Abadi is changing the security chiefs in Basra


Wednesday 30-11-2016 | 10:36:51

J p

J p

Twilight News / Basra governor Majed Nasraoui announced on Wednesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised to make some changes in the security leaders in the governorate.

Said Nasraoui told Lord of Twilight News, said that “a meeting he described as good combined with Abadi, which discussed the security situation in Basra, armed robberies and theft that occur in the province between now and then, the latest of which was the theft of 48 kilograms of gold from three shops in the section market area Hayaniya central Basra before security forces can arrest of a number of process involved the theft and recover 5 kg of gold stolen. “

He added that “the federal government stressed that the coming period attest to make changes to the level of security leaders.”



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