Iraqi special forces commander reveals the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi


Posted: 16.12.2016 | 17:37 GMT |

Last updated: 16.12.2016 | 17:59 GMT | Arab World News

The leader of al

Leader of the“Daesh” Abu Bakr alBaghdadi

Revealed the commander of special forces in the Iraqi army, Maj. Gen. Fadhil Barwari, that leadership has been able to know the whereabouts of the leader of the “Daesh” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and his movements, according to the agency “media echo” of Iraq.

The Berwari to Iraqi media, Thursday, December 15 / December, that the Iraqi military leadership has “sufficient information” about al-Baghdadi was being detained in Iraqi prisons for ten years before being released.

He announced that al-Baghdadi currently resides in the west of the city of Mosul town of Baaj, adding that the leader “Daesh” spends his time in an underground bunker.

Berwari also said that “the movements of al-Baghdadi, a continuous change in shape constantly like shaved his beard, change his features in order not to identify him.”

Source: agencies

Ina Osalkhanova


2 thoughts on “Iraqi special forces commander reveals the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi

  1. Is that the same Maj. Gen. Fadhil Barwari, who ran away to Arbil with his Disdasha(this is Arabic for his nighty) when Daesh Attacked Mosul,beside The Iraqi Mules ( the Public Crowed)supposedly surrounding Baagg,so what are they waiting for,why don’t storm that Bunger & catch him and bring him to justices.
    Or may be better for you Walter to tell that Fascist (Ina Osalkhanova) and her brutal Russian Regime is to stop talking rubbish.


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