaisi, said that the international coalition aircraft carried out a raid on the site for “Daesh” in “July 17” west of Mosul, killing at least 16 militants of the organization.

He noted that he obtained his information from intelligence elements within the city.

It was not possible to get immediate comment from the Alliance.

Since the start of the battle of Mosul on October 17 / November last first, was editing dozens of villages and towns circumference of Mosul and a number of eastern neighborhoods within the city, which also displaced more than one hundred thousand civilians from their areas of residence, since the start of the battle, according to official statistics.



Abadi: Battle of Mosul clean and going at a good pace [Extended]

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said the ongoing battle of Mosul and going Brudolfh good. ”

He said al – Abadi during his speech at the meeting with the ambassadors of the diplomatic missions of Iraq to the countries of the world, that ” the battles going on and going at a good pace and all of our troops engaged in the battle of Mosul and understanding between them is excellent and the fight clean and very few complaints and did not receive any complaint or exceeded all the popular crowd at battle of Mosul. ” 

And between, “Our forces have now welcome in all the cities and there are those who try to distort the relationship , ” adding that “restore stability and displaced task of great striding out.” 

The prime minister stressed that “Iraq is a clear policy of non – interference in the internal affairs of others , and to strengthen relations with countries on the basis of mutual respect and the preservation of Iraqi sovereignty.” 

He pointed out that ” the Iraqi embassies abroad are the homes of Iraqis in these countries and can not be the ambassador or an employee there that reflects the political affiliation and his behavior or sectarian in it because it represents the voice of the Iraqi state.” 

He called al – Abadi to “deliver the voice of Iraq abroad and reverse the positive picture of Iraq through the presence of an active life in our cities , economic, financial, commercial and social aspects and erase the mental image formed outside Iraq and of murder, bombings and others.”

Hakim setting a date for the launch of the national settlement project


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BAGHDAD – The Journal News

New head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, saying that national reconciliation comes to preserve the unity of Iraq, while stressing that it would not include criminals pointed out that the timing of the launch will be after the liberation of Mosul.

Hakim said in his speech in the Office of Baghdad, leaders and young activists, according to the report by the Information Office, stressed that national reconciliation strategic project to preserve the unity of Iraq and meat people is necessary to stop the bloodshed, as we renewed emphasis on it is not and will not murderers and criminals covers and stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis.

He added that the timing of the launch of the settlement project would be after the liberation of Mosul Conception Aldaasha terrorism, stressing the need to take young people, who make up 90% of the Iraqi people of their role in educating people each from his position on the importance of harmony to the Iraqi society.


Abadi: There is some criticism incorrect attempts to block the release of Mosul

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that “there are some of the criticism is valid, but are trying to block the release of Mosul, adding that” the ongoing military operations in Mosul, according to the plans and the delay comes to avoid the fall of civilians. ”

Abadi said in a speech during the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party , said “community reconciliation will be launched after the liberation of Mosul, where a large sheen , ” noting that ” the launch of this reconciliation because Daesh tried to be signed between the sons of the same country and the one tribe.” 

He added, “It is the human right to believe what he wants and have no right to impose our opinion on others . ” Noting that “abhorrent sectarianism brought us to negative results.” 

He pointed out that “we have to maintain the authenticity and move away search for positions and we waive the privileges and this is part of closer to those sacrifices of the martyrs in the buried Saddam regime time. 

And that” our heroine is currently inside Mosul and victory is near , “noting that” victory need to strengthening of everyone because the enemy is not normal, but an armed Boadlogih intellectual abnormal. ” 

he continued,” the right of citizens to criticize and indicate the deviation in the battles , “noting that” there are some of the criticism is valid, but are trying to block the release of Mosul. ” 

he went on, saying,” the Daesh uses all government buildings to carry out its goal despicable in the murder of citizens , “noting that” We have a big challenge after the victory over gangs Daesh terrorist militarily. ” 

he continued,” the military operations continuing in Mosul , according to the plans and the delay comes to avoid the fall of the civilians , “.anthy

Jubouri: Daesh about to collapse in Mosul



الجبوري: داعش يوشك على الانهيار في الموصل

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, that the organization of “Daesh” about to “collapse”, pointing out that the Iraqi forces have become “just around the corner from the victory” in the battle against the organization, in what was considered the remaining time to plan for the post “Daesh ” A little bit.

Jubouri said in a speech during a ceremony in Baghdad to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party, “ahead of us an important stage requires more patience and biting the surgeon,” pointing out that “Daesh is about to collapse and our troops around the corner from the victory.”

Jubouri said that “the rest of the time to plan for the post-Daesh very few,” noting that “close settlement and around the house of considerable debate indicates that we are at the beginning of the road.”

Experiencing Nineveh province since October 201,617 large-scale military operations to regain control of the city of Mosul, which ravaged the organization “Daesh” in June 2014, the Joint Iraqi forces have made remarkable progress led to the liberalization of a number of cities and regions, amid government pledges to maintain the infrastructure and re-displaced to the liberated areas.

National Alliance form a committee to resolve the implications of Maliki’s visit


MP for the Bloc citizen Salim Chawki, Saturday, for the formation of a committee within the National Alliance to resolve the consequences that followed the visit of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki to the southern provinces.

Said Shawki, he said that “there is a committee within the National Alliance will take over the process of pacification and return to normal after the recent events and mutual threats between some parties of the coalition,” against the background of the consequences that followed Maliki’s visit to the South.

Shawki stressed the need to “proceed with the trend towards the participants and unite and stay away from disagreements and speeches convulsive.”

It is noteworthy that the Dawa Party, called on his supporters to prepare for “Charge of the Knights again”, after the events that accompanied the malic visit to the southern provinces, while activists traded on the social networking sites video shows the threat of clans Krblaiah for those involved to cause Basra.



Kurdistan Democratic Party , plans to start his conversations with the Kurdish parties Saturday



17-12-2016 02:35 PM

He announced the Political Bureau adviser, the Kurdistan Democratic Party Arif Rushdi, that his party will start on Saturday, to conduct a dialogue with the National Union, and the MDC, and the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan, on resolving the political problems in the region.

Said Rushdie, that time does not permit, greater preoccupation with internal problems ,, calling on all parties to shoulder national responsibilities, and prepare for changes disturbed to the stage, after Daesh, working to regulate the relationship of the new, between the province and Baghdad, and to ensure the rights on independence ..

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People crowd destroys the mechanism of carrying heavy weapons to Daesh in Makhoul


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[Where – Baghdad] the
popular crowd forces destroyed on Saturday, mechanism of carrying heavy weapons to Daesh guided missile Makhoul in the mountains of northern Salahuddin.
According to a statement to the crowd received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Brigade 12 – the popular crowd, managed to destroy the mechanism of carrying a machine gun and killed them by targeting a guided missile Makhoul in the mountains of northern Salahuddin.”